Phone Line Harassment Devices

Homebrew your own simple phone line harassment devices, like those sold in "spy shops" for hundreds of dollars.

Phone Line Disabler

Disables a phone line.  Target can't call out and any calling party will receive a busy signal.


Phone Ringer Disabler

Prevents a phone from ringing on incoming calls.  Target can still call out but any calling party will receive no answer (unless you pick up the phone accidently).


Hold Invader

Allows remote audio to still be passed while the called party thinks they are on hold.


Wrong Number Generator

Outputs the DTMF digit '8' after receiving a valid DTMF digit '4', approximately 75% of the time.


Disconnected Number Message Generator

Disables the ringing of the incoming phone, and plays back a "This number has been disconnected..." intercept recording via a voice recorder IC.  You'll need to record your own message.


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