Here's a very small selection of some of the really odd stuff one can find on the Web.

Some of these folks (like the guys behind The 70 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time) do not take themselves seriously.

Then there's the deadly serious cranks like William Cooper.

Art Bell, who has a fanatic following among the tinfoil hat crowd, falls somewhere in between.

So, pull the fedora down over your eyes, adjust your Ray-Bans, snug up the belt on your black trenchcoat. Know where your .45 is? Good, because we're about to stroll into the shadows, where the real MiB hang out and "The Truth Is Out There"... WAY OUT there.

(I have it on very good authority that Carl Kolchak has each and every one of these sites bookmarked on his Macintosh LCIII!)

First off,, the site of the book, The 70 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time. Bedtime and bathroom reading of the Conspiracy dilettante and one of Chris Carter's favorite books. A good place to get your feet wet.
Check out their links. Not too shabby, and a decent place to start your own research into Forbidden Knowledge!

Next up, Disinformation. A compendium of links to all manner of shadowy things. Recommended.

Parascope has a rather graphics intensive front page, and it can take a while to load sometimes. It's well worth the wait. Articles, photographs and links.

The Hour Of The Time, Veritas, Behold A Pale Horse, all of these spring from the fervid mind of William Cooper. He's a loony, but a sometimes entertaining loony. He's also an arrogant boob, too, and if you don't agree with EVERYTHING he says, you're a tool of the Southern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite Masons, if not a Masonic initiate of MYSTERY BABYLON itself!!!

If you've got a shortwave radio, you can listen to Bill Cooper on WBCQ 7415 KHz or 7.415 MHz Shortwave Radio. Check the WBCQ website for schedule details.

Whoops! Looks like Bill got himself shot a couple of times by the cops. He was stopped for a minor traffic offense and opened fire on the police car. Bill's dead and his website is now shilling for mail order products. I don't know if WBCQ is still carrying his show.

Speaking of shortwave, this has become the home of conspiriacists here in the US, along with the World Wide Web. A good place to start your shortwave explorations into the lunatic fringe is WWCR. Lots of weirdos (and lots of God Squad Bible Thumpers, too) to fascinate and appall you.

Full Disclosure, the web site for the radio show on WWCR. Glen Roberts has pissed off LOTS of people with his show and site. Learn how to mod a Sony Walkman to pick up shortwave radio (as described by a guy doing time in the slam!), foil the cyber censoring software, and other cool information, definitely unapproved by THEM!

Art Bell, thanks to his nationwide AM radio talk show, was responsible for saving the "Miami Circle", a site in downtown Miami Beach that has been called the American Stonehenge. He was able to rally thousands of his listeners to besiege the bureaucrats in Florida to save the Circle.

"Art Bell and his guests are telling stories around a 50 kW campfire. The stories have the same terror and drama that we've always told around campfires, but they're dressed up with new trappings from post-Enlightenment myth: the shamans have become scientists and engineers, the angels have become UFO aliens, the magic comes from ESP or black holes or time machines."

Bill Higgins, on Art Bell's appeal to the radio audience.

Art's links are pretty impressive. One of the more interesting links is to a Parascope page devoted to the MAJESTIC 12 documents and the debate over them. These are quite controversial in the civilian UFO research community. If true, extra-terrestrial life exists and the Feds are hiding it from us. If false, they are a masterful work of disinformation... but by whom and to what end?

Art has jpegs of the MJ-12 field manual,

SOM 1-01 TO 12DI-3-11-1
"Extraterrestrial Entities And Technology, Recovery And Disposal"

here. Not the best reproduction, I'm afraid, but that's life in the UFO food chain for you.

Here's the official X-Files site.

The Sci-Fi Channel has some interesting paranormal links as well.

Blimey!, it's the Fortean Times, the British magazine of weird stuff. GREAT selection of links!

We've got to have an Area 51 site! UFOMIND, Glen Campbell's site. Some hold he's onto the truth. some hold that he's a tool of the Greys, the MiB and the Feds. We have to start the Area 51 stuff somewhere and this is one of the better Area 51/UFO sites on the Web.

Remember The Face on Mars? Richard Hoagland has made a career out of it and other UFO-type phenomena. He pretty much responsible for all the pseudoscience published about the Face and Cydonia Plain.

