Text of a Proposed Speech
by a Mind Control Victim to Doctors
At One of Their Professional Development Seminars


OK - What's Your Problem?
Whom Do You Think Is Doing This To You?
Why Did They Choose You?
What Kinds of Harassment Have Been Experienced?
Why Do You Think "They" Are Doing These Things To You?
How Could "They" Possibly Co-opt Your Neighbours In Such Large Numbers?

Good [morning | afternoon | evening] ladies and gentlemen. My name is [speaker's name], I am [55] years of age, and am currently employed as a computer system manager at a small company here in Hamilton.

I hold a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, and a two-year diploma in computer programming.

My work experience has included:

I've also been a licensed ham radio operator for a number of years.

I am here to share with you what I have learned about, and experienced from, a very unusual problem with which I became involuntarily acquainted about a year after moving to Hamilton in 1992. In this presentation, I'm going to describe it to you as answers to commonly asked questions by both doctors and others.

My answers include both my own experiences and to a lesser extent, those of other victims, which I have contacted by telephone, mail, and the Internet. Nobody has a really precise estimate of how many victims exist right now, but I have spoken or written to close to 50. Some estimates are as high as several thousand world- wide.


1. OK - What's Your Problem?

The phenomenon is sometimes called "Mind Control", and over the past two decades, it has been developed using involuntary test subjects. Some test subjects have been lodged in penal or psychiatric institutions, but many others have been tested right in their own homes.

I personally don't like the term "mind control" because there are a very large number of shades of meaning for that phrase. For example, dieting and meditation might be called mind control.

At present, the most powerful effects of this research are dealt out using sophisticated electronic weapons, which are essentially specialized radio transmitters.

A fundamental part of "mind control" programmes is to camouflage the electronic weapon testing with plenty of non-electronic harassment, both by covert operatives and by co-opted neighbours. The purpose of keeping up a high level of camouflage is twofold:

  1. It keeps the victim in a state of stress and isolation, and more importantly,
  2. it dooms any attempts by the victim to enlist outside help. The normal human reactions to a bizarre and apparently undeserved hate campaign make the victim appear to mental health professionals and the community as mentally unbalanced.

Having corresponded with and spoken at length with victims in the U.S. and Canada, it is obvious they are under artificial stress but are in no way mentally ill. If any licenced doctor here would like to speak by phone with another victim, I will try to arrange that.

For me personally, I prefer a longer phrase to describe this problem: Covert testing of electronic weapons on innocent civilians in their communities and homes.


2. Whom Do You Think Is Doing This To You?

The perpetrators are governments - American, Canadian and others. Governments have treated their own people in horrific ways over the centuries, and they continue to do so. They have improved only in ways to keep this activity quiet.

We victims cannot produce courtroom quality evidence that such work is going on, because the covert agencies doing this maintain strict secrecy (and spend heavily to keep it secret.)

We victims ask that members of the audience realize that insufficient evidence does not mean the activities I will describe are not happening. The reson we have insufficient evidence is that we are unable to afford the lab grade equipment and independent expertise needed to document the harassment to a courtroom standard.

Both health professionals and citizens react instantly to such allegations by saying the victim has an over-active imaigination, if not a mental illness. I, too, would say the same thing, if the testing were not happening to me every single day and night of the year.

Since we cannot produce instantly acceptable proof of this activity, and since we victims do require ongoing medical services, we feel that some way must be found to begin the process of making the medical profession aware of what we do know, and what we have experienced to date.

By the way, the current, covert, electronic weapons operation is not the first. I'm not personally familiar with the previous mind control programs undertaken by various governments, but there were several beginning with "MK", the best known of which was probably "MKULTRA".

Governments, including the U.S. and Canadian, have had their fingers lightly rapped for previous programmes. My guess is that their success in keeping the current electronic weapons operation secret is owed to those previous programmes.

To understand why a government would engage in this type of activity, you have to imagine yourself as a nation's chief of national security. As chief, you are keenly aware that every country is developing this new class of weapon, which has more or less replaced nuclear weapons as the "latest and greatest".

You are also keenly aware that microwave weapons are very cheap -they are the "poor country's ultimate weapon".

Obviously, finding volunteers to have their brains read and erased, and their organs burned, (administered along with conventional psychological warfare techniques) is impossible.

(Due to the extremely comprehensive suite of harassment techniques, it is likely that the covert operators are testing application techniques, rather than just the weapons themselves.)

The other countries are working very hard on this - what are you going to do? Do you really have any choice but to sacrifice a few people's privacy and well being for the "good" of your country?

If you really put yourself into the security chief's shoes, you will find it hard not to go ahead with this covert programme.Think carefully and honestly about this situation before labelling us victims as mental cases.


3. Why Did They Choose You? (Or, is there a typical victim?)

Yes, more or less. Victims tend to be reasonably healthy individuals of average or above average intelligence. They seem to "get enrolled" in this testing in situations like these:

  1. Members of the military who volunteer for "testing" which is not very specifically described to them
  2. Student volunteers for psychological testing at a university where government psychological research is done
  3. Members of a family where one or more of the family members are or have been employees of a government security agency
  4. Convicts
  5. Mental patients
  6. People who do something that irritates someone who has good connections with members of government security agencies. (I am apparently of this type.)


4. What Kinds of Harassment Have Been Experienced?

There are two broad categories: Conventional, and electronic. Regardless of the type, each individual harassment method is carefully engineered so that it is obvious to the victim that he/she is being deliberately harassed, but that taken one at a time, the harassment incidents can be dismissed by others as "coincidence".

This is a critical point of understanding. If any one of the harassment effects were to happen in isolation from the others, they could be easily written off as a "coincidence". Trouble is, victims do not experience the effects in isolation. We experience only the entire set.

We are confident that any non-mentally-ill person would know immediately that these are man-made effects if they honestly look at the entire set. I've had physicians and others try to tell me that such-and-such an occurrence could be co-incidental. When anyone does that, they are missing the point entirely: There is no explanation other than deliberate harassment when anyone looks at the entire set of occurrences. Now: "Conventional" harassment is a set of seemingly coincidental occurrences which add stress to the victim's life:

  1. Unusually loud, unusually frequent slamming of doors in an apartment setting. In my case, this occurs without exception when I am either trying to eat, or trying to sleep. By the time you reach your 50's, you know what is normal apartment building noise and what isn't. Since my own harassment programme started, I have had experiences way out of line with my life prior to then.
  2. Unusually loud, unusually frequent thumping of or hammering on floors, ceilings and walls in adjacent apartments. This can be by human hands and feet, tools, or heavy furniture. In my case this is always at specific points on the clock, and mainly when I am trying to sleep or eat a meal.
  3. Sharp, loud rapping by hand or noisy objects of floors, ceilings and walls which follow every movement of the victim as the victim moves about his or her apartment
  4. Long periods where every entry into the bathroom is acknowledged by a noise directly below or above the victim's bathroom. The noise might be a loud burst of water from a tap in the adjacent apartment. In my case, the harassers sometimes choose a day where every time I start to urinate, the burst of water from the adjacent apartment's tap is timed precisely with my urine flow.
  5. Frequent "construction" noises from adjacent apartments, far in excess of what normal apartment dwellers would ever need to do. These noises always coincide with meals and attempts to sleep. In my case, the favourite noise is loud drilling into masonry, which is normally unnecessary in an apartment. The drilling is almost certainly into a block of masonry held against wall, floor or ceiling, and the drill itself is very loud and sounds like a compressed air drill.
  6. Frequent rapping on heating pipes, always coinciding with either meals or attempts to sleep
  7. Fake "wrong apartment" knocking by both adults and children. In the beginning I would answer the door, and the "sorry wrong apartment" responses sounded quite sarcastic. I have since stopped answering the door. I've lived in many apartments in many locations and nothing like this has happened anywhere else.
  8. Depositing noxious substances outside the victim's dwelling place, such as trash, feces, and fake blood. In my case, bleach, household trash and renovation debris have been used.
  9. Obviously intentional destruction of roofing so that rain floods into the victim's apartment or house. This happened to me when I lived on the top floor of an apartment building.
  10. Forcing bad smells through the openings in any apartment for utilities. Examples: highly concentrated stale cigarettes (far beyond normal levels), feces.
  11. Breaking in to the victim's living quarters and either leaving objects or stealing things. Several times I have had an object removed from plain view, then put back several days or weeks later.
  12. Inexplicably nasty treatment by neighbours and strangers.
  13. Apparent discussions among nearby strangers about private thoughts of the victim. The "private thoughts" aren't necesarily negative things - they can be as bland as what the victim had for supper last night.

