Matt is a cab driver in San Francisco.

His 'zine, "Cool Beans!", rocks!

It rocks so hard that, even though I could get free copies from him, I buy it at the local Tower Records, so they'll keep stocking it.

So far, every issue I've seen has come with either a CD, a vinyl disk or a flexidisk of music.

More Goth Links Than The Human Mind Can Comprehend!

The sultry and mysterious Lady C is the mastermind behind this amazing resource.

If the Goth Scene is your scene, The Dark Side is waiting for you...

Øwned By cDc! cDc releases Back Orifice 2000.
The Remote Administration Tool for Freelance Administration of Windows95/98/NT over a network.
Any network.
Download Back Orifice 2000.

An excerpt(?) from the UNABOMBER Journal.

Stylish day and evening wear for the cynical malcontent.
Ideal for clubbing or lounging around home while reading the Weekly World News.
Heaven's Gate container wearing NIKE shoes. You can't buy product placement like this!
Buy a shirt or two and make my friend Glenn a happy man.

newhack city logo
San Francisco awaits the Big One,
the killer earthquake that will destroy the City by the Bay.
Yet they ignore the presence of New Hack City in their midst.
The fools! The Ignorant FOOLS!

Sacred SubGenius Iconography
Eternal Salvation
from The Church of The SubGenius
(or TRIPLE your MONEY back!)
Here's a Site by an old Hacker mate of mine.
Space, Amateur Radio, HTML tips & a whole lot of just plain random stuff!

And here's the Site of his roommate.
Curiously, I've known Cheshire just as long as I've known Ozzie. Small world, innit?

What can I say about Modemac?
He's the WarriorPriest for "Bob" that the rest of us can only dream of being.
Boston Scientologists involuntarily PEE their OWN ASSES when his name is mentioned!
Friday Jones
ÜbërFëmmë, SalesBabe, Big-Boobed Defender of Stang at the Battle of Armageddon!
She's got more balls than a Jeff Stryker movie!

Check it out!
Modemac & Friday in the Boston Globe!
Space Ghost.
Need I say more?
Homepage of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Still images, video and sound files are available online from the NASA archives. Links to diverse NASA space, planetary probe and human spaceflight sites.

Stonewall Inn books logoI've known the editor of Stonewall Inn books for longer than I really want to think about. He's put years of effort into making this line of books an important literary resource for the gay and lesbian community. As an example of the schizo world of publishing, he also edits the books of Tom Tomorrow and Eric Orner's Ethan Greene collections.

http://www.pbs.orgThe website for the Public Broadcasting System. PBS is one of those things that we seldom think about, but would miss dearly were it to disappear. PBS.ORG is a fine adjunct to PBS, with links to programs and series, as well as background information and links to many other sites.
http://www.npr.orgNational Public Radio is the radio analog to PBS. Everything I said about PBS applies to NPR. In many parts of the USA, NPR is the only radio source for national & international news reporting and analysis.


The ongoing Graphic Novel about Spider Jeruselem.
Journalist. Rat Bastard. BIG Rat Bastard.
Written by Warren Ellis, pencilled by Darick Robertson.
This is the ONE comic I always buy each month.

Forget Border's, forget Barnes and Noble, forget WaldenBooks,
forget ALL those national chain bookstores.

ATOMIC BOOKS is the ONLY bookstore you'll need when in Baltimore. John Waters shops there. What other possible endorsement do you need?

By clicking on the stylishly attired lady to the right, you can experience Atomic Books online! And what an experience it is! Virtually all their stock is available via online ordering and mailorder. If your computer can handle it, you can even view an episode of their public access cable tv show.

Yes, the media monster that IS Atomic Books has now infested cable tv and the internet.

Your mind and home are next.

Loompanics is the self-proclaimed "Lunatic Fringe of the Libertarian movement". They are (in)famous for their selection of fake ID books, as well as books covering everything from torture manuals and drug manufacturing to extreme politics across the entire spectrum. They take full advantage of the First Amendment to make both Liberals and Conservatives squeal like pigs!

CRB Books is the East Coast mini-Loompanics of radio and oddball stuff such as false Press ID that may have been issued by the CIA for their agents, prop police badges, interesting stickers and patches, radio antennas, books for radio communications enthusiasts, electronics hobbyists, investigators, surveillance specialists & others seeking useful & entertaining information!.

Image of Penn & Teller
Sin City
The website for Penn & Teller.
Links to sites about Penn, Teller,
and their former show on FