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I write to the Honorable Legislative Committee as a friend of the
State and of all its citizens, volunteering the material contained
herein as an expert witness on electronic weapon, electronic harassment
and related technologies of political control. It is hoped that this
material will be entered into the public record at your hearings and
become useful in your final determinations. I remain at your disposal
should you require any additional information or advice on topic. For
example, should you wish to hear about specific symptoms or the methods
in detection of electronic attacks and appropriate defensive tactics, or
how to establish and operate an investigative field unit, I would be
prepared to contribute further.

My background may help you better appreciate both the methodology and
bonifides of my presentation. As an author published on topic, I have
had over 15 hours of national radio talk show interviews dealing with
such issues. Some of my work has been used as part of the curriculum by
professors of journalism and of political science. For more than ten
years I have been involved in investigative research of various crimes
of the intelligence community, military, law enforcement, and government
agencies. As a logical result, I have gone head to head with various
intelligence agencies, including many within the U.S. military and
operatives of at least two foreign powers, both allies to the United
States. My first book, The Professional Paranoid, was a kind of how-to
self-defense manual for others who might themselves confront powerful
adversaries. As such it barely scratched the surface of electronic
weapons and mind control topics.  Yet since its release, nearly 80% of
the many people who contact me almost daily seeking my help are people
who are victims of these technologies.  It was immediately clear to me
that I had missed the mark and had failed to address the needs of those
suffering far greater problems than I had anticipated or personally
experienced.  I set out to make amends with a second work, now nearing
publication, which deals exclusively with these technologies: what they
are, how to detect them, how to defeat them. This work was further aided
by experience gained in the computer and supercomputer industries, where
I was involved at both the hardware and software side of things.  While
there, I specifically conducted a seminar in Washington D.C. on signal
processing software before the very persons in government who subvert
that technology into operational electronic weapons: NSA, CIA, assorted
military intelligence and DOD types, research laboratory and think tank
scientists, and military contractors.

Because of my knowledge on topic, I must protest at the committees
choice of language in the bill with respect to the first sentence, which
clearly speaks to control of these weapons only in the hands of the
public by means of the phrase 'no person'.  This is to miss the entire
purpose and intent of these weapons, and to fail to address the
virtually sole possessor and users of the worst of the technology, which
is government itself. The public does not need this legislation to
protect itself form itself, but from its own government. Language must
specifically and clearly include government agencies and government
personnel of all manner, Federal, State, and local.  I also wonder why
the words 'operate' or 'employ', or similar, is not included, as if it
would be acceptable to operate equipment one does not personally own,
such as might be the case for a government agent or law enforcement
officer. Does the committee contend or believe, imply or accept the
notion that government should have the authority to use weapons of
political control on its own citizens?  By what moral or legal authority
should any institution be allowed to covertly or overtly attack the
physiological, mental, and spiritual well-being of its citizens? The
answer to the later question is none.  The answer to the former question
is in your hands, as is the choice of earning for yourselves and you
governmental body the label of oppressive dictators, or worse.

In like manner, your definition of the weapons is far too simple and
narrow to avoid legalistic confusions.  For example, the very same
technology which is found in radar guns and FLIR can be used as a weapon
of political control or harassment by mere abuse thereof. How will you
protect against such abuses?  How will anyone be able to determine when
the technology and application are legal and appropriate and when they
are abusive and invasive? The victim is not protected if the burden of
proof rests on such simplistic language.  The abuser, especially if
governmentally authorized to access such technologies for normal uses,
is not at risk where such loopholes exist.  Your language must define
and articulate to the complexities of the matter, which are illustrated
by the technology reviewed in this document.  Further, your legislation
makes no provision for detection and enforcement.  Do you imagine that
the local police will simply arrest someone because a neighbor claims to
have the symptoms of attack? Without detection and enforcement, you have
mere lip service, and it becomes clearer that the intent of the
legislation is not to protect the people from the weapons, but to
protect the establishment from the people.

Assuming you are not dictators, I am compelled to offer you this
warning: Do not underestimate the seriousness and difficulty of the task
before you or the dangers inherent in it. Virtually 100% of the
technology covered by your legislation, as shown in this document, will
have originated in covert military and intelligence agency research
projects. What you need to keep in mind, is that any weapons developed
by such research must necessarily be tested. Both the military and
intelligence community have a long history of illegally testing their
concepts and devices, chemicals and drugs, biological agents and
pathogens, radioactive materials and weapons of all descriptions,
including electronic weapons and related mind control technologies on
unwitting American citizens without consent.  I propose to you that the
reason you meet here today is only because such testing is so wide
spread as to have drawn public attention through the tell-tale symptoms
thereof. Thus, clearly, your mission to protect the citizens from this
unholy, inhumane, and illegal testing and any subsequent direct
application as political control tool... and ladies and gentlemen, I
assure you that political control is exactly what the topic is all
about...  your efforts puts you squarely at odds with some of the most
powerful branches and individuals of the Federal Government. Therefore,
it behooves you to study well, for you yourselves may become targets of
this technology before the battle is done.  You will certainly, if not
already so, become targets of electronic surveillance if you do not take
appropriate counterintelligence measures.

My opening statement, if I were before you in person, would be something
like this:  It is not a matter of if such technology exists. It is not a
matter of if it does what is claimed.  It is not a matter of if it has
been or is being tested and used by military and intelligence community
players or others on citizens at large.  These things I already know for
a fact to be true, having worked with many, many people from all over
the world, mostly in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K., who have been
victimized by this technology. This includes persons of noted and
respected caliber, such as Catherine Austin Fitts, former undersecretary
of HUD under President Bush, who upon discovering billions of dollars
missing from HUD, suddenly found herself under electronic attack in what
was undoubtedly an attempt to make her seem insane, if not deliberately
drive her insane. I have in more recent times myself gone head to head
with those who use this technology, and I have researched it and
associated myself with as many resources as I could to understand it as
fully as is possible, given its covert nature.  I assure you that these
questions are already well answered, and that answer is a resounding
'yes' on all counts.  Yes, the technology exists. Yes, it works, And
yes, it is in use today against everyday people, people others would
have you believe to be crazy for having reported the symptoms.

No, the primary question is this:  Is there anyone in our national or
state governments who will stand up for the Constitution, support the
Bill of Rights, live by the morally correct principles of humanity and
of God, and resist the evil which stares you now squarely in the
face...  and even dares you to do something about it?  If there is not,
we are thus doomed to a fascist police state, and no one, especially not
you members of government, will be safe and secure from the application
of these weapons of political control.  I underscore once more: the
whole purpose of these technologies is absolute political control.  And
once deployed in large scale for such a purpose, who among the nation's
citizens will need to be controlled more than those who make the laws?
Reflect on that for a moment: when these technologies are perfected,
mass produced, and ready for operational deployment, the first likely
candidates will be you, the lawmakers of the land.

What will you do here and now to defend yourselves and those you are
sworn to serve? The challenge before your committee and, ultimately, for
your entire legislative body, is not only formidable, but it is
absolutely pivotal to determining the future of this nation.  Outside of
the European Parliament, which has already explored aspects of
electronic weapons and non-lethal technologies, all of which they define
as political control technology, no one has dared confront the
government of the United States and members of the military and
intelligence community for rushing head long into development of endless
variants of sinister hi-tech toys.  Until one empowered sector of our
own society, such as yourselves, makes an official protest and stand
against this growing draconian onslaught, those things for which our
nations stands come closer and closer to being silently crushed within a
velvet totalitarian glove.  Without such understanding... without laws
to protect citizens from the dangers involved... and without any means
of enforcing those laws... political control will be assured.  The price
for such control will be dear.  It will be the surrender of that thing
godly men call 'free will', and which the patriot calls 'freedom and the
pursuit of happiness.'  That price is the admittance fee of the New
World Order.

Having embarked upon this path, it is now your duty to the people of
your state, and to the nation and world beyond, to deal fairly, openly,
swiftly, and decisively in this matter. Do not be swayed to inaction or
diluted action by the timid among you who may propose that the
all-too-easily proclaimed umbrella of national security and the works it
protect are at risk should you oppose these weapons. Indeed, the
opposite is true, as all true national security will be lost if you do
not oppose them. This I urge of you in the name of humanity, and in the
name of everything this nation stands for, and in service to the will of
God who gave us all free will in the first place. But I also warn you
that to make an official legislative action against these technologies
will mean nothing if intended to be merely a political statement. Any
such legislation must have teeth.  It should include extremely stiff
penalties and a means of thorough investigation and enforcement if there
is to be any hope of having actual impact.  Those who currently hold and
use such technology will not be intimidated by anything less, for they
have unlimited funds and legions of blindly obedient technicians who
know their well-connected employers will pull strings to rescue them out
of any minor difficulties if caught.

May I propose three key concepts or points which should be a part of
your deliberations.  The first is that any such legislation should be
broadened to cover most, if not all non-lethal weapons, not just
electronic. The very same people who developed electronic weapons were
responsible for the development of other non-lethal weapons, and for the
same unsavory reason: political control.  All such weapons further have
the same attendant risks to life and liberty and lend themselves to the
same abuses and excessive draconian applications.  Perhaps just as
important, a review of all such weapons makes the relationship between
the weapon, the intended use, and the greater political control strategy
which drove its development that much easier to grasp. In support of
this notion, my report herein addresses the full spectrum of non-lethal
weapons, the greater portion of which are, perhaps surprisingly, the
more hi-tech electronic variety.

The second point I would like to make is that your considerations and
final findings must include and provide for public awareness. Only by
educating the citizens of the realities of the existence and use of
these technologies, can your efforts be well served.  If the citizens do
not understand the technology and the symptoms it generates, they cannot
report the crime or well defend against it. In like manner, your law
enforcement, the legal system, media, and the professional communities
must also be educated, or the victims will have no place to turn without
being labeled as insane.  Of even more value, such promotion and
education will, more than any threat of punishments, deter actual use of
the technology in the first place.  All such technology is currently
used in an extremely covert manner.  The last thing an attacker using
electronic weapons wants, is to be discovered.  Such discovery puts not
just the mission at risk, but also puts at risk the entire
infrastructure of the non-lethal weapons industry, and their leadership
both in and out of government. Education will, in my opinion, prove to
be your best weapon, in the end. But education in and of itself does not
provide an adequate deterrence, because unless an attack can be proven,
it is merely an accusation which, due to the sophisticated nature of the
attack, can be largely ignored.

Therefore, the third and final point, perhaps the most important, is
that if you are to have any true success in this matter, you must
necessarily include funding for the exotic equipment required to detect
and analyze the tell-tale electromagnetic fields, energy bursts, and
radio-frequency signatures which are the calling cards of these
technologies.  In fact, I remind you, it is precisely the output of
these detectable indicators which makes this matter one of general
concern to the population at large.  The leakage, overshoot, and
reflection of these signals, energies, and fields created by these
weapons have a great potential for harmful mental and physiological
effects on all citizens within a given radius of the intended principle
target under attack. The collateral damage to these citizens is not now
understood, nor can it be so understood until the actual weapons are
captured and tested by independent laboratories. Even the most
conservative estimates talk about dire health consequences associated
with these weapons.  If a particular cell phone can be found by
scientists to cause a brain tumor, then what must we face when the
signal strengths are many hundreds or even thousands of times stronger,
and deliberately designed to cause physiological and mental effects?

If you fund the needed equipment, you will need to further fund
appropriate training of technicians on how to use the equipment, as well
as in general procedures and skills in the area of covert
counterintelligence operations and general law enforcement procedures.
This is exactly what will be required in order to be successful against
those who use electronic weapons, and no less. I would propose a
joint-task force of specialists in the areas of law, communications,
signal processing, electronics, bioethics, medicine, chemistry,
psychology, counterintelligence, military, and law enforcement be
created and managed by a carefully picked oversight body.  In the
absence of creating a new bureaucracy, I would suggest that such
responsibility might best belong to any existing state environmental
agency as opposed to general law enforcement.  One reason I say this,
and it is intended as a general warning concerning the selection of
specialist staffing as well, is that I can virtually guarantee that law
enforcement of your state and major cities has already been infiltrated
by members of the intelligence community, or would immediately so become
upon passage of any such legislation.  For this reason, the easiest way
to assure failure of any mandate against electronic weapons is to simply
hand responsibility for it over to law enforcement. Please ask for more
information if you doubt that claim.

Keep in mind that many of the more exotic technologies are hardly used
for their ultimate intended purposes at this time, but more typically
used only in testing on unwitting guinea pigs called citizens at large,
generally from among the underclass, those persons least likely to be
able to defend themselves or obtain the expensive helps required.
Therefore, most victims are targeted not because of any actual political
or intelligence value, but because of the value in learning how the
technology works and how to best apply it without getting caught. Many
such victims will undoubtedly stand before you to offer testimony, and I
beg of you not only to solicit for such witnesses, but to open your
considerations to citizens beyond your state borders, that you may
increase your chance at hearing the full truth.  Indeed, open your doors
to Canadians, as well, for these weapons do not respect our national
borders, and are freely exported for testing and use abroad. And for
every brave soul who dares stand before you in tortured fear of what
will happen to them for their bravery, and an even greater fear of what
will happen to them if they do not seek your help, there are likely tens
of thousands of other on the continent which cannot or dare not testify.
Regarding what they say, may I further advise three points.

Regardless of how wild or bizarre may be the claims offered in such
testimony, there will be three absolute facts I can promise you to be
true regarding such testimony:  1) among those testifying, you will hear
persons who are: a) legitimate victims of the technology and who are
telling you the truth exactly as their ability to grasp and express it
allows; b) persons who are delusional and falsely believe they are
victims, telling you of imagined things which have little or no basis in
fact; and c) intelligence community plants pretending to be victims in
order to provide you with deliberate disinformation and, largely, to
discredit the general value of all such testimony;  2) It will be
impossible for you, short of elaborate investigation and expenditures of
large sums of money, to make any useful determination of which category
a given testimony falls within; 3) in light of the aforementioned
difficulties, you should logically come away highly incredulous and
doubting of the value of the entire collective of testimony, were it to
stand alone. This phenomenon is a prime example of one of the chief
purposes of political control technology, that of destroying the
credibility of victims who dare tell others of their experiences.  Think
upon that, for a moment.  Electronic weapons are designed to conceal
their own use by making the victim seem incredulous.  The testimony you
hear will prove that it works exactly as intended.

In light of these facts, I have attempted to insure their testimony does
not stand-alone.  I herein provide some meager proofs in the form of the
forgoing technology review. A much more substantial body of such
evidence is possible should it be required, which is why I have tried to
include more valuable proofs in the form of references which are by and
large easily obtained.  This includes articles and scientific papers as
well as actual patents on the technology itself.  Patents are used only
when other experts have already connected the technology to the claimed
weapon. A reservoir of additional patents which could have been used,
except for space and redundancy they represent, are included at report
end. But understand that for reasons of national security, many more
patents exist which were unavailable. Also realize patent descriptions
need not sound like weapons, partly as a natural result of the patent
application process, and partly by design. Too, like many inventions
intended for good, some patents having no apparent weapon's application
have been subverted to evil ends by someone who saw the potential and
subverted the technology.

In point of fact, the great bulk of evidential resources come from
military documents, a matter which is deeply troubling to all
right-thinking individuals because it paints a picture not of a military
set on defending the United States from enemies who would threaten it,
but a military which is the threat itself. In my own research of these
matters and proofs, I have become thoroughly disgusted with not only the
obviously morally corrupt military leadership of our nation, but also,
of the lack of proper Congressional and Presidential oversight. By the
following materials, may you come to similar conclusions, and may you
have the fortitude and resolve to do something about it, which is
something we citizens cannot of our own accord achieve short of armed
revolution.  Please do not leave this the only remaining option for
Americans, or that may be exactly what the next generations will need

As earlier mentioned, the newly formed European Parliament is giving
challenge to NATO, individual governments, foreign allies (the United
States chiefly), and the unification process itself over several key
human rights issues. These issues do specifically include electronic and
non-lethal weapons of political control.  Before you, only in Europe, it
seems, was anyone willing to stand up to these emerging technologies and
ask the tough but morally correct questions about how they will be used,
who will use them, to what purpose, and if they should be used at all -
the same questions now before you.  Political activist and researcher,
Dr. Nick Begich, probably knows as much about political control
technologies as anyone, and has worked closely with the European
Parliament as expert in science, politics, and education.  His newest
book, Earth Rising is a wealth of information on topic, and has
contributed greatly to my own knowledge. Were you to consider calling me
to testify personally, I would also urge you to call him to speak.

Before discussing the hi-tech toys available right now to your local
police, the military, and intelligence community players - as well as to
corporate thugs, techno-terrorists, and secret societies, we need to
appreciate some basic concept definitions.  In the process will be
gained insight into the thinking and motives of our trusted shepards,
the very governmental authorities who invent and apply these weapons,
and who daily scheme against their flock. In organizing the material,
the bold text descriptions are underlined to indicate official
terminology, the remaining being popularized names used by the public or
made up by myself for convenience. I have included a 'reality' check to
help assess the current threat-level posed by the technology, as well as
a 'spin' description used or likely to be used by government and media
to explain the technology away to prevent the public from being alarmed
- or used by me in irresistible attack of the dark forces which created
and conceals the problem at hand.

It was perhaps author Aldus Huxley, who put first expressed concerns
about political control technology into words within the fictional
construct of Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited, Orwellian
nightmares not unlike 1984.  Based on 1958 technology, Huxley projected
ahead a mere 40 years to describe exactly the kind of technology and
social consequence which lays at the heart of our focus, here.  In point
of fact, I hope to illustrate, we are well ahead of his projections.
Welcome to the New World Order.  Sheep, do not be alarmed at the
slaughter of your fellow sheep.  As it is for their own good, so will it
be for you.


H. Michael Sweeney

The following material is a CONDENSED version of a much larger
collection - I simply ran out of time.

The Concepts:

War:  A military conflict aimed at forcing a desired degree of political
control upon an enemy by force of arms.

RMA: Revolution in Military Affairs.  Changes in technology have
impacted so drastically in military capabilities and strategies that
warfare itself, as well as the mission and role of military must be
redefined forever. The reality - this term was introduced into military
dialog in recent years to describe an observable process taking place
over the last few decades, all of which is the root cause of many
technologies discussed in this document.  The spin - strategic thinking
needs to adjust to the modernization and downsizing of the military.

