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.:: HERF003 ::.


The reason I am constructing this lower power HERF that runs off the mains, is to experiment with microwaves and possibly dish reflectors.


- 800W 2.458GHz Magnetron
- 2kV @ 1.2uF capacitor
- 12kV piv microwave oven diode
- Sheet metal


Basically what I have built is an 800 Watt source of microwaves which are diffused in two directions with low gain. The device was designed to be as compact as possible and is probably the most compact continuous source of 2.458GHz microwaves (at this power) built by a HERF/EMP hobbyist. I have run two tests with the HERF so far and both seemed promising for future upgrades. I was able to disable a video cammera at 5 meters without any kind of high gain antenna, only the diffuser module. The diffuser module is basically a wave guide with 45 degree bends on both sides and slits on the top. The photos of the device arent up to date and the device actually has a slightly different apearance and there is an axtra metal plate in the diffuser which isnt seen in the photos. I am also interested in experimenting with parabolic reflectors and will probably use a splasher feed with a small sat dish (not the eleiptical ones with the offset focal point, but the center focal point ones).


Here is a series of frames captured with a 66.8mS pause in between. They demonstrate how HERF003 disables a video camera that is filming it. You are able to see from when the filiment heats up to when the camera is destroyed. The video casette was then recovered and was undamaged as expected.

Frame 01 (0mS)

Frame 02 (66.8mS)

Frame 03 (133.6mS)

Frame 04 (200.4mS)

Frame 05 (267.2mS)

Frame 06 (334.0mS)

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