Wang Government Services, Inc.

The Wang Government Services, Inc., Secure Systems Group is composed of Product Management, Manufacturing, Design Services, and TEMPEST Test Services. Together these groups provide security solutions to Wang's varied customer needs worldwide. Our long history of providing information security solutions has earned us the reputation as a leader in the Information Security (INFOSEC) marketplace.

Product Management at Secure Systems supports new product development as well as sales and customer support. Wang's worldwide customer support organization looks to Secure Systems' Product Management to resolve technical as well as procedural problems in the field.

The Design Services group evaluates new product configurations of TEMPEST, Zone and Commercial designs and provides technical support for Wang's customers and TEMPEST Test Services organization. For leading-edge computer technology that encompasses all levels of reduced electronic emmission security, there is no substitute.

The Secure Systems Test Services group houses Wang's NSA Endorsed TEMPEST Test Services Facility (ETTSF) under the auspices of the NSA TEMPEST Endorsement Program (TEP). Included in the group are six Certified TEMPEST Professionals (CTP). All Test Services personnel possess at least a secret security clearance. In addition the facility has eight NSA endorsed RF chambers and detection systems to perform TEMPEST development, certification, or Quality Assurance testing.

Secure Systems Manufacturing is a full-service ISO 9002 facility, capable of warehousing, building, shipping, cataloging, and quality inspections of all aspects of the manufacturing process.