MOOTW: Military Operations Other Than War.  Any military operation
against a designated objective short of declared war, to include covert
or overt insertion or extraction of forces or resources into or from
denied territories; counter-terrorism and counter-drug surveillance,
intercept, or search and destroy missions; operations in assistance to
civilian authorities of a humanitarian or peace keeping nature. The
reality - only alluded to in the expression 'peace keeping nature', is a
polarization is taking place within the military spending between
hi-tech strategic defense and offense weapon systems such as the ABM
system and primary weapon system platforms such as aircraft and ships,
and a different kind of hi-tech which is in support of MOOTW objectives
in support of maintaining political control, such as those which
follow.  The spin - expanded military role in peacekeeping operations.

Serial War:  The old way of warfare.  Military objectives are defined in
the order of step-wise importance, typically dependent on obtaining
control of territory and destruction of enemy forces - military units
are positioned; the first objective is taken; units are repositioned and
then the next objective taken; and in like manner the next, until
victory is achieved.  It is a time-line oriented cause and effect
exercise of advances and retreats based on outcome.  The spin - not

Parallel War:  The new way of warfare.  Multiple objectives can be
assigned to various technology-based weapon systems without requirement
for prior control of territory or destruction of enemy forces. The
reality - in place now. The Gulf War and Bosnia conflict represent the
first use of parallel warfare, which is why there was very little
traditional military engagement. By means revealed in almost all of the
other definitions found here, an enemy's infrastructure and resources,
military and otherwise, can be attacked with or without the use of
traditional military forces, since the enemy's military forces can
become almost irrelevant to the matter.   The spin - well-coordinated
and well planned military campaign.

Invisible War: The ability to wage an unknown or covert war which
inflicts real damage to the infrastructure, capabilities and political
health of an enemy state without destruction of physical property or
loss of lives, except by seemingly unrelated cause, and without any
detection of the true means or source of destruction.  The reality - in
place right now as detailed in this document. No spin - this term is not
for public consumption (or NFPC, as used henceforth.)

Ecco War: The ability to wage war using manipulation of ecological
forces and resources of nature as a weapon system. This can mean
engineering of biological agents and pathogens, the deliberate outright
destruction of natural resources, or working to destroy or alter the
balance of the various elements of nature and ecology.  The reality -
established historical fact: defoliation in Vietnam, oil well heads set
aflame in Kuwait, and much worse by technologies described herein, which
can even cause storms and earthquakes. No spin unless to criticize an
enemy's application thereof (see Ecco-terrorism, next) - NFPC.

Ecco-terrorism:  What our side calls it when another party wages ecco
war, and more universally, actual terrorism based on like attack
strategies by terrorist groups, something thankfully not yet known in
history.  The reality and the spin are inherent in the definition

Biowarfare:  An early form and distinctly unique variant of eco war
which existed before that term was coined. Use of biological agents,
pathogens and toxins to kill the enemy.  Illegal under all existing
conventions and treaties.  The reality - in place now. The United States
government has vowed not to be the first to use biological weapons, but
we have taken all the steps necessary obtain and stockpile the very
deadliest biological weapons imaginable.  The spin - deterrence is the
best defense.  Remember that when you read about some of the other
warfare technologies herein - technologies that only we seem to possess
at this time.

Bioethnic War: An eco war against a specific race or species.  The
reality - technology is developed but not yet deployed.  The
state-of-the-art in genetic engineering  now supports the development of
biological agents and pathogens which can be designed to attack a
specific race or species (such as a race of people, strain of wheat, or
variety of fish) to cause any form of deformity, deficiency, infirmity,
or even its extinction. No spin - NFPC.

Weather War: A particular kind of eco war based on weather-control
technology.  The reality - in place now, in Alaska, undergoing testing.
The U.S.A.F. High-frequency  Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
involves advanced hi-tech environmental and energy research,
communications, and defensive/offensive weapons applications based on
use of VHF (very high  radio frequency) to manipulate the earth's
ionosphere to project ELF (extremely low radio frequency) signals.
Capabilities to be tested include the ability to manipulate weather in
dramatic ways, including diversion of the jet stream, creation of killer
storm systems, floods, draughts, famines, and initiating earthquakes of
almost any magnitude. The spin (for HAARP) - scientific study of the
ionosphere and communications research which may provide weapon system
support applications.

Directed Energy Warfare (DEW): Any combination of weapon technology
based on radiated lasers, particle beams, sound waves, electromagnetic
fields or beams, etc. The reality - the technologies are developed and
await only proper weapon platform designs according to an article in the
December 1999 issue of Journal of Electronic Defense.  The spin - NFPC
at this time.

Beam Wars:  Another term for warfare based on directed energy.

INFOwar:  Information Warfare, which is the ability to assure the
integrity, access, and use of your own digital informational resources
while at the same time working to infiltrate, capture or destroy an
enemy's like resources.  This is all about signal interception, hacking,
viruses, and Internet, network, hardware, software, staff and facility
security.  The reality - in place now. Special INFOwarrior units exist
in every branch of the military and branch of the Department of Justice.
It can be documented that they are unofficially and routinely used
offensively against foreign nations and domestically and as a weapon of
political control against  citizens.  I can offer personal testimony as
victim of such attacks. The spin - generally not NFPC, except to promote
the need for 'Web police' and increased Web security (which generally
translates into undisclosed loss of privacy and rights to the citizen.)

Psychotronic War: Use of electronic and/or chemical inducements to alter
the emotional and mental state of the enemy.  May include
disinformational or propaganda programs.  Pure and simple, we are
talking about mind control.  The reality - in place now, as seen in the
technology definitions which follow.  Silent Sound technology was used
in the Gulf War to insure massive surrenders by the Iraqi, for instance,
and in Bosnia to sway elections (see Command Solo). No spin - NFPC.

People's War:  A term invented to apply to an (apparently expected)
uprising of  the people (to specifically include 'Constitutionalists'
and 'patriots') for some unspecified cause (they often allude to
'commercial' and 'spiritual' causes, as well as to militant response to
any eventual gun seizure), an eventuality for which military planners
and scientists are quite preoccupied.  The reality - term in use many
years.  Many people may remember the downplayed U.S. Marines "Shoot
American's Questionnaire" which also asked if soldiers would serve a
United Nations commander if ordered. See MOUT and other technology
definitions for more examples.  No spin - NFPC, though the questionnaire
was excused as 'one officer's private efforts as part of his doctoral

Total Surveillance Society:  A term to describe the ability to track
individuals, all forms of communications, financial transactions, and
observe public behavior on demand.  The reality - largely in place now,
with the only weakness in general video surveillance of public places.
20 nations now participate in something called the EU-FBI Global
Telecommunication Surveillance System, as reported by Statewatch. A
complete list of ways you can be tracked would take a book.  The spin
(when people object to a single discovered aspect, such as roving wire
taps seen in the definitions) - if you have nothing to hide, what does
it matter.

Digital Persona:  Digital information 'in the system' about you as a
person which, cumulatively, in a very practical way to those who use
such information, is a more accurate and useful picture of you than any
actual knowledge of you as a human.  The reality - in place now, anybody
who has the expertise can access, alter, and steal your digital persona.
The spin (when you object to providing information) - it is a small risk
to take for the added personal freedom and convenience (of the
transaction contemplated.)

Data-veillance:  The complete access to all communications and data
resources possessed or accessed by the targeted individual or group,
preferably conducted in real time. The reality - an INFOwar offspring
technology in place now.  Your email and all other communications, can
be watched and recorded on the fly.  Your Web visitations can be
tracked, and by use of virus and other software tools, your computer can
be made to divulge not only secrets directly off of your hard drive, but
also, to report regularly everything you typed and the files you opened
or created and saved.  The spin - we need the tools to fight terrorism,
child pornography, and Internet crimes.

TEMPEST:  Transient Electromagnetic Pulses Emanation Surveillance
Technology allows someone in a van or nearby building to zero in upon
any given specific computer within a given radius and 'see' the content
of the computer screen exactly as if sitting before it in person. The
reality - in place for many years and refined now to include
technologies other than computers, such as PDAs, copiers, fax machines,
etc.  The spin - still NFPC.

National Security:  A veil of secrecy used to protect sensitive matters
which are deemed harmful to the interests of the nation.  The banner cry
oft used in legislation which grants broader powers to the intelligence
agencies, military, and DOJ. The alter reality - an open ended excuse
from behind which any manner of crime or wrongdoing can be committed and
then hidden, and by which draconian erosions of the Constitutional
rights of citizens are undertaken. Once invoked, not even Congress seems
able to get at the truth or perceive the damage to the Bill of Rights.
The spin - we need to balance personal freedoms against the need for
greater national security if we are to counteract (a particular
perceived and promoted threat).

