Computers generate several types of radiated electronic fields from various internal components. The strongest of which is the video signal which is amplified to 700 volts before it is fed into the CRT display unit. The DataScan manufactured by CODEX captures the dominant video signal generated by any computer CRT screen and reconstructs it via a sophisticated antenna system and special receiver off-premises. Range has exceeded 1000 yards under optimum conditions. The unit is entirely passive in nature. It does not allow the user to access the target computer but rather to monitor via radio wave what is displayed on the target computers CRT screen every time the computer is operational. The DataScan unit was designed to give technicians an effective method of monitoring TEMPEST shielding effectiveness.

DataScan II Convertor
Because of the huge demand for the Datascan system components, we have decided to offer the convertor system as a stand alone item. The DataScan convertor will interface with your radio receiver and monitor and allow TEMPEST technicians to check the integrity of their in-place RF shielding to protect electromagnetic emmisions from TEMPEST monitoring. The DataScan II Convertor offers all reconstruction parameters as the professional DataScan system. Effective range depends on the receiver and antenna system used by technician. Field tests have generated distances in excess of 100 meters with basic scanner type receiver and antenna. DataScan II Convertor system comes with complete instructions including frequencies to monitor. Three year warranty. Made in America.

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