MCF - Victims:  Steve Bratcher

A Brief Look At The Story Of Steven K. Bratcher

Former US Intelligence And Advanced Mind-Control Victim.

In 1987 while working on assignment in Orlando, Florida, Mr. Bratcher along with his partner at that time, volunteered for what was described to them as a Top-Secret Experiment in which audiograms and biosurgical procedures were to be conducted on them. The term of the experiment was to be approximately 2 weeks duration, during which time they would be confined to the secret government facility where all experiments would be taking place. Consent forms were never presented although mentioned only during the initial briefing and put off.

* This is for your country and the future of mankind. Advanced Medical Experimentation of the highest level of security. This will be referred to as:

"MOUSE". *

Appropriate name considering it was Orlando, Fl., second home of Mickey Mouse.

The experiment consisted of alot more than just 2 weeks of interesting "Stuff". We were deceived in believing everything we were told. We became prisoners of what seemed to be like a science-fiction life controlled by mad-scientists, doctors, psychiatrists, military and law-enforcement personnel with no way out and torture around the clock. We spent days, weeks with no clothing on and lived in glass cubical rooms that crawled with static-electricity, stainless steel and unusual electronic devices located in the ceilings, walls and floors. We were communicated to by means of remote applications. Seldom were we able to speak to the doctors. When we did have the opportunity to speak with them, they just ignored our questions and plea's for help and ordered us to be removed and returned to our cubes. Month's were passing by like years. We had no communication with the outside world. Unknowingly, they had all those bases covered already, by contacting our closest contacts and providing them with explanations of why we were unable to be in communication.

The experiments continued all the time.

( The following are a select few of those such experiments )

Remote biocommunications --- Auditory, sound transference, thought-process communications, bone-conduction communications, sound-wave broadcasting ( audio-transference through and superimposed on sounds like barber clippers, the shower, motor and engine sounds, running water, toilet flushing sounds, steps, most any sound that one can conceive.

High to low ranges of sounds in your head. One would certainly believe that anyone standing next to you could hear. BUT NO ONE COULD. Instructions, personal life history, thoughts, desires, relationships, family, professional, hobbies, medical background, every possible thing that composes a humans life was discussed and extracted with or without your cooperation.

PAIN: This was the straw that broke our backs. The pain that would and could be inflicted on us was completely indescribable. The sensation of a large wood screw being driven into your head, bullets being fired into your face in slow motion, a knife cutting off your testicles in a slow sawing motion, a power saw cutting off your limbs, cobra snakes striking you in the face, testicles, repeatedly and actually feeling the pain along with the horrifying visual transferences you could see in your eye opened experience.

The pain and feeling of a double edged razor spinning around inside your testicles.
The pain of feeling the piercing of a large needle being passed through your testicles.
Electrical shocks in your eyes. Needles stuck in your body ( everywhere ).

Electrical jolts to various parts of your nervous system. Extremely severe pain in any given part of your body without any notice. The duration of these pains and so many others is unthinkable and totally inhuman. TORTURE from real-life science-fiction methodologies and applications.

We were drugged, shocked, lasered, sound-waved, microwaved, acoustic-waved, and totally bombarded with what seemed every possible methods known to man.

Psychologically we were tortured beyond your wildest nightmares and physically beaten and tormented.

We were shown many technologies and they seemed to enjoy demonstrating a variety of abilities: Weather Modification, Energy Transference, Sound Transfer, Image Transfer, Visual Evidence, and tutoring the fact that Ufology was the true decoy of a major part of the mind-control experiments taking place all over the globe.

Memory and brain control: They could interfere with, add, modify, completely stop your ability to think, recall or function normal.

They could hold you in any given position and you would not be able to move a muscle.

Surgical procedures could be performed without ever seeing anyone around you and in many cases, while we were moving about in a somewhat normal fashion. Pain was controlled by their knowledge of each of our pain thresholds and intercepting the electrical impulses between the pain location and the brain. ( This, among many things we were told ).

In December of 1988, I was fortunate enough to escape after several separate attempts. Behind me, I left at least 25 other men and one of which we all believed to be a Vietnam MIA under secret quarantine because of an unknown skin disease and was being held as a John Doe.

The painful areas of this experience above and beyond the experience itself are:

Knowing what I know and living with it.
Not being able to do anything to stop it.
Not finding the American Political guts to uncover it.
Living and knowing who several of these insane people are.
Knowing that I will always be in direct communications with these people for the rest of my life because of the brain implants and testicle implants.
Because they will always know everything I see, do, feel, think and record it all.
Because they are allowed to continue under the secrecy of this country and use Americans as they wish without concern to punishment or capture.
Because they are covered and protected by this countries National Security Act and the scum who finance, develop, feed off of, don't give a damn about you and I the American People. They only care about themselves. Traitors!

This individual is willing to undergo ANY worthy and honest tests to prove all claims. In addition; names, locations, exact details of the facility and will accompany any investigation of the facility, grounds and personnel from beginning to end. Unfortunately; I'm afraid that an investigative party will never materialize because of fear of capture and ?.

There's a very long story that goes with this experience. Maybe someday, someone will listen long enough to hear it all.

Their open claim to identity was the CIA.

* I would like to thank All of those of you who have been supportive and are taking a firm stand against the use of Mind-Control Technology.

God Bless us ALL.

P.S. Requests for additional information or how to be put in touch with Mr. Bratcher should be sent, or faxed to:

[These may no longer be current as Steve developed cancer and dropped out of being an activist.]

The SKBI Group, Inc
1390 Chain Bridge Road
McLean, Virginia 22101



Fax to: The SKBI Group, Inc. (703) 883-1180

Steve Bratcher's email at is no longer current.