Replacing your dim backlight (Electroluminescent Panel, or "EL") takes some skill.  If you are familiar with repairing electronics, follow the instructions provided by Bob Parnass, AJ9S, at this link.  The images below, along with Bob's instructions, should help with the replacement.  You can purchase a new EL for your PRO-2005/6 (both use EL P/N 10800050) by calling the Radio Shack Parts Center at 1-800-843-7422.  The cost of the part, plus shipping and tax, runs about $35.00.   

PRO-2005/6 EL Replacement

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This is what the EL looks like when removed from the scanner.  This is the side that illuminates.

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This is the back of the EL.


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Side view showing how "EL" slides behind the LCD panel.  Note: There is a small amount of hot glue adhesive holding the EL to the back of the LCD panel.  After the foil connections are desoldered, lift them away from the board to allow better access to the blob of hot glue.  A dental tool works well for picking off the adhesive.  The replacement EL from Radio Shack was a little too wide to fit into the slot.  I used a sharp pair of scissors to trim the excess plastic used to sandwich the EL material.

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Front view showing how "EL" slides behind the LCD panel.

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These are the two foil connections that need to be desoldered. Be careful not to use too much heat.



PRO-2004 EL Replacement

Radio Shack no longer sells replacement backlights for the PRO-2004.  Fear not... It took a lot of research and a little luck to finally find a new source. 

I had just about given up when I remembered seeing an advertisement in Nuts & Volts magazine.  A company was advertising an EL Experimenter's Kit.  The panel was a little narrow.  The stock EL in a 2004 is 3.9" where the generic material sold at Miller Engineering was only 3.75".  Also the material was listed as being a white light.  As it turns out, the material isn't white but a baby blue.  Not quite the original turquoise but close enough.  It also isn't quite as intense as the original EL but it is still bright enough.  The upside is the lighter color makes for a much better contrast, making the display much easier to read.

In the stack of scanners above, I have a PRO-2005 (top) with a new EL from Radio Shack.  In the middle is a PRO-2042 with a stock LED matrix backlight.  And finally, the PRO-2004 on the bottom with the new EL installed.  A digital image can't do the backlight justice but at least you get an idea of the color and intensity when compared with the 2005 in the same picture.  The company I bought the kit from is Miller Engineering.  I sell their material at a discount.  See the next section below.

The EL material will have power applied to all the edges.  The stock EL was heat sealed, making it safe to slide behind the LCD.  The LCD has electrical contacts to the top and bottom edges.  If you don't seal the EL and allow it to make contact with the LCD pins, you will do damage!

Since it isn't as wide as the original, it is very important to try to center the EL behind the LCD as much as possible.  You will likely still end up with a 1/16" strip behind the LCD that won't be illuminated unless you get the new EL centered.  Is it a perfect replacement?  No.  Does it work great?  Look at the picture above!


PRO-2004 EL Replacement Material

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Here's what the raw EL material looks like from Miller Engineering.  If you would like to purchase the material uncut to make your own EL, you can buy it from Miller Eng. for $15.95 (+ $3.75 shipping = $19.70)   You will need to cut this to size, seal it, and solder wires to the leads.

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IT'S PINK!  Yes, sure is, but it glows baby blue!

Here's a comparison between a stock PRO-2004 EL and one that I have cut, sealed, and attached leads to.  I no longer sell these, sorry... but you can make your own with the manual sold below!

I now offer an instruction manual for PRO-2004 EL Replacement.  It's full of high resolution images that will walk you through the replacement step by step.  Makes the job simple for anyone with basic soldering skills.  The instruction manual is $5.00 + $3.85 shipping (USPS Priority Mail), which covers the added cost of the photo quality paper and additional shipping costs.  I also now include a section that shows how to modify the EL material from Miller Engineering.







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