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The Wang Secure Systems Wireless LAN supports IEEE 802.3-compatible communications using spread-spectrum radio technology. Wireless components can be supported with compatible encryption units to create complete security over the Wireless LAN (refer to "Secure Your Wireless Network" section). For organizations that require a flexible LAN solution, the wireless LAN provides configurations that allows you to modify, add, move, and change devices quickly and easily without adding additional cable runs or incurring costly network downtime. The Wireless LAN enables you to plan flexibility for both present networking and future growth.
Wireless LAN configurations allow you to tailor your LAN within the department, interbuilding, and interconnection configurations.


Wireless LAN Network
The wireless LAN network provides all the benefits and performance of a wire-based LAN plus the added benefit of wiring flexibility. The wireless LAN is ideal for hard-to-wire locations, temporary networking solutions, connecting temporary user groups, and for installations where a wire-based LAN is impractical. The wireless LAN provides an in-building, hub-based star connection architecture. This system provides centralized initialization, increased reliability, a large service area, control power for spread-spectrum radio operation, and can be wired into an existing wire-based LAN.

Secure Systems Wireless LAN Systems
Three Secure Systems wireless LAN systems (see Table 1 for ordering information) allow you to tailor your wireless LAN within the department, interbuilding, and interconnection configurations:

Secure Systems Wireless I
Secure Systems Wireless I supports up to 62 wireless transceivers connected to any host or workgroup that has an 802.3 network interface connection. A Wireless I network can cover a 526 foot diameter area, covering 200,000 square feet. Transceivers can be located up to 263 feet from the Hub and do not require line-of-sight to the hub.

Wireless I features
Hub chassis - provides the central control and management for a group of transceivers. The Hub provides a highly reliable, full duplex radio channel, receiving transmissions from wireless transceivers at 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) and retransmits them to assigned transceivers at 5.7 GHz. The Hub antenna provides 360 degree horizontal coverage Transceiver - connects to any host or workgroup that has an 802.3 network interface. The transceivers translates 802.3 data packets to the wireless protocol and sends them to the wireless hub. Wireless I transceivers feature 180 degree horizontal coverage.

Secure Systems Wireless II
Secure Systems Wireless II is designed for remote network applications where window-to-window access can be achieved. Featuring a 1000 foot range with near line-of-sight requirements, Wireless II operates as the interface for up to four remote networks to a wireless network.

Wireless II features
Hub chassis - 16 Mbps radio signaling rate over two 8Mbps channels, user data throughput of 5.7 Mbps, connectivity to IEEE 802.3 networks, point-to-multipoint connectivity within angle of view.

Indoor Antenna - Wide view, 120 degree horizontal and 60 degree vertical.
Remote - Integrates hub and antenna functions in one package, connectivity to IEEE 802.3 networks

Secure Systems Wireless III
Secure Systems Wireless III operates as the interface for multiple remote networks to a wireless network up to 9/10th of a mile away. Wireless III provides the interconnection of remote networks where a longer range requirement is required.

Wireless III features
Hub chassis - 16 Mbps radio signaling rate over two 8Mbps channels, 5.7 Mbps user data throughput, connectivity to IEEE 802.3 networks, multipoint connectivity for additional locations

Hub Antenna - Indoor or weatherproof outdoor, single-focus, 6 degree view antenna, 50 foot cable standard, option to extend cable to 150 feet

Remote - Consists of a chassis and antenna (indoor or weatherproof), connectivity to IEEE 802.3 networks, provides full management statistics on both the wireless link and LAN interface

Network Management System
The network management system, using SNMP, provides the network administrator with central or remote control of the wireless network, including configuration and diagnostics. The wireless HUB implements a full, standard SNMP agent and responds to any SNMP requests. The Hub provides the initializing and monitoring functions to ensure reliable radio links, collects performance and error statistics, and executes all control commands. Network management access is available from either an in-band connection via the network or an out-of-band connection via a RS-232 port on the Hub.

Secure Your Wireless Network
Your network security cannot be compromised. Secure your wireless LAN by installing Type 1 or Type 3 encryption devices between the LAN and wireless connection to ensure complete LAN security. By installing encryption devices between a secure network and a wireless transceiver, the wireless radio signal will transmit encrypted data, ensuring your data security. Secure workgroups can then be attached through a wireless network as shown in Figure 2. In this configuration, the encryption device converts outbound plain text into encrypted data. The encrypted data is forwarded to the wireless transceiver and transmitted to the Wireless Hub. The Wireless Hub retransmits the encrypted data to the assigned transceiver of the other secure workgroup. The encrypted data is then converted into inbound plain text through another encryption device. By installing encryption devices between a secure network and a wireless remote, secure communications between secure networks can be transmitted across unsecured local area networks or wide area networks.

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