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.:: Microwave Oven Leaks ::.


Almost every household in the United States contains a microwave oven. Most people tend to stand in front of their magical oven to watch their delicious food cook. The purpose of this experiment is to disclose the invisible health threat that domestic microwave ovens can pose via leaking of high power microwave radiation.


- Blue High Intensity LED
- White High Intensity LED
- 2 RF Diodes (for above 2.45GHz)
- Microwave Oven (Hotpoint, Model RVM145WA 003, 1.5kW)


This is a microwave detector with a headphone jack built in

This is a white LED with an RF diode across it in anti-parallel

After scanning across the top vents of the oven I was easily able to locate microwave leakage.

Using the small diode/LED detector I was able to find microwave leaking at the front of the oven at almost any location. The polarization of the RF was horizontal just like the magnetron attached to the wave guide. Note, white LED's require more power than regular red LED's in order to turn on.

Using the second detector I was able to get the same results. The diode within the chassis is located some distance from the back of the chassis and the chassis was held a few inches away from the microwave oven door as well. The LED was still able to light up.

I then decided to test the output of my HERF004 project with the same detectors, and was able to light them up with no effort at any location in the room, despite the fact the HERF was aimed away from the detector.


Microwave ovens are great appliances that help us every day to have hot food ready to eat in seconds, although we must be aware of their potential danger to us. For those that stand in front of their oven and stare at their food cooking, I hope you learned better than that. Your food may actually be watching you cook as well. Just for consistency I tested two more new ovens and got the same results, although placing a load (such as water or food) in the oven reduces microwave leakage because lots of the microwaves get absorbed by the food before they can escape.

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