MOUT: Military Operations in Urban Terrain. Replicas of whole urban
neighborhoods and business districts, underground sewers,
telecommunications and power systems, traffic controls, etc.  The
reality - A $12 million (29 buildings, including several multi-story
buildings, a church, hospital, and homes complete with elaborate system
of tunnels and pop-up targets which actually speak) MOUT complex is at
the United Nations North American Training Center at Ft. Polk, Louisiana
- also one of two of the Army's Joint Readiness Training Centers where
military and law enforcement train for operations which would only be
legal in a martial law situation. Other MOUTs exist at Fort Drum, N.Y.;
Fort McClellan, Al.; Fort Indiantown Gap, Pa., and the FBI's Quantico,
Va., which is under U.S. Marine occupation. All such sites have homes
and storefronts signed with names which can in no way be mistaken for
anything but American cities - reportedly to include a McDonalds in some
cases. Training focus is military and joint military-police in SEARCH
AND SEIZURE operations conducted before grandstands of trainee
observers. Door-to-door operations and barricaded street check point
vehicle searches (citizens removed from vehicle at gun point, forced
face down onto the ground, ID checked, vehicle searched via partial
dismantlement and unloading, citizen reloads/assembles car if he can,
and drives on, or is arrested and detained, property confiscated.)
Contrast this to the military's traditional role of SEARCH AND DESTROY
and one begins to ask who decided this training is necessary, and by
what authority? Who is to be searched, what is to be seized, and why?
The spin does not address the questions - counter-terrorism tactics.

Suicide Cult:  Term applied by media to describe any religious group
which threatens or commits mass suicide, typically in conjunction with
'radical political views', 'weapons stockpiling' and an extreme fear or
distrust of government. The reality - almost all experts on mind control
agree that all such cults have thus far had visible ties to CIA mind
control projects at inception, during growth, and especially at their
destruction.  Both Tim Jones and David Koresh were influenced (and even
funded) by the same CIA forces, and both were destroyed by government
actions taken at the advice of CIA's Cult Awareness Network, itself made
up of former CIA mind control scientists associated with the former. The
spin (strategy) - religion is to be increasingly equated with radical
politics, gun violence, and mental illness.

Satanic Cults:  Term applies to various groups involved with worship of
Satan. The reality - CIA mind control projects were heavily involved in
satanic worship and other occult practices (voodoo, etc.) Project
Monarch was a CIA programmable agent project based almost exclusively on
ritual satanic-rite sexual abuse. From these projects can be found
direct ties to peculiar American tragedies such as the Manson murders -
aka 'helter-skelter.' The spin - not commonly addressed except in
apologetic denial of the existence thereof. - 'Satanism is a harmless
oddity like many other religions and no charges of ritual murders or
ritual sexual abuse have been proven in court.'

Movement Police: A conceptual police agency able to track any given
target individual's whereabouts and activities on demand. The reality -
all of the technology needed to form such an agency is in place at this
time (see remaining definitions) and some people believe the super
secret FINCEN (Financial Crime Enforcement Network, which some believe
is actually a cover group name for what is actually the FEMA
Intelligence Center) uses supercomputers is designed specifically for
such tracking purposes, to specifically include financial transactions.
The spin - NFPC.

Thought Police: Originally political science fiction by the likes of
Huxley and Orwell, advanced mind-reading technology to monitor children
for 'improper thoughts' is proposed, along with a new Federal agency to
citizens and place them into 'treatment' prior to their developing
social 'problems'.  The reality - this future concept is actually
proposed by FBI think tank reasoning (that they can better determine
what we should be thinking) as reported in Security Management, July
1999 - Law Enforcement and Technology News Summary.  The future spin -
'citizens, crime is at an all time low, though the number of children
undergoing therapy is rather high at the moment...'

Beamers and Wavies: Informal term applied by media, law enforcement, and
the medical community to describe anyone who claims to be attacked by
electronic mind control technologies or other electronic weapons as
defined further herein.  The reality - the product of a deliberate
disinformation program. Anyone who does not believe mind control works
has never looked at the patents that prove them wrong, described
herein.  The spin strategy - put them into the same cubby hole with UFO
abductees and 'other lunatics.'

UFO Abductees: People who claim to have been abducted by aliens,
typically involving ritual sexual abuse and other traumatic experiments.
The reality - who can say UFO's do not abduct and conduct
experiments.  But I can safely say that several military mind control
projects have been tied to fake UFO abductions, ritual sexual abuse, and
other traumatic experiments. It provides a perfect cover story to
account for repressed memories which come to surface.  No law
enforcement agency will investigate an UFO abduction case, but might
otherwise investigate a sexual abuse case. The spin strategy - ignore
these people, they are crazy.  This is perhaps why media has also
stopped covering UFO sightings, because to do so might give credibility
to abductee reports.

The Actual Technologies:

Political Control Technology: A means by which a government exercises
political control upon its own citizens by covert and overt means other
than force of arms. This quote is the official description of how this
is achieved: 'The product of the application of science and technology
to the neutralizing the state's internal enemies.  It is mainly directed
at civilian populations, and is aimed as much at their hearts and minds
as bodies... and ranges from means of monitoring internal dissent to
devices for controlling demonstrations; from new techniques of
interrogation to methods of prisoner control.' The reality - this term
and definition was first used in Europe twenty years ago by the British
Society for Social Responsibilities of Scientists, a kind of watchdog
group. It was coined particularly, in part, to describe American NSA
Echelon technology brought into Europe for the benefit of the British
government. The term was not accepted or used officially until the
European Parliament began studying the problem of non-lethal weapons and
other technologies described herein, again, chiefly American
inventions.  Thus, we find the Europeans far more aware of and in fear
of the true nature and intent of American electronic weapons than we
Americans, which should perhaps serve to tell us something about the
credibility and the intentions of both media and government in the U.S.
Indeed, perhaps these inventions have succeeded in dumbing us down such
that we are already too controlled to react as we should. Actually,
several 'non-lethal' weapons banned in Europe as 'too deadly' are in use
by even my own local police department. Virtually everything in the
remaining definitions are useful political control technologies. The
spin - new humane methods augment community policing policies. A more
dangerous world calls for reevaluation of  basic investigative and law
enforcement policies and tactics. Some basic rights and freedoms long
taken for granted may need to be revised to facilitate the insured
safety of society as a whole.

Non-lethal (NL) Weapons: A misnomer intended for weapons which can be
described as having minimal lethality. The reality - virtually all
non-lethal weapons can kill, typically because the user is not trained
properly and tends to use the weapon with far more viciousness and
frequency in the false belief it cannot kill, relying upon the pain
inflicted for both desired result and, in some cases, gratifying a
desire to inflict punishment for daring to resist - and also because
most such weapons have excessive impact on persons with impaired health
situations, which often means that persons not even intended to be
targeted by the weapons fall victim as a kind of 'collateral damage.'
The spin - police responded humanely with non-lethal weapons. Seven
protesters were hospitalized and one died when...

Chemical-based NL Weapon: A non-lethal weapon based on chemical
compounds. Pepper spray and caustics, dye markers, and sticky foam are
examples. The reality - Pepper spray, the best known of the examples, is
outlawed in Europe as a neurotoxin too dangerous for use.  But in the
United States, a $57,000 bribe to an FBI official got an approval.  Over
100 fatalities are linked to the product.  Anyone using the spray is
liable for prosecution of assault, assault with a deadly weapon where
death results. The spin - better living through chemistry, in this case,
the ability to stop an attacker.

Electronic NL Weapon:  A non-lethal weapon based on electronics,
electromagnetic fields, and radiated or directed energy such as radio
frequencies (RF), radar, microwave, x-rays, audible and ultrasonic
sound, light, etc. The reality - the fastest growing and most dangerous
class of weapons among NL technology, chiefly because scientists are
just beginning to understand the long-term and short-term effects of
this technology on the environment and upon living tissues and organs.
Many scientists claim that  these same types of energy can cause severe
health hazards at a small percentile of the levels actually used in
these weapons, which means that collateral damage to innocent bystanders
can be as significant a risk as if a casually aimed shotgun had been
used. The spin - there are no credible scientific findings that prove
(these energies) harmful.  (True, of course, because no one dares test
on humans, and because such tests take many years to complete, and
because the weapons are not made available for testing.)

Eugenics: A concept of population control which is based as much on
death control as birth control.  Euthanasia is the best-known example of
the death control concept.  The reality - eugenics as a field of study
comes to us from Nazi Germany, modern Eugenics courtesy of CIA founded
(William Casey, former head of CIA) Manhattan Institute think tank. Many
people who have studied Eugenics fear it to be the ultimate fountainhead
of select wars and possible bioethnic attacks (hoof and mouth, etc.) The
spin - we need to take a serious 'broad picture' look at world
population and be open to creative and humane solutions.

Bio-implants:  Small to extremely small capsules (some smaller than a
grain of rice) which contain electronics but which are encased in a
material which the body will not reject.  The reality - in use for some
time, new models draw power from the body itself and need not be
replaced or removed, ever.  An assortment of special functions are
available from tracking to eavesdropping to physiological responses on
command.  Bio-implants, if small enough, can be inserted into the body
without the victim's specific  knowledge (they just think someone
accidentally jabbed them with an umbrella, or some such similar event.)
The spin strategy - make it easier to find and identify your dogs, kids,
military personnel, etc., if they turn up missing.

Digital Angel: A bio-implant intended to provide positive identification
of the user, report medical information, provide tracking information
through GPS (global positioning satellite) systems and/or through the
Internet by (unspecified) wireless telecommunications. The reality - in
place, as reported by World Net Daily in Oct. 2000 - a company called
Applied Digital Solutions demonstrated a working prototype. The spin -
saves lives, allows secure Internet transactions without fraud.

Bio-electric Attack: The additional use of electronic weapon technology
to make targeted individuals susceptible to special biological agents
which would otherwise have no negative effect. Targeted individuals
could be 'tagged' with otherwise 'harmless'  biologicals by any number
of means, such as paint balls, sprays, etc., subsequently activated as
biological attack by selective electronic targeting.  The reality - a
great means of dealing with protesters and political dissidents, this is
one of several items from a paper by Lt. Col. David Dean, U.S.A.F.
published by the Air University Press in 1986 (Low-Intensity Conflict
and Modern Technology.).  The spin, in light of bans on biological
warfare - their deaths remain a mystery because the electronic weapons
were non-lethal, and the toxology report clearly indicates there were no
dangerous biological or chemical materials in the area at the time.

Neural-chemical Enhancers: A non-lethal control technology based on
engineered drugs which either directly change the behavior of the
targeted individual or the individuals susceptibility or reaction to
other neuro-impacting products such as cocaine and other drugs.  The
reality - LSD was first introduced into the US by Eli Lilly Corp. under
CIA contract, CIA then introducing it into college campus' as part of
the testing process. Dr. Timothy Leary was, in fact, a CIA vehicle for
same.  The spin at the time - tune in, turn on, and drop out.

Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors: A whole drug family of
neural-chemical enhancers widely promoted as mental health tools for a
wide variety of purposes from treating depression to schizophrenia. The
reality - also developed under contract to CIA for mind control
research, these drugs increase the target victims susceptibility to mind
control methodology and reduce their likelihood to complain or resist.
This often includes deliberate diagnosis of victims reporting electronic
weapons attacks as having paranoia, forcing them into treatment which
actually plays into the hands of the attacker (see beamers and wavies.)
The spin from a local TV commercial - get more out of life.  Ask your
doctor about Prozac, today.

DNA Tracking: Use of human DNA in criminal investigations, a concept
intended to be extended through a controversial Federal collection and
cataloging of DNA samples much like fingerprints. The reality - The
United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain have all started
national DNA databases.  Computerized matching is as simple as used for
fingerprints, and there are devices in testing capable of collecting
hundreds of DNA samples by simply sampling the air or dust of a targeted
room, making DNA tracking in the field a real possibility. Officially,
databases will include only criminal samples, but analysts believe it is
only a matter of time before everyone is cataloged.  CIA is thought to
have established a nation-wide network of DNA  collections through firms
contracting to hospitals to do blood work ups, so everyone born in a
hospital or admitted to a hospital or medical facility where blood
samples were taken since 1993 is likely already in at least one covertly
run database. The future spin - less evasive because a mere hair sample
or rub of the skin can collect the sample, and only criminals need fear
the concept.

Sticky Foam:  Pressurized canisters much like fire extinguishers expel a
fast drying adhesive foam which quickly hardens trapping suspects,
sealing doors, slowing or stopping machinery or vehicles, rendering
sharp objects safe, etc.  Versions call for electrifying the foam as
well.  The reality - prototypes have been demonstrated, better versions
now under development according to Law Enforcement Technology, May
1999.  Victims suffocate if it covers their face, of course, and if
convulsing due to electrification, they fall into the puddle of foam at
their feet. The spin - a harmless Spyderman solution to crowd control
and tactical response needs.

Pepper Gun:  A shotgun like weapon which fires a plasticized ball of
compacted pepper spray material which 'explodes' into a fine powder on
impact.  The reality - banned in Europe as too dangerous to use, and
intended to be fired NOT at people but at walls and other hard object
near groups of targeted individuals, the Portland Police Department
eagerly tested the weapon by firing point blank two rounds at a Hispanic
man who was standing by his truck lighting a cigarette in a non-riot,
no-crowd, no crime situation (a near-by house was being raided on a drug
tip, but found the persons named on the warrant had moved out and others
had moved in.) The victim, Johnny Santano suffered chest and wrist
injuries which netted him $50,000 in an out of court settlement. This
was known as the Liebe St. Raid. The spin - local citizens were shown on
camera with the dubbed question 'What do you think about the drug
traffic in your neighborhood?' Their answers were 'It's terrible. Just
terrible.'  But KATU, the local station had dubbed over an entirely
different question according to those involved. "They asked us what we
thought about the way the police conducted the raid."

Rubber Bullets:  The best known and one of the earliest forms of
non-lethal weapons.  The reality - since its inception some twenty years
ago, rubber bullets have killed large numbers of persons (actual numbers
vary according to source, most agencies unwilling to help corroborate)
and put hundreds more into hospitals with severe injuries.  New versions
operate in machine-gun fashion, such weapons being used on demonstrators
at point-blank range by Seattle Police at the WTO protests in 2000.  The
spin - humane firepower.

Paint Balls:  A kind of rubber bullet which is actually a small rubber
balloon filled with dye or chemical markers which burst on impact.  The
reality - paint ball is extremely dangerous, intended for use where
participants wear heavy body padding, helmets, and goggles.  Any
biological or chemical weapon could easily be substitute for or mixed
with paint without anyone being the wiser.  The spin - you can run, but
you can't hide, because you almost glow in the dark (and might actually
if the right marking agent is used.)

M203 Grenade: The Antipersonnel blunt trauma crowd dispersal grenade
explodes to hurtle a large number of rubber balls in every direction.
The reality - blunt trauma translates as concussion - assuming an eye
isn't hit, courtesy of the US Army's Non-Lethal Material Program put on
display in a London conference on NL weapons in 1997. The spin - NFPC at
this time.

M18 Special Land Mine: A toned down version of the traditional military
land mine, this one is designed to disable a car or other vehicle rather
than destroy it.  The reality - this assumes the gas tank is not
ruptured and that no one was standing nearby, courtesy of the US Army's
Non-Lethal Material Program put on display in a London conference on NL
weapons in 1997. The spin - NFPC at this time.

M139 Volcano Land Mine: A special mine which launches a net over a wide
area to capture groups of people. The reality - assumes no one is
standing nearby, which, of course, is required to trip it, courtesy of
the US Army's Non-Lethal Material Program put on display in a London
conference on NL weapons in 1997. The spin - NFPC at this time.

FANGS: Remotely triggered Frequency Activated Neutralization Generator
System to stop automobiles on command - a microchip to be installed into
the ignition system of cars. The reality - Police Magazine, July 1999
announce that designers of the tested  microchip device hope for
legislation to require installation into every new car sold in the
United States. The spin - 'no more high-speed chases.'

EMP Disrupter: Electromagnetic pulse weapon disrupts electrical systems
and disables vehicles and aircraft, computers, and electrical equipment,
etc., and causes a variety of extreme discomforts and/or disorients
human occupants or collateral targets - firing a single extremely
powerful pulse.  The reality - awaiting deployment. U.S.A.F. document
<> says it has
been developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory.  The spin - no more
deadly high-speed chases.

EMP 'Phaser':  Adjustable (stun or kill) EMP disrupter used at higher
levels will superheat internal organs and cause instant death. The
reality - same USAF document.  Patent #4,959,559 Sept. 25, 1990
Electromagnetic or Other Directed Energy Pulse Launcher, Ziolkowski,
Richard W., U.S. Department of Energy. The spin as might be offered
off-hand by a user - "Looks a bit like a hamster in a microwave oven to

Universal EMR Weapon:  The use of continuous rapid pulse electromagnetic
radiation (radio, magnetic fields, microwave, radar, etc.) to achieve
offensive/defensive capabilities at any desired level: targeted
individuals can be repelled by extremely unpleasant physical reactions
(stinging, burning, tingling, loss of hearing, confusion, blurred
vision, dizziness, etc.), incapacitated (muscle seizure, convulsions),
or killed (cardiac standstill, motor function arrest, organ failure).
Adjustment of wave form, field intensity, pulse widths, repetition
frequency, and carrier frequency determine outcome.  The reality - all
of the above was from a paper by Lt. Col. David Dean, U.S.A.F. published
by the Air University Press in 1986 (Low-Intensity Conflict and Modern
Technology.) In March of 2001, the U.S.M.C. announced a mobile unit of
almost identical capabilities (mentioning only the non-lethal
capabilities in their press release.)  The spin from Col. Dean's paper -
"...potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups, crowd

RF Gunship: A military or police helicopter equipped with RF/EMR weapons
instead of miniguns. Weapon application can be adjusted between lethal
(cook organs) and non-lethal (fry skin) settings. The reality - not in
place, but possibly under development according to classified 1996 Air
Force Scientific Advisory Board study which suggested such a weapon
system. The spin - a truly versatile multi-jurisdiction, multi-role
weapon system.

Laser Dazzler:  Laser-based gun-mounted weapon temporarily distracts or
blinds targeted individuals, night vision devices, and video systems,
can be set for wide-area coverage.  The reality - in line for DOD
funding according to Jane's Defense Weekly, March 1996.  The spin, we
might imagine, if developed by defense contractor General Electric - "We
bring good things to light."

Stun Guns:  Stun guns incapacitate targeted individuals with a
high-voltage, low-amperage continuous shock, either by direct electrode
contact or delivered by small harpoon-like barbs fired which trail
filament wires leading to the main unit - all hand held.  The reality -
the voltage ranges on various models from 10KV to over 50KV and can
cause burns and scars, as well as cardiac arrest or severe neurological
problems in even a healthy person. Except for law enforcement, users can
face criminal charges just as if they had used a firearm (laws vary from
state to state.) New models are pulsing the voltage which allows even
higher voltages at lower power consumption  for greater durations of
'attack time' - and intensifying the 'shock' effect by phasing pulses at
a frequency which the body finds most distressing.  The spin - compact
personal defense with non-lethal stopping power.

Electrified Air: A wireless stun gun for temporarily immobilizing a
target subject at a distance with muscular tetanization by means of
modulated current delivered by two channels of electrically conducted
air. The reality - Patent #5,675,103 Oct. 7, 1995 Non-lethal Tetanizing
Weapon, Herr, Jan Eric.  The spin - safer distances, more humane - no
wires or flesh-penetrating barbs, no burns (no tell-tale proof in

Acoustic Bullet: A radio-frequency silent sound technology weapon which
focuses an extremely strong and penetrating dose of audio information
which can not only be heard (only by the person it strikes), but felt as
it penetrates the body.  Able to penetrate dense materials, it can be
combined with remote sensing technologies to be aimed at moving targets
through walls.  The reality - a number of victims in recent months
described precisely these symptoms and circumstances just prior to the
technology's existence becoming public knowledge.  Similar technology
was offered by the Russian government to the F.B.I. for used against the
Branch Davidians, but the offer was declined according to a document
taken from an official U.S.A.F. Web site
<>, which goes
into specific details on the technology. The spin - "these people not
only want us to believe they heard God speak, but that he thumped them
on the head to get their attention."

Subliminals:  A mind control technology which is based on the unaware
and unstoppable subconscious acceptance of information fed to the brain
through brief repetitions by imperceptible and covert means of
information contained in or embedded within any audio/video source such
as radio, TV, film, music systems, and computer speakers/displays, even
delivered over the Internet if desired.  The reality - Patent #4,777,529
Oct. 11 1988 Audio Subliminal Programming System, Schultz, Richard M, et
al.  Patent #6,017,302 Oct 31, 1997 Subliminal Acoustic Manipulation of
The Nervous System, Loos, Hedricus G. Many other related patents
followed. The spin strategy - since it is illegal to use this for any
other purpose, you  can trust us to use it only for good.

Remote Physical: Devices allow remote acquisition of continuous EEG
emotional state readouts and physiological data from a target subject
without physical contact (and without their knowledge), to include pupil
dilation, pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and respiration
level. The reality - This is the ultimate covert lie detector and
similar units can be designed to detect persons in hiding or hidden
against their will. Patent #4,958,653 Sept. 25, 1990 Non-Contact Vital
Signs Monitor, Sharpe et al. (Georgia Tech Research Corporation.);
Patent #5,507,291 April 16, 1996 Method and Apparatus for Remotely
Determining Information as to a Person's Emotional State.  This is the
birth of the Thought Police. The spin - now law enforcement and other
professionals can predict violent behavior and detect signs of mental
illness without waiting for a senseless act to draw attention.

R-BATS: Remote Biochemical Assay Telemetering System is a bio-implant,
skin patch, or wrist band device which detects and reports drug traces
in the subject. The reality - technology proposed from NASA research in
May 1996 NASA Tech Briefs.  The implied spin - "get clean, stay clean
(or else we will know and come get you.)"

Remote Emotions:  A means of instantly altering mood or emotions in a
target subject by transmitting EEG brain waves directly into the brain
using ELF (extremely low radio frequency.)  The reality - Patent
#3,951,134 April 20, 1976 Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring
and Altering Brainwaves, Malech, Robert G.,  was the earliest device
capable of altering mood - it was called the biofeedback machine.
However, Patent #5,356,368 Oct. 18,1994 Method and Apparatus for
Inducing Desired States of Consciousness, Monroe, Robert (Interstate
Industries) takes it to new highs, able to instantly entrain any desired
effect - especially where the target subject's full range of emotional
states have already been mapped out in terms of EEG.  The spin - NFPC.

Mass Tranquilizer: A means using ELF generated sound waves with embedded
EEG signals to reduce anxiety or anger levels to almost any point up to
and including meditative or anesthetized states. The reality - Patent
#4,335,710 June 22, 1982 Device for the Induction of Specific Brainwave
Patterns, Williamson, John D. (Omnitronics Research Corp.). More patents
exist which, like this on directly alter the victim's EEG and thus,
their mood and emotions.  Of course, the same technology could also be
used to foment violence and unrest when expedient to political need -
such as just before asking for more money for police. The spin - humane
tool for law enforcement in crowd control situations.

Altered State Generator:  Another ELF/EEG device which can cause the
targeted individual to experience simulated narcotic or psychotic
hallucinations: emotional manipulations (mood swings), sensory illusions
(pain, pleasure), vestibular feelings (vibrations, floating),
depersonalization (detached from body, omnipresence, presence of other
consciousness'), uncontrolled mental images (from memory, from
subconscious): The Reality - a long list of patents support this
capability, this perhaps the best example: #4,227,516 Oct. 14, 1990,
Apparatus for Electrophysiological Stimulation, Meland et. al. The spin

Satellite Mind Link:  Use of satellites to entrain humans by broad-area
broadcast of EEG via ELF frequencies directly received by the brain. The
reality - Patent #3,866,231 Feb. 11, 1975 Satellite Transmission of ULF
Electromagnetic Waves, Kelly, Francis J. (U.S.N.) if combined with
previous EEG technologies can be used to target entire continents. The
spin - ULF signals are used to transmit orders to submerged submarines

Operation PIQUE: CIA 'communications' project launched in 1978,
immediately after the 'conclusion' of CIA mind control experiments were
declared as being 'unworkable' in CIA testimony before the Church
Committee in 1977. The reality - according to USAF document found at
<>, PIQUE was to
'bounce high powered RF (radio signals) off the ionosphere to effect the
mental functions of people in selected areas', the selected areas to
include nuclear installations. Since only ELF is the only RF which is
known to do this, and EEG is the only possible means, this project
sounds a LOT like the precursor to HAARP.  Could this targeting of
nuclear facilities have had anything to do with Chernoble?  The spin -

HAARP as ELF Weapon: The USAF project as described above in Weather
War.  The reality - the ELF capability of HAARP by technical description
precisely matches that of mind control weapons used to alter EEG as
described above.  In the footsteps of PIQUE, motives are highly suspect.
Who would the target be for a system in Alaska - the Chinese, Americans,
or both? The spin - USAF insists it is for research purposes only.

SuperDARN: A network of HAARP-like facilities which will be located in
North America. The reality - confirmed by National Science Foundation
Award contract #9704717, there is nothing claimed for HAARP which cannot
be considered as possible for SuperDARN.  Such an array placed in Canada
and Alaska could transmit ELF over the entire northern hemisphere of the
earth.  If its purpose is truly sinister, I'd look for similar
'research' projects in South America, Africa, and Australia to handle
the rest of the World. The spin - 'this research facility will be open
to international scientists for any appropriate research purposes.'

The Arizona Hum:  An ELF hum which can be heard over hundreds of square
miles in Arizona for which the source cannot be found.  The reality -
believed to be an ongoing ELF/EEG mind control experiment tested region
wide and operated from near by Groom Lake, aka Area 51, now 'shut down.'
An relatively small array of antennae not unlike those used by HAARP has
been observed at area 51. The spin - this is a very unusual phenomenon
that defies study.

Mind Meld: ELF/EEG technologies previously mentioned used to do with the
human mind what a laser beam does with a holographic plate - capture a
complete image of all content, which by digitization and output to a
second individual in reverse manner allows the second individual to gain
the memories and knowledge of the first - a kind of instant "been there,
done that" familiarity.  The reality - projected reality for the year
2020 by U.S.A.F. Scientific Advisory Board, 1996. A lesser kind of
thought transference involving the transfer of "mental, emotional, and
physical states of consciousness"  exists today in patent #5,213,562 May
25, 1993 Method of Inducing Mental, Emotional and Physical States of
Consciousness, Including Specific Mental Activity in Human Beings,
Monroe, Robert (Interstate Industries, Inc.) The spin we might imagine -
visit Total Recall and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime - as someone

Computer Mind Link: Microcomputer substrates with artificially grown
brain cells provide the basis for bio-implants which can provide a
number of functions, including linking the mind directly to computers
for control and data access (two-way.)  The reality - first growth of
brain cells and first bonding of human tissue to substrates has been
successful experimentally according to the Wall Street Journal, Feb 1,
1994.  The spin - loose the mouse and keyboard forever.

Shared Vision: Use of advanced EEG and associated technology to capture
the actual in-head view of a targeted individual - to see what he sees
when he sees it.  The reality - in development according to Wired News
Oct. 7, 1999, which reported that scientists had successfully created a
video showing what a test subject (cat) was actually seeing.
Unfortunately, the technology as applied was highly invasive, requiring
numerous electrodes to be placed directly into the brain matter.  The
spin - likely NFPC, but if it were... virtual reality was never like

RAATS: Radio-wave Auditory, Assaultive, Transmitting-implants, a kind of
V2S based on a bio-implant.  The reality - In place and ready for
deployment.  CIA funded, it was developed and tested on nonconsenting
students by Professor K. Kelly at the University of Albany, where one
student held 37 others at gun point, shot one, and eventually hanged
himself - all after complaining about voices in his head.  The spin
(from a conference paper offered by Kelly at the Eastern Psychological
Ass.) - microchip implants as a notion is " of the indicators of

Voice Patch:  A device which, when placed in contact with a human
anywhere on the body (with or without their knowledge) provides direct
V2S capability.  The reality - Though actually submitted in 1950 and
1968, Patent #3,393,279 Nervous System Excitation Device, and
#3,647,970 Method and System for Simplifying Speech Waveforms, were
suppressed by the U.S. Patent office and military until 1968 and 1972,
invented by Gillis Patrick Flanagan.  But Patent #3,566,347 Feb. 23,
1971 Psycho-acoustic Projector, Flanders, Andrew E. (General Dynamics
Corp.) took it a step further by providing the wearer with clear audio
but those anywhere in the vicinity without suffered psychotic
disorientation and reduced hearing capabilities.  The spin - new hearing
aid technology can be hidden completely to give you the same freedom you
used to have.

Omnipresent Sound: A wireless means of transmitting audible sound
through any medium (gas, liquid, solid) without radio waves by means of
modulated ultrasonic pressure waves (air movement.) Point of sound
origin is undetectable by the listener and there is no signal to be
detected. The reality - Patent #5,539,705 July 23, 1996 Ultrasonic
Speech Translator and Communications System, Ackerman, M. Alfred
(Marietta Energy Systems.) Requires hardware at both ends, but is easy
to conceal or disguise. The spin - NFPC at this time.

Hypersonic Sound: Laser-based device which emulates Omnipresent Sound
but has limitation of requiring direct line of site.  Does not require
hardware at listening end.  The reality - this technology was announced
by American Technology Corporation's Chairman's, May 17, 1999.  The spin
from them - new capabilities as replacement for home entertainment
speaker systems.

Silent Sound: A means of imparting either or both EEG brain wave
patterns and/or audio messages subliminally into any existing or
otherwise provided audio source, typically radio or television. The
reality - In place now, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), sometimes
called "S-quad" or "Squad".  By incorporating audio, specific verbal
commands (i.e. surrender, vote for Our Guy) are imparted into the
subconscious where they surface to the conscious as personal thought. By
sending EEG signals, emotional states can be altered (i.e. fear,
happiness, etc.) by sympathetic entrainment (virtually instantaneous).
Combined, the result is virtually irresistible. The spin - the U.S.
military is prohibited to use this technology on American citizens.

Command Solo: USAF operates several specially modified EC-130 aircraft
codenamed Command Solo, equipped with the ability to broadcast radio and
TV signals of any type or frequency, and to embed silent sound
subliminal commands as well as EEG emotional state entrainments into the
broadcasts.  The reality - in use today, the United States has
successfully employed this technology in the Gulf war to 'encourage'
mass surrenders by Iraqi troops, and again in Bosnia to sway elections
and end the violence.  The spin - NFPC at this time.

Voice to Skull (V2S): A means of transmitting specially prepared
electronic signals which can be received and decoded as intelligible
speech and sound by ONLY a given specified person or group of persons.
The reality - In place now with a broad variety of signal/delivery
methodologies.  Typically, voice or audio is broadcast by
pulse-modulated signals in one or two low-output radio or  microwave
transmissions which which are precisely aimed at the target individual,
who experiences 'in head' sound, often described as 'the voice of God,
which cannot be disobeyed.'  Numerous patents have been issued:
#4,877,027 Oct. 31, 1989 Hearing System, Brunkan, Wayne L.; #4,858,612,
Aug. 22, 1989 Hearing Device, Stocklin, William L.; #5,159,703, Oct. 27,
1992 Silent Subliminal Presentation System, Lowry, Oliver M.; others.
The spin - schizophrenia does sometimes involve the hearing of voices
which are not real, typically claiming 'God' commanded them to do some
terrible thing.

Levitation Projector:  A device which projects a force suitable to cause
objects to levitate and/or fly through the air.  The reality - not
likely in place, yet, though there are reports by electronic harassment
victims who's opinions and claims I respect for very real and practical
reasons who are simultaneously and spontaneously reporting consistently
similar 'minor' levitations - prior to the technology behind it becoming
public:  Scientists at Intersonics, Inc. of Northbrook, Ill., reported
successfully levitating a one-ounce steel ball bearing using nothing but
sound waves.  The spin as already expressed similarly in the
aforementioned cases - ' in addition to being a 'wavie', you're
also beset by poltergeists?

See-Through-Clothes Video:  Digital image processing combined with
traditional visible and near-visible spectrum video to produce a
startling see-through effect.  Variation tested as alternative for
tighter airport security. The reality - in place now, accidentally
delivered into hands of thousands of consumers in Sony video cameras
last year.  The spin - 'very low-light level capability.' (Custom's
Office reports that a survey revealed that most passengers would rather
undergo a strip search or traditional x-ray if suspected than be 'peeped
at' en mass.

Algorithmic Surveillance Systems & Face Prints: CCTV (closed circuit
television) security systems connected to computerized face-print
database libraries to watch public places for specified individuals.
The reality - The reality - in place now and operational at numerous
Federal and state agencies, limited only by a relatively small library
of collected facial images. The spin according to Red Chinese who used
video of Tiananmen  Square protesters to identify and capture students
involved, -  the cameras are a "traffic control monitoring system."

ANPS: Automatic Number Plate Scanners are devices using digital
processing of video images of targeted traffic patterns to find select
license plates. The reality - in place in all exit points of London,
British seaports, and the tunnel to France. The spin - gives us a 5
second response time to give chase to suspected felons.

Automatic Vehicle Locator:  GPS (gobal-positioning-satellite) based
device which transmits the location of an equipped vehicle. The reality
- in place now. Built into some cars as an anti-theft device, small
portable units can be covertly placed on any vehicle for tracking driver
or vehicle.  The spin - accurate to within 50 feet, you will never be
lost again (at least we will know where you are.)

IPLD: Individual Position Locator Device is a wrist or ankle bracelet
but can also be a bio-implant which uses GPS to track the location of
the wearer.  The reality - in place now, promoted first by the Army War
College in 1989.  The spin - we need to know where our criminals are at
all times.

IFFN: An IPLD device which in addition to revealing location, indicates
if the subject is friend, foe, or neutral.  The setting can be remotely
triggered to change the status as needed.  The reality - from the same
1989 War College piece, only makes sense if it is intended that EVERYONE
wear such a tag - akin to the mark of the beast (666.) So when you
become a suspect they want to label as 'armed and dangerous', you simply
get your tag zapped and they hone in on you with weapons drawn.  The
spin of the future - if you don't do the crime, you won't bear the sign.

National Identity Card: A proposal to have a single I.D. card which is
used for all identification purposes from drivers license to medical
insurance, complete with embedded microchip memory to keep track all
important personal information. Federal law dictates that the Social
Security number is not to be used for identification purposes. The
reality - the social security number is THE preferred and most critical
form of identification used in credit reporting and ALL contact with
medical and other government agencies, and elsewhere.  Despite obvious
threats to loss of identity by theft of SS#, some states (Virginia and
others nearby) have started using SS# as THE driver's license number.
The spin - it is more convenient to the user.

See-Thru-The-Wall Flashlight:  Handheld see-through-the-wall technology
(millimeter-wave) uses radar as an imaging tool not much unlike infrared
FLIR devices.  Tied to respiration signatures, it can identify and track
a specific individual from among several. The reality - in place now
according to press release from Dr. Eugene F. Greneker at the University
of Georgia, which points out the DOD project had working prototypes
since the mid 1980's.  The spin  from their material - "potentially
useful to police officers in ambush situations."

LADS:  Life Assessment Detector System is also a see-through-the-wall
millimeter-wave technology based on microwaves. Identical
characteristics to the Radar Flashlight but delivers a video image and
is aimed like a weapon for accurate use at distance. The reality - Also
developed by Dr. Greneker at Georgia Tech, this is an actual product
promoted briefly at VSE Corp. Web site.  The spin, paraphrasing
materials at the source " to detect respiration and heart rates
at up to 135 feet away it can be useful in locate injured persons
trapped in collapsed buildings or identify and separate gunmen from
hostages through the wall.

Cell phone Scanner:  Many off-the-shelf cell phones can be converted
into an scanner which listens in to other cell phone conversations and
decodes their scrambled signals automatically - by simply pressing a
series of undocumented keystrokes. The reality - demonstrated to this
author by a phone salesman who says he regularly shows customers how to
do it. Learned the codes from the Internet, he said.  The spin as
subsequently told me by a phone maker representative - "its strictly a
diagnostics tool."

PSAP: Public Safety Answering Points is a system of identifying the
location and user of a cell phone when 911 is dialed.  The reality -
almost in place, required by FCC rules in 1996 for completion by Oct. 1,
2001.  However, this technology can easily be used to track cell phones
and pagers anywhere, anytime, by simply specifying the target phone.
This is not a new capability, but it is an automated version of what
used to be a fairly difficult task.  The spin - improved public safety (
we might wonder how much safer? What percentage of cellular phone 911
calls are made by people who can't SAY where they are?)

Roving Wiretaps: A legally obtained wiretap which randomly selects
individual communication signals within a larger  group of a specified
communications channel such as telephones. The reality - NSA technology
allows for and is regularly applied to this in operation Echelon end for
reasons of 'national security', despite Congressional warnings it is not
legal.  Now, FBI and even local law enforcement can request access to
this technology through liberally granted court order which is based on
presumption of guilt by association, even if the association is only
that you work with or live near the actual targeted individual.  The
spin - if you don't have anything to hide, you shouldn't care who is

Code-a-phone: Not to be confused with the commercial company which makes
telephone answering equipment - use of remotely delivered high-speed
digital command data packets over the telephone to cause any combination
of results:  Block or redirect outbound or inbound calls, simulate busy
or endless ring, turn telephone into room bug even if still on hook,
manipulate billing and caller ID information, and more.  The reality -
as presented first in this author's book, The Professional Paranoid in
1998, is based on NSA technology built into the modern digital telephone
system when NSA worked hand in hand with Bell Labs to define the
'telephone system of the future' which is Echelon friendly.  This author
has experienced first hand some remarkable telephone manipulations using
this technology not even mentioned in the above description, involving
to-the-minute synchronized interference with both voice and
telecommunications of not only myself and my clients, but also of a
radio station and their listeners, while being connected by phone to the
radio station in a live on-air interview. The 'dirty tricks' also
suppressed the shows recording equipment so that the tape of the show
was filled with dead air by use of a high-gain silent sound signal
impressed onto the telephone call. The spin - NFPC at this time.

Project ECHELON: NSA's highly successful attempt at world-wide
electronic communications surveillance based on continuous computerized
sample-monitoring of all land-line, cellular, radio, and fax/email
communications.  The reality - in place in the United States and the
U.K. for many years (see ACLU Web site for latest info.)  Responsible
for the Princess Di 'lover' tapes. The spin - NFPC, especially since
Congress in currently investigating NSA and Echelon for possible
violation of law.

Sewer Pipe and Pipe Crawlers, Water Pipe: The sewer and water pipes
running from a building to and including the network of pipes in the
street. A pipe crawler is a small remotely guided electrically driven
device which is used to inspect sewer pipe, typically equipped with
mechanical cleaning tools and, often, with lights and cameras. Cables
run from a large reel at the point of entry to the crawler, to supply
command and power connections. The reality - as reported and documented
by a victim who saw a 'work crew' deliver the unit to a neighbor, and
smelled sewer fumes and, in checking the source of those, heard
something in the pipes, and who was later able to see the cable through
an inspection plug: sewer pipes form a network of gateways into a
targeted victim's home by use of 'pipe crawler' especially outfitted
with any number of available transmitters which generate electronic
weapon signals, making it almost impossible to locate the source of an
attack, which would normally otherwise come from a neighboring building
(commands to the crawler may still be from such a building.) In like
manner, by inserting a special underwater microphone into a water supply
line, water pipes can be used to turn any sink or toilet within a
targeted building into a listening device, since water carries sound in
a useful manner. The spin - NFPC.

Electrical Wiring, Light Bulbs, & RF Modulation: The wires within a
building and which run from the building to the main power supply
external of the building.  Common screw in incandescent light bulbs used
to light a room. RF Modulation is a means of impressing a signal of some
other purpose, such as communication, onto the AC power line at any
given point, then demodulating the signal at one or more given points
elsewhere on the system. The reality - another means of introducing
electronic attack technologies into a targeted victim's home, similar to
the above Sewer Pipe example.  By excessive modulation or other
manipulations, light bulbs can be made to flicker imperceptibly (or
perceptibly) as a means of delivering various elements of an electronic
attack, or causing vision discomfort, generally of the kind which impact
on moods and emotions and general well being.  The spin - NFPC.

The Telephone System and Telephone Answering Devices (TAD):  The network
of telephone cables external of and connecting to a home, plus the
wiring within the home, and any form of telephone answering device
including a hand set, answering machine, computer modem, fax machine,
etc.  The reality:  Because there are excess wires unused by the
telephone company and the equipment, telephone systems can be applied to
delivery of electronic attack technologies in a manner not too
dissimilar to that described for Electrical Wiring, with the additional
capability of providing or aiding in electronic listening surveillance
or sensing of victim presence and state of mind. Telephones themselves,
even when not in use, can become listening devices. The spin - NFPC.

Cable TV and Televisions, Home Entertainment Systems:  Cable TV cables
from the network of cables in the street into the building, and the
wiring within the building and those connecting to TVs, VCRs, and Home
Entertainment Systems to provide television and audio programming, plus
those very entertainment devices.  The reality - another means of
introducing electronic attack signals into a targeted building, and
further, with minor modification of a television, the ability to turn
the speaker system into a listening device.  A video camera can be
installed into the television to further provide visual surveillance.
The spin - NFPC, though in England there have been several instances of
unusually worded advertisements regarding television programing that
implied the viewers were being watched - appearing in certain
communities, only.

Window Panes: Window Panes of the typical room window or picture window,
skylight, etc.  The reality - window panes may act as a speaker and/or
microphone by vibrating sympathetically when struck by sound or pressure
waves.  There are several ways to take advantage of  this concept to
introduce audio elements of electronic attacks for mind control
application into the targeted building on a selected room basis, or to
provide remote audio surveillance of a given room, typically by use of a
laser beam or direct pickup. The spin - NFPC.

SpeakerID: A product available to local law enforcement and others which
can, with even a few syllables of sample speech, be programmed to
recognize specific individual identities by telephone or recorded
samples, even if they have a cold. The reality - NSA project echelon has
obtained a massive database of sound samples from American citizens,
perhaps numbering in the millions, making it possible to identify and
track people within seconds of using a phone. The spin - we can  place
light offenders on house arrest and with an automated series of phone
calls to their places of work or homes quickly determine if they are
where they are supposed to be, or in violation of their sentencing.

Mimic: A digital audio-processing process which translates the voice of
one person into the voice of a different specified person based on sound
samples of the specified person, the result of which is virtually
indistinguishable from the real person even with computer wave-form
analysis.  The reality - in place now within the intelligence community:
Patent #5,425,130 June 13, 1995 Method and Apparatus for Transforming
Voice Using Neural Networks, Morgan, David P. (Lockheed Sanders, Inc.)
The spin as result of its misuse - "The call to the 911 center from the
murder scene at the time of death clearly proves the accused was guilty
of the crime."

Clipper-Chipper:  On-the-fly decoding of encrypted data via technology
built into every digital modem, fax machine, and telephone allows
government to access telecommunications data on demand.  The reality -
as also presented first in this author's book as based on NSA technology
which redirects a copy of the call in unencoded form to any specified
location.  The spin - "a warrant is required to access both halves of
the decryption key, one half in the hands of DOJ and the other in the
hands of the telephone company" (but NSA invented, and thus possesses,
both halves.)

The Intel Pentium III:  A popular computer microprocessor with a built
in serial number useful for tracking the identity of the computer
user/owner over the Internet and/or in copied software or generated
files.  The reality - in place now.  While Intel assures us the computer
is shipped with this feature disabled, it can be enabled remotely by any
number of covert Web transactions. The spin - ...was intended to deter
theft and aid in recovery if the computer was stolen.

Intel Privacy Chip:  A microchip which can give Internet users a new
level of protection against identity theft, but which also includes a
covertly trackable identity feature not unlike the Pentium III.  The
reality - in place now according to Intel Press Release 1st Qtr. 1999.
The spin - a new level of personal security for on-line transactions.

Bugged Bugs: Living insects which have tiny listening devices or cameras
with transmitters powered by light installed on their backs. The reality
- a report (apologies, unable to relocate original reference at this
time) states this has been achieved by Japanese government scientists.
The spin - NFPC at this time.

Smart Dust: Tiny microprocessor-based technology no larger than a speck
of dust, each unit is designed to collect a specific bit of data about
its environment.  Intended to be scattered in large numbers and powered
by ambient light, it can transmit data  on heat, light, pressure,
temperature, and collective optical properties suitable to combining for
simulation of video, collected data can be transmitted in real time by
scanning the room with a laser beam, which picks up the signals as
modulations of the beam. The reality - in R&D according to an Nov. World
Net Daily article.  The spin - stay clean or we will be watching you.

Micro Air Vehicle (MAV): Ultra small remotely operated flying
observation platform no larger than six inches in length.  The reality -
under development by DARPA contract according to the Office of the
Assistant Secretary of Defense.  The spin in cheek - What is that - an
insect?  No, its just another L.A.P.D. helicopter.

DARPA-NASA BOT:  A small urban tactical mobile robot.  The reality - as
a sign that the department of defense expects a war against US citizens
(for they have no legal grounds to engage in combat in urban areas short
of martial law as in an insurrection), DARPA has contracted NASA and JPL
to develop such a toy according to NASA documents.  The spin - counter
terrorism tool (but Mr. Science, what about Posse Commitatus?)

UGV: Unmanned remotely operated Urban Ground Vehicle used in urban
combat.  The reality - more from Hahn's article in Parameters. The spin
- delivers supplies under fire without risking life.

VAULT:  Vertical Assault Urban Light Transport is a piloted 'jumping'
ground-air vehicle used to deliver troops to the top of buildings or
beyond barricades in the street. The reality - more from Hahn's article
in Parameters. The spin - we elevate to fight.

Urban Warfighter:  The DOD's idea of the soldier of  tomorrow.  The
reality - think tank Pablum continues to fuel speculation the Pentagon
is gearing up for war on America's main streets, this gem from Robert F.
Hahn II appeared in the U.S. Army War College Parameters, Summer 1999.
The spin - the year is 2025, and the constitutionalists and patriots
refuse to turn in their guns (sorry - that wa an earlier Parameters

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