Ok, so you think that the idea of the l0pht is cool, maybe you even have a privacy shell or WWW account. So how can you get t-shirts, baseball caps, mouse pads, coasters and soon coffee mugs sporting the l0pht logo? Send us some cash/a check and be sure to include:

Don't forget shipping and handling! Also, to protect you anonimity, you can provide as little information as you like. It is useful however, to include a phone number or (preferrably) an email address in case there is some question regarding your order. You probably might think there couldn't be a problem with your order but so far, 50% of the orders have generated questions. One was missing S&H. The other included payment for a mouse pad and instructions for a hat to be shipped. Rather than mailing a mouse pad with a note to wear it on their head, we were able to reach them by phone and resolve the issue. As more orders come in, I am sure there will be other issues.

For Domestic orders of 5 items or less, please include the product cost plus $4.50 for shipping and handling in United States currency for each item ordered. We will ship all orders to anywhere in the world, however P.O. Boxes pose a shipping problem. Because we realize the importance of anonimity, we have an alternate method of shipping which supports P.O. boxes but costs $9.50. Cash, Check or Money Order accepted, sorry no Credit Card orders. Please make all checks payable to L0phT Heavy Industries. Massachusetts residents please add 5% sales tax. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

L0phT Heavy Industries assumes no liability for lost or misdirected mail.

Profits from sale of L0phT merchandise go to help keep the place running. L0phT as a whole does not generate a profit (those of us who run L0phT, still run it out of our pockets). L0phT merchandise is meant for you to show your support and help keep the L0phT alive!

     Mail ID(Name) ____________________________________________

     Phone Number____________________________________________ [optional]

     email address__________________________________________ [optional]

     Address __________________________________________________

     City, State ______________________________________________

     Country, Postal code _____________________________________

     Size of t-shirts _________________________________________
Item Price Quantity Sub-Total
natural t shirt with l0pht logo $15.00 ________ _____________
natural base-ball cap with black brim and l0pht logo $15.00 ________ _____________
mouse pad with l0pht logo $10.00 ________ _____________
drink coaster with l0pht logo $2.00 ________ _____________
6 drink coasters with l0pht logo $10.00 ________ _____________
S&H to street address $4.50 ________ _____________
S&H to P.O Box $9.50 ________ _____________
MA Sales Tax (if MA resident) 5% ________ _____________
Total _______ ________ _____________
For International orders or orders of more than 5 items, mail merchan@l0pht.com to make special arangements.

              L0Pht Merchandising
              C/O L0phT Heavy Industries
              P.O. Box 990857
              Boston, MA USA 02199-0857