"Electronic" harassment can act on appliances or other objects in the apartment, or directly on the victim's body. Observed effects on objects have included these:

  1. Fake phone ringing, when trying to sleep, which is in fact caused by a harasser disconnecting the victim's line at a phone company panel and stroking the wires across 120 volts AC. I know this by the erratic pinging sounds and by listening to the intermittent, loud 60 Hz hum in the earpiece.
  2. Static which prevents radios, TV sets, and tape recorders from operating properly. I've experienced barrages of static when trying to record the conventional noise-type harassment.
  3. Sudden loud amplification of noises in the victim's apartment which are heard coming from the an adjacent apartment. Example: Victim flushes toilet, huge "Niagara falls" sound comes up from apartment below which is precisely the usual noise, but electronically amplified many times. A number of victims report very loud amplified passing automobile noises coming from a neighbour's apartment. In cases where the neighbour was asked about the noise, the answer is typically "Didn't hear a thing." In my own case, I have only heard the amplified automobile sounds a few times.
  4. Broadcasting of noises through motor-driven appliances like fans, air conditioners, and white noise machines. In my case, the noises at my first Hamilton address were endlessly repeating metallic hammering sounds. At my second Hamilton address, the noises have been either bongo drumming, or loud non-specific noise which a casual observer might think is a simple appliance malfunction. When the non- specific noise occurs, I know from both technical experience and just living a half century with appliances I know for sure there is nothing wrong with the appliances in question. Switching off the appliance always instantly stops the particular noise, but this also disables attempts to get some relief with white noise. I have disassembled some noisy appliances and found no cause for the noises. Running the same appliance away from my apartment has consistently shown that there was nothing wrong with the appliance and no noise.
  5. Momentary extreme brightening and darkening of flourescent lights. In my case, I have seen large distortions of a nearby oscilloscope monitoring background electromagnetic fields which coincided exactly with the fluctuating lights.
  6. When using an FM radio or TV on an empty channel to use the rushing background noise as white noise, the broadcasting of loud annoying noises like bongo drums, or steady tones to interrupt the white noise effect.
  7. Electromagnetically generated sharp rapping on metal objects, commonly on air ducting in both home and office. When this happens, there are no loose parts in the area where the rapping comes from. The rapping can be single loud raps (most often while trying to sleep) or continuous rapping. In my case, the continuous rapping happens often at work, where a large air duct passes over my desk. When I climb up during a rapping session, there are no loose parts in the vicinity of the rapping. Sometimes there will be periods where the rapping starts when I sit down at my desk, and stops every time I get up. Because it sounds like a "normal" needs-fixing type of rattle, co-workers just ignore it.
  8. Generation of extreme vibration in motor driven appliances. At work, the harassers have caused my hard drive to vibrate so hard I had to mount the machine on a bed of foam rubber so I could keep working. At home, electric fans have been shaken so hard they almost fell over.
  9. Actual movement of metallic objects. The harassers have whacked a smooth-running fan into a door jamb two inches away from the box fan. When I have tried various metallic shielding around my head while sleeping, the harassers have been able to pull the shielding pieces off my head and bang them into close by objects, or into me to awaken me with a start. I use dog leash chain in bundles as a way to partly shield against bodily effects. The harassers constantly pick at, remotely, portions of the chain, attempting to pull it off. They usually do succeed in pulling the chain off sooner or later.
  10. Magnetic plucking at metal frames on the thin sliding closet doors and on the steel drywall studs to generate loud snapping noises, always and only while trying to sleep. Removing the doors to storage stopped the worst of it.
  11. Speeding up and slowing down of electric clocks while the victim is present and "sleeping". In my case, speeding up has been much more common, and from an electrical standpoint, speeding up is easier to do.
  12. Destruction of polaroid film left in the apartment. Similar film left at work was untouched.
  13. Destruction of electronic equipment in the victim's living quarters. Instant drainage and leakage of new batteries where the equipment is properly switched off. In my case the metal strips inside a new and high quality flashlight were found inexplicably broken up.
  14. Powerful jolting and bouncing of the steel frame of the victim's bed. Suspending the bed from a wooden structure so that the frame is mid-way between floor and ceiling did reduce, but not stop, this extreme interference with sleeping.

