Much has happened this year, not so much of
which was any good.  Here's the main story
for your information:

First, a brief recount of mid August-99 when I
was driven to the doctor for mild fever and severe
pain in my upper right shoulder blade, armpit,
and upper right chest.

The diagnosis was pneumonia and I was put on
10-days of antibiotics. The fever subsided but
the pain went on, unabated. Another 7 days of
antibiotics..... but, still the pain.

More tests....x-rays that only showed scarring
from a 1970's severe pneumonia in the upper
right chest. Then came a bone scan followed
by a CT scan. On Sept-21-99, I was diagnosed
with Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer that 
had metastasized to the upper right rib cage. No 
small coincidence that the tumor was hiding
inside that old pneumonia scar.....

I opted into a clinical trial of the drugs, Taxotere
and Carboplatin to consist of six cycles or infusions
of the two drugs once every three weeks. My first
treatment was on Oct-12-99.

I just took the sixth treatment on Jan-26. What's to 
come next is a real terror......  The medical bills have 
soared out of sight to an excess of $40,000 with no 
end in sight. We have no insurance nor a substantial 
income now.


Medical costs are the killer - without insurance.
So if you want to HELP, here are several ways that
count for a LOT, individually and in combo:

1. Pray for me! Pray that the treatments are
effective and give me more time to do my
job here on earth. And pray that I can
work and earn the money to pay the costs.

2. Keep me informed of any new developments on
the lung cancer scene. No one, including the
doctors know it all. New things are learned
every day. If you hear ANYTHING, let me
know or send a reference for me to check out.

3. If you can afford it, you can donate to my
medical/legal fund established as a separate
account for that purpose, as follows:

Contributions can be sent directly to:

Union Bank of California
Acct# 0771354719
8359 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
Attn: Rhonda Smith
(619) 230-3800
payable to:  Cindy Cheek
or Cindy Cheek trustee for William D. Cheek, Sr.

or, if you prefer, directly to:

Cindy Cheek
PO Box 262478
San Diego, CA 92196


That's all for now. If you want to keep posted to
the latest, ask to get on on my mailing list to
which I will pass along more news once in a while.

Again, please include us in your prayers!

Kindest regards  from  Bill & Cindy