The Mars Global Surveyor mission has pretty much shown the Face to have been nothing more than a trick of light and shadow. Still, Hoagland makes a living from the Face and Cydonia.

Apocalypse Pretty Soon a book by Alex Heard, an editor at WIRED magazine. I've cribbed the following text from the website. I couldn't have said it better myself!
"Published by W.W. Norton in February 1999 and destined to become a timeless classic taught to generations of drooling schoolchildren, is the culmination of a 10-year quest that started back in 1987. At that time Heard, then many years younger and more "energetic" than his current creaky, fortysomething self, began to explore the strange and forbidden worlds of apocalyptic, millennial, and utopian subcultures. It all started when he received a mailing from a self-appointed holy man in Missouri named Kenna Farris, the "forerunner prophet" of something called "Horse Sense Economics." Farris's foamy declarations had to do with the Second Coming of Christ in the year 3000, and though they didn't make sense then - and they don't now - Heard was forcefully struck by their urgent sincerity. Farris, it seemed, was not just some wigged-out loony . . .

Rather, he was a wigged-out loony with heart. In a Eureka! moment that altered Heard's cognitive template, he realized that millennialism is a way of life like any other, peopled by individuals with hopes, dreams, real-world plans to make their strange visions become reality, and a surprising ability to get things done. (And, yeah, a few dangerous delusions. It's not all sweetness and light out there.) As an on-and-off "hobby" over the next decade, Heard spent time with a variety of millennial and utopian strivers, anyone who looked at the future and said either "aieeeeee!" or "ahhhh, it could be so nice." In he gets in among them and absorbs their fantastic stories, along the way encountering Christian doomsday believers, UFO cultists, angry right-wingers, "Earth Changes"-oriented New Agers who fear that an angry planet is going to kill off the bulk of mankind, free-nation-building libertarians, immortality hopefuls, "free" energy inventors, astral travelers, Y2K theorists, and more!

The results are packed into dense, tightly reported narratives that carry you through the whats, whys, highs, and lows of end-of-the-century America, with levels of detail, narrative oomph, thrills, chills, and laughter that we can only begin to approach on this (hack, kaff) free Web site.

And now, you probably have only one question: Where do I get it?! That's easy:

Walk into any bookstore and holler, "Hey! Where can I get a copy of Apocalypse Pretty Soon? No, hold it, make that TWO copies, and while you're at it, throw in a slim-but-ambitious copy of postmodern poesy by an 'out of the box' hipster. I'm in a buyin' mood today!"

Order it from

Buy it direct from the publisher, W.W. Norton. Call the warehouse at

The site itself is pretty cool, with some tasty links and book recommendations.
Barnum Was Right.

Do keep in mind that anyone can publish anything on the Web at any time. Within minutes after the TWA 800 crash was reported, the conspiracists were hard at work putting up all sorts of speculation. The same thing happened after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in Paris.

When cruising through the more questionable areas of the Web, it's always a safe bet to assume a hidden agenda of some kind is in effect. As Bill Cooper said, "Listen to everyone, read everything but believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research." (sure, Cooper was a whacky crackpot. But he wasn't stupid. Well, yeah. He did start a gunfight with some cops. Still and all, it's not bad advice.)

And here's a couple of sites dedicated to the rational view of the Universe.

Cheese it! It's the CSICOPS!

The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims Of the Paranormal.
If you claim to be able to bend spoons with your psychic powers, watch out for the bald guy with the white beard! Believe me, he will catch you faking it!

And speaking about the bald guy, James Randi (AKA The Amazing Randi) is a master magician who has been astounding the public for decades. (I remember watching him perform on Wonderama, a kids show in NYC away back in the early 1960s.)

In recent years, in the grand and honorable tradition of Harry Houdini, he has embarked on a crusade to expose the frauds and charlatans of so-called "Psychics". Uri Geller wets his pants whenever Randi's name is mentioned.
His website is the Internet presence of the James Randi Educational Foundation, devoted to educating the public about psychic phenomena and the frauds and scam artists who take advantage of a gullible public.

Oh, and he's tight with Penn & Teller. By me, them's credentials!
More To Come!
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