Observed electronic effects on the victim's body have included these:

  1. Sudden muscle contractions in a specfic body part, often very powerful. This is apparently more common in Canada than in the U.S.
  2. Slow "demonstration" contractions of specific muscles which appear to be used to demonstrate to the victim that they are being remotely controlled. In my case I have had each toe in turn on one foot bent way back, which I am incapable of doing myself. More commonly my jaw will be made to clack my teeth together while I'm trying to sleep. Soft internal tissue like eardrums and intestines has been maniupulated in a rhythmic way which has never been experienced prior to the start of harassment.
  3. Sharp pains which feel like burns. Sometimes this effect is directed at sex-related body parts, other times not.
  4. Actual burns. I have only had one instance, where I woke up to find a 3" x 3/4" red stripe burned on to the inside of my left arm. On this stripe were four circles. Other victims get burned so badly they form large scars, and even notice burns on drapes and bedding nearby.
  5. Powerful itching, which cannot be soothed by scratching or anti-itch medication. There is no visible sign as with poison ivy, for example. This electronic itching can often be instantly stopped by interposition of shielding, or by moving. It is particularly difficult to live with when the itching is caused while trying to get to sleep.
  6. Sudden general (all-body) stimulation signals which have the effect of injection of a large quantity of caffeine. These sudden wake-up signals are normally applied at absolutely precise points on the clock (on the hour, half-hour, at 15 minute points) during times the victim is sound asleep.
  7. Extreme pain generation in a specific body part. My own experience, repeated many times, is extreme pain in either one thigh, or one forearm. Moving shielding material instantly shuts off the pain, but the harassers constantly change their setup so that they always eventually find a way to induce the elctronic pain again.
  8. Extremely strong and rapid heart beat when in bed and trying to sleep. This is commonly applied well before falling asleep and sometimes after the electronic caffeine signal has been applied (normally between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. At the same time, both thought processes and other muscles are thoroughly relaxed, and there is no reason for the fast heart beat.
  9. Sudden all-body sensation of being extremely hot and out of breath. This could be simple microwave heating.
  10. Involuntary cueing of bodily functions, like sneezing, coughing, or defecating. What I'm describing are sudden urges, timed at precise points on the clock, repeated day after day, and often so intense they are painful.
  11. Unusual visual phenomena like the sensation of seeing through closed eyelids, and precisely repeated visual effects seen at the point of waking up. In my case these wake-up effects include: A field of bright green concentric circles on black, or a field of violet cross- hatches as if made by a marker pen on a white background. These get repeated on many different mornings. In some victims, the visual, aural, and tactile phenomena have been vivid and grotesque. Some victims have reported things like street lights that rotate when they drive past, mile after mile. Foliage that can't be burned with a cigarette lighter. Tree branches that when cut, appear to contain fiber optic cable. Traffic jams at 3 a.m. I can't vouch for these, mercifully having been spared them so far.
    Some victims (myself included) speculate that the more bizarre occurrences may be periods of genuine hallucination, but the many other circumstances of the victim's life point toward electronic triggering as part of an engineered harassment programme, rather than "natural" mental illness.
  12. False time readings seen on clocks. This has happened a number of times to me, and I assure the listener, I took pains to be sure I was wide awake and double and triple checked.
  13. Voices and other sounds heard to come from within the victim's head, and where the victim has had no symptoms of mental illness. (This is probably the biggest point of contention between victims and psychiatrists who try to fit them into what as a lay person I would call a "schizoid diagnosis".)
    In my own instance, I have not had voices transmitted. I believe this is because the signals might be picked up by nearby tenants in my large apartment building. Instead, the harassers send "normal domestic" sounds like radio/TV program excerpts, alarm clocks going off (very frequent), false knocking on door, telephones ringing, and pagers going off. Happens virtually every night at least once.
    But this isn't really all that mysterious: The technology for doing this dates back to the early '60s when Cornell scientist Allan Frey published a paper documenting an early laboratory instance of sound being transmitted directly into a human auditory system using microwave signals.
    The "trick" to doing this is to use very thin (perhaps a few microseconds' duration each) pulses of microwave carrier where the peak power at the receiver's skull is more than 0.3 watts per square cm. Because the pulses are so short, the average power is very low.
    The signals are very radar-like, and in fact, radar technicians have reported occasionally "hearing" the signals when working on energized equipment. Extremely short but high peak power pulses can penetrate the normal electrical potential gradient which occurs across neuron cell walls as a result of selective osmosis of ion components. It is the potential gradient across cell walls which keeps us from going into convulsions when conventional radio transmitters are in use near us.


