Transcript of the Laser Dazzler Video

Video File (800 KB, 1.5 min.)
Project Description

Title Screen

(A slide appears.)

First Generation Laser Dazzler

(Video shows two long, thin devices resembling flashlights, the rightmost device being about a quarter smaller than the one on the left. A slide appears.)

Effects at the Aperture Daylight Conditions

(The video shows one of the devices being held, with the lens of the device pointed at the camera. The lights go off and the Laser Dazzler emits a beam of light that turns into a large flash of green with red at the top and blue on the left side. A slide appears.)

10 Meter Comparison Laser Dazzler/Conventional Police Flashlight

Indoor Lighted

Indoor Low-Light

(Two quick flashes of green light occur in the center of a dark screen, and then a man appears in front of a door holding the device. The screen then goes black and flashes green in the middle again. The man reappears and the screen again goes black, with an oval-shaped white light in the center. The light returns to the room and the device is also lit, shining a bright beam of light at the camera. The room light again turns off and a yellow light appears in the center of the screen with an outer ring that is blue on the right and left sides, pink on the top, and yellow on the bottom. The dim room light returns and the screen goes all green with a large splash of white in the center. The beam then retracts into a small green shine in the middle of a black screen, then expands into a yellow beam with an outer circle of pink on the top, blue on both sides, and yellow on the bottom. The room dimly appears and then the small green light in the center of a black screen reappears. The video goes black.)

End of Video