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Massive White Dude

Here's the Lorex SG6231 receiver/monitor on the work bench ready for installation of an external antenna connector. I chose a type N connector for its excellent electrical characteristics and because the cable on my existing WarXing mobile antenna is terminated in a type N.

The controls and indicators are, from left to right, brightness (on the side of the monitor), four LEDs (one for each video channel), manual channel selector, LED to indicate that channel scan has been selected, manual/scan button, audio mute button. The on/off switch and volume control are on the right side of the monitor.

Here's a view of the monitor/receiver opened in preparation for installation of the N connector. The supplied antenna has been removed and the coaxial cable leading to it has been clipped.

This view of the inside of the rear panel of the monitor/receiver shows the connection of the coaxial cable to the N connector. The stripped leads at the connector should be kept as short as possible to minimize signal loss.

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