5. Why Do You Think "They" Are Doing These Things To You?

After pondering the scope and sophistication of the effects, it is obvious that only a group with the finances and police powers of federal government could possibly accomplish all this. Members of a government probably rationalize their crimes in several ways, and these "ways" are the answer to "why". Here are some of the possible excuses we victims have been able to know about, or speculate on, to date:

  1. Creation of perfectly obedient spy operatives. (Governments have been working on this goal long before there were electronic weapons available.)
  2. War weapons. National security is the excuse that works every time.
  3. Crowd control. Large scale civil unrest is likely in the future as exhausted resources dramatically lower standard of living.
  4. Medical research. "Microwave hearing" to make the deaf hear. The visual effects may enable the blind to see. The precise control of musculature may help the crippled walk again. This sounds rosy, but unfortunately the actual researchers have a sadistic streak, which we found out in World War II, there is plenty of lurking in otherwise "fine upstanding citizens".
  5. Space travel. If the technology used can be used to precisely program emotions, then the problem of spaceship crews getting on each other's nerves is solved.

Some of those motives are "lofty", "apple pie" motives for carrying out this grotesque "research". If we take a moment to be really honest with ourselves, though, we all know what is the most likely and covert motive for "mind control": The total enslavement of humanity by the technology holders.

We victims urge you to accept the fact that the lust for power has never and will never go out of style. That unknown guy sitting at the top of a covert "research organization" has not overlooked the possibilities. You can count on that.


4. How Could "They" Possibly Co-opt Your Neighbours In Such Large Numbers?

When you have a badge that says "FBI" or "RCMP", and you ask a neighbour to help with "surveillance" of a known criminal, odds are the neighbour will co-operate. For that FBI or RCMP officer to say that the victim is a known pedophile, for example, would work almost every time. (In my case, one neighbour has hinted to me quite strongly along the lines of pedophilia using awkward, forced conversation.)

If the neighbour will not co-operate, an FBI or RCMP officer can make some pretty heavy threats backed up by their enormous police powers. It is quite likely that the officers engaged in this type of coercion are far removed on a day to day basis from those engaged in legitimate law enforcement.

One victim was able to converse with one of his harassers and was told that the harasser had been convicted of a crime and had been offered a choice of jail or harassment duty.

It is also likely that bribes have been used. Bribes are another human activity that will never go out of style.

Whether the listener finds the co-opting of neighbours believable or not depends on that listener's view of humanity in general. Some just won't believe that law enforcement and the average neighbour are capable of major wrongdoing. I would like to believe that, and have for most of my life, but this recent experience has shown that wrongdoing isn't really that uncommon among seemingly civilized people. It's been quite an eye-opener for me.


OK - we have covered the who, why and how, based on one victim's experiences. I'm very grateful for your giving me the time to share experiences and concerns that, under normal circumstances, you would probably not hear.

We victims feel strongly that this covert programme will blossom into a full scale and mandatory method governments of the future will deal with their populace and the problems of governing people in all countries. One of the purposes of our publicity efforts, aside from trying to get the harassment stopped, is to get the word out now, while there may be time to do something to defend ourselves against eventual electronic enslavement.

I know that many of you will not believe what I am telling you is fact - but the importance of the issue compels me to come and try anyway.

In closing, I'd like to suggest a small number of questions you might want to ask yourselves. My hope is that honest answers to these questions may begin to persuade you of the importance of not sweeping aside us victims as hallucinating. Here are the questions:

  1. You may currently think something like this: "Radio signals have been around a long time. They don't really harm anyone, and certainly don't cause convulsions."
    We victims ask you to ask yourself: "Our nervous systems run on electricity. Why do you think there cannot be any type of signal which can disrupt the nervous system?"
    (This isn't really so hard to believe: We all know that a very wide range of effects can be caused by connecting wires to our nervous systems and brains. All the covert testers have done is discover how to shape a microwave signal to induce the same type of currents remotely.)
  2. Governments in the past have regularly brutalized their citizens for selfish goals. Ask yourself: "Why not at present also? What historical event has removed any of the temptation on the part of our leaders? Are leaders fundamentally of higher morals today than in the past?"
  3. As a medical professional you might say: "The victims' perception of the effects described sure sounds like mental illness to me."
    We ask you to ask yourself this: "What fundamental law of nature decrees that every single hallucinatory experience is the result of a naturally occurring illness? Can hallucinatory experiences never be triggered artificially?"
  4. Step back, w-a-a-y back, and take a long look at the natural progress of technology. Are any of us willing to say "The effects reported by the victims can never be accomplished?".
    If you answer "No", which I'm sure will be the majority answer, then ask yourself this:
    "If sometime, then why not now?"

We victims are asking very little of the practice of medicine: Just treat us as you yourselves would like to be treated if you had the unfortunate experience of being caught up in this same covert activity.

Thank you very much - and are there any questions?