Electronic Warfare Online Interactive Calculators

  1. Minimum Jammer Power
    • Calculates approximate required minimum jammer power output for jamming an enemy transmission

  2. Maximum Jammer Distance
    • Calculates the maximum distance that the jammer can be located from the target's receiver and still be effective

  3. Free Space Path Loss
    • Calculates the free space path loss between two antennas

  4. Urban Area Path Loss
    • Calculates the approximate path loss through an urban area

  5. Line-of-Sight Path Analysis
    • Determines if two antennas have optical line-of-sight

  6. Microwave Radio Path Analysis
    • Plots the terrain profile and Fresnel zones for a point-to-point microwave link

  7. United States Elevation Retriever
    • Get the ground elevation at (almost) any location in the continental United States

  8. Longley-Rice Path Loss Analysis
    • Estimates the Longley-Rice path loss from a given transmitter location

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