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.:: TED HERF ::.


Of all other types of EM radiation weapons the TED HERF has some very unique properties which give it leverage over the other types. Unlike microwave or narrow band HERF devices the TED (transient electromagnetic device) is able to output megawatts of wideband RF. Because the output power is so high, we can settle for this power to be distributed among many radio frequencies. The fact that it is wideband allows it to find weak spots in a target devices. This device also poses less of a biological threat. The downside is that this device is usually built larger because of its lower frequency nature.


Brian Folk sent me this image of his TED HERF. This design is based on David Schriner's InfowarCon99 design. Although this device is small and currently is being run on 2kV (which won't produce much RF), if it is fed with > 80kV, some minor results maybe acheived although the tiny antenna system is very inefficient. A much larger antenna and careful calculation is required for optimal operation.

This is my version of the Schriner TED HERF design. The idea is to discharge a high potential capacitor into the wideband antenna plates of the TED HERF. The high non-sinusoidal dV/dt in the antenna produces a high power wideband pulse of "dirty" damped RF. The power supply used in my setup was two ignition coils in anti-parallel with a cascade. Voltage fed to the main capacitor was in excess of 200kV before discharged into the antenna system.

This is the actual TED HERF built by David Schriner and demonstrated at Information Warfare Conference of 1999.