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Secure Systems ZONE Pentium Computer

Wang Secure Systems ZONE Pentium computer delivers the power, performance, and versatility you need while providing the security features you require to safeguard your system's integrity. Featuring a choice of Intel Pentium microprocessors with 16-KB write-back cache, 256-KB second level write-back cache and system memory expandable from eight to a maximum of 128-MB, this system provides the computing performance your organization's requires, now and well into the future.

The system's flexible design makes it easy to add or change hardware options, allowing you to tailor your PC configuration to maximize your applications. All essential hardware support is integrated on the system board, eliminating the need for space-consuming expansion slots. Featuring an integrated Mode 4 bus mastering PCI IDE local bus interface, integrated super I/O controller (supporting the keyboard, mouse, floppy drive, serial ports and parallel port), S3 Trio32 video graphics controller with 1 MB RAM, and five expansion slots (two PCI slots and three ISA slots), this system supports all your present and future hardware needs.


True Desktop Size
This system combines the latest state-of-the-art technologies, built-in Energy Star advanced power management, Windows95-ready Plug and Play, BIOS security features, and room for expansion in a stylish, low-profile cabinet (4.3-inches high x 17.2-inches wide x 16.2-inches deep).

System Features

The Intel Pentium microprocessor features 16-KB of direct mapped write-back cache and an advanced on-chip numeric coprocessor, which greatly increases the speed of floating-point operations. The processor is mounted in a Level 5, Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) CPU socket for easy future CPU upgrade.

PCI Local Bus
The PCI local bus is a high speed, 32-bit wide bus with a maximum clock speed of 33-MHz, providing a data transfer rate of up to 100-MB per second. The PCI bus is buffered from the CPU bus allowing multiple high-speed peripherals to be attached to the same PCI bus. The PCI bus provides two dedicated PCI bus slots for disks or networking. The PCI local bus IDE interface provides two independent, high-performance bus interfaces capable of supporting PIO Mode 3 and Mode 4 devices. This interface provides IDE drive auto-configuring, allowing installed drives to be recognized by the CMOS setup utility without having to enter the drive parameters manually.

System Memory
System memory can be increased up to 128-MB by simply installing additional SIMM (single in-line memory modules) devices. The system provides four SIMM sockets for memory expansion. The sockets are arranged as Bank A and Bank B with each bank consisting of two sockets. SIMMs may be installed in bank A, bank B or both banks. They must be installed in pairs and both SIMM devices in a bank must be the same memory size. SIMM modules supported are 4-MB, 8-MB, 16-MB and 32-MB with an operating speed of 70-nanoseconds. Memory size is automatically determined by the system BIOS at boot time.

Power Management
Power management allows the system to be put into a power-managed state during user inactivity that reduces power consumption to Energy Star levels. Power management reduces the CPU's power consumption and informs the disk drives and graphics controller to invoke power management. Power management is enabled through System Management Mode and Advanced Power Management BIOS support. Options in Setup allow a hot-key combination and a system inactivity time-out value that will cause the BIOS to issue the power-manage command.

Security Features
The ZONE Pentium desktop computer is equipped with hardware and BIOS security features to safeguard your system's integrity:

The high-resolution 15-inch and 17-inch color monitors provide extremely clear text, sharp graphics, and vibrant colors.

Room to Expand
Because the system board provides integrated support for one monitor and up to two internal PCI IDE drives, as well as a parallel port and two serial ports, the expansion slots are available for other options.

Data Storage
The ZONE Pentium system comes equipped with a 1.44-MB 3.5-inch diskette drive. Additionally, the system has two 5.25-inch, half-height device bays which are accessible from the front of the unit. Data storage devices can be

To safeguard your information, simply remove the media (diskette or CD-ROM), power-down the system and remove the docking drives and place them in a secure location.

Mouse Device
An optional PS/2-compatible, 2-button mouse facilitates the use of most applications. The mouse plugs directly into the port built into the system unit.

Network interface cards are available to connect the ZONE Pentium desktop to an EtherNet, Novell LAN, or LAN Manager network (802.3 protocol).

Wang Federal, Inc. offers a wide selection of hardware and software options for the ZONE Pentium desktop. Systems are configured to order with all hardware options installed and tested at the factory. Refer to the ZONE Pentium Desktop Configuration Guide, 714-A044, or contact your local Wang customer representative for listings of available options.

The system is customer-installable.

Upgrade kits are available so you can upgrade your

Multi-Media Storage Cabinet
The Multi-Media Storage Cabinet is a desktop module that provides a secure enclosure for a number of SCSI data storage devices. This cabinet is designed to single-ended SCSI specifications and can be connected to the ZONE Pentium system with a SCSI controller option via an external single-ended SCSI cable. This cabinet supports one or two half-height, 5.25-inch SCSI storage devices mounted in the drive bays located directly behind a lockable front door. Cabinets may be stacked up to three high, providing up to six SCSI devices supported on one SCSI controller. Configure the storage cabinet with the SCSI devices that best suit your needs. SCSI devices supported include:

To protect your information, simply remove the media (tape or CD-ROM), power-down the unit and remove the docking drives and place them in a secure location.

System Specifications
System Unit
Height: 4.3 inches (11.7 cm)
Width: 17.2 inches (43.7 cm)
Length: 16.2 inches (41.1 cm)
Weight: 20 lbs. (9.1 Kg) without peripherals

Operating Environmental
Temperature 32 to 131 F (0 to 55 C)
Humidity 92% RH @ 36 C
Airflow 100 linear feet/minute

Power Requirements
AC Source Voltage: 115V/60 Hz
230V/50 Hz
DC Power Supply 200 watts

CPU/System Board
Processor: Intel Pentium with 16-KB write-back cache
Cache: 256-KB second level write-back
Memory: Expandable to 128-MB
Option Slots: 2 full-size PCI expansion slots, 3 full size ISA expansion slots
Interfaces: On-board PCI IDE interface, floppy drive interface, built-in COM1, COM2, and LPT1 ports, PS/2 keyboard port, PS/2 compatible mouse port
Video: On-board S3 Trio32 graphics controller with 1-MB video RAM (expandable to 2-MB)

Standard 365-day Warranty Applies

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