Oct 14/98: SCAN.CPP was uploaded by "Zebra Zed", and once constructed will allow you to connect your PLL2002-equipped scanner to your computer, giving you complete control of the scanner's frequency, range, and bands. The PLL2002 is found in about 90% of all scanners made by RadioShack.

I am not the author of this program, and I have not yet built the interface or tried it out. As such I will not be providing support for it. Usual disclaimers apply.

Nov 23/98: Zebra Zed writes: "The source code is intended as a guide to programming the PLL2002 chip used on many (most) RS scanners. This mysterious chip is manufactured by Nippon Precision Circuits, and though their website lists a PLL2001, it has no mention of a PLL2002. It is believed the PLL2002 is very-very similar to the chip SM5158 whose datasheet is available at the NPC website." I have archived the datasheet here in the event it is removed from the NPC site. Since the PLL2002 is not listed on the NPC site, I suspect it might be a custom-manufactured chip for the scanner manufacturer.


SCAN.TXT: Scanner interface source-code, incl pinout info, for SCAN.CPP. Posted Oct 14/98.