NCR 915 MHz WaveLAN Image Map

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[915 MHz WaveLAN]

[915 MHz WaveLAN]

Additional Notes

This card is was made by NCR

The RF power amplifier IC, a 3-pin IC marked with "BLU86", is a Philips BLU86 running at 12 volts DC (1 Watt RF output).  It's maximum possible RF power output is 1.5 Watts with a higher collector voltage (17 VDC max).  It's best to leave this device at its current voltage.

There is also some BFG198s.  Probably some sort of buffer amplifier and a driver.

This card is really old and confusing.  It will proabably take a while to figure out.

Tap Points For Transmit/Receive

Pin 11 of the Daedalus ASIC appears to be +5 VDC on receive, 0 VDC on transmit.  You may view the location here.

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