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.:: HERF Radiation ::.


The purpose of this experiment is to map out the radiation pattern of a microwave HERF. A sensor is used to receive and measure the intensity of radio waves.


- HERF device or other microwave source
- Microwave indicator array
- Still image camera


- Set up detector in front of HERF
- Activate HERF and take a photo of the detector
- Move the detector to a new location and repeat above steps


Top view of the set up with the detector at the center position.

Shot #1

Shot #2

Shot #3

Shot #4

Shot #5

Shot #6

Shot #7

After compiling the images I was able to generate an approximate horizontal cross section of the HERF radiation pattern. The white vertical lines indicate intense microwave radiation.

This is a top-view radiation diagram generated from the data.


This experiment provided me with a general idea of what the HERF radiation pattern looks like though ground reflections and other factors may have influenced the outcome of the experiment to a degree. Examining the data I see that the HERF "beam" actually consists of areas where the radiation if more intense and is not evenly distributed yet is symmetrical across the normal axis. The pattern is similar to the one observed in a light emitting diode. In future HERF construction I will used this data to improve directionality and distribution of radiation provided by the antenna.