Secure Deskside Computer Model YT1-PEN/90-TW3

The Wang Secure System's Secure Deskside computer sets the standard for power, performance, and versatility. Featuring an Intel Pentium 90-MHz microprocessor with 256K second level write-back cache and 16 megabytes of system memory as standard, the YT1-PEN/90-TW3 runs the latest industry-standard desktop applications that require maximum computing performance with ease.

Deskside Size
The YT1-PEN/90-TW3 is housed in a TEMPEST NSTISSAM 1-92 certified tower chassis with a footprint of 23.5 inches high, by 23.0 inches deep, by 10.0 inches wide. The system contains one half-height diskette bay and a four-position half-height peripheral nest. The peripheral nest supports up to two removable PCI IDE drives and two SCSI devices. Other drive configurations include up to four SCSI devices, or one removable IDE drive and three SCSI devices. This system is designed to provide the power, ease, and flexibility for adding or changing hardware options required for most PC applications. Featuring a powerful 300-watt power supply, two built-in serial ports, one parallel port, four ISA expansion slots, two PCI expansion slots, and one PCI/ISA combination expansion slot, this system is designed to support all your present and future computing needs.


System Features

The Intel Pentium 90-MHz microprocessor runs at a fast 90-MHz and features 256-KB of direct mapped write-back cache and an advanced on-chip numeric coprocessor, which greatly increases the speed of floating-point operations. The processor is mounted in a Level 5, Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) CPU socket for easy future CPU upgrade.

PCI Local Bus
The PCI local bus is a high speed, 32-bit wide bus with a maximum clock speed of 33-MHz providing a data transfer rate of up to 132-MB per second. The PCI bus is buffered from the CPU bus allowing multiple high-speed peripherals to be attached to the same PCI bus. The PCI bus provides two dedicated PCI bus slots and one combination ISA/PCI bus slot for high-speed graphics, disks, networking, and video cards. The high-performance PCI local bus IDE interface is configured as the primary IDE interface. This interface provides IDE drive auto-configuring, allowing installed drives to be recognized by the CMOS setup utility without having to enter the drive parameters manually.

With 16-MB of memory as standard, memory can be increased up to 128-MB by simply installing additional SIMM (single in-line memory module) devices. The system provides four SIMM sockets for memory expansion. The sockets are arranged as Bank A and Bank B with each bank consisting of two sockets. SIMMs may be installed in bank A, bank B, or both banks. They must be installed in pairs and both SIMMs in a bank must be the same memory size. SIMM modules supported are 4, 8, 16, and 32-MB with an operating speed of 70-nanoseconds.

Power Management
The system's BIOS fully supports the Advanced Power Management specification that provides hardware-independent power management to the operating system and other applications that support power management. Options in Setup allow a "sleep" hot-key combination and a system inactivity time-out value that will cause the BIOS to issue a 'Sleep State' command. Additional setup options allow the IDE drives and/or monitor to be power managed.

Security Features
To safeguard your system's integrity, the system is equipped with hardware and BIOS security features:

Data Storage
The peripheral nest provides four 5.25-inch half-height drive bays that support up to two removable PCI IDE docking drives and two SCSI devices. Other drive configurations include up to four SCSI devices, or one removable PCI IDE docking drive and three SCSI devices. Data storage devices can be PCI IDE docking drives, SCSI docking drives, and removable media (tape and CD-ROM) SCSI drives.
PCI IDE drives available are:

To safeguard your information, simply open the front door and remove the media (tape or CD-ROM), or the removable docking drives and place them in a secure location.

Network interface cards are available to connect the YT1-PEN/90-TW3 to an EtherNet, Novell LAN, or LAN Manager network (802.3 protocol).

Choose between a TEMPEST-compliant 14-inch super VGA color monitor or a 15-inch high-resolution color monitor. Both monitors provide extremely clear text, sharp graphics, and vibrant colors.

Mouse Device
An optional 3-button mouse facilitates the use of most applications. The mouse plugs directly into the serial port built into the system unit.

The YT1-PEN/90-TW3 system is configured to order with all hardware options installed and tested at the factory. Wang Laboratories, Inc. offers a wide selection of hardware options for this system, as well as external data storage and system options. Refer to the Pentium Tower Configuration Guide, part number 714-A035, or contact your local Wang customer representative for listings of available options.

The YT1-PEN/90-TW3 is customer-installable. Internal options must be installed by a Wang-certified TEMPEST customer engineer.

PC 486-xT Upgrade
An option is available to upgrade an existing PC 486-xT 80486-based tower system to a YT1-PEN/90-TW3 Pentium-based tower system.

The Wang Secure Systems YT1-PEN/90-TW3 TEMPEST computer has gone through a stringent series of tests to guarantee TEMPEST integrity. Wang Laboratories, Inc. has auditors who have been certified and cleared by the United States Department of Defense to test and maintain Wang TEMPEST equipment. As with all Wang TEMPEST equipment, the YT1-PEN/90-TW3 meets or surpasses the minimum requirements of the United States government's TEMPEST NSTISSAM 1-92 specification. Intrusion into the computer's cabinet by anyone unaware of the computer's TEMPEST-related critical features can result in a loss of TEMPEST integrity. Only Wang-trained and certified TEMPEST customer engineers can certify that the computer's critical features are in place and that any parts replaced are up to date in accordance with continuing TEMPEST inspections and audits. The YT1-PEN/90-TW3 can be fully safeguarded by having installation and maintenance provided by a Wang TEMPEST-certified customer engineer. Protect your TEMPEST security; call Wang Customer Services for TEMPEST-certified installation and maintenance.

Standard 365-day Warranty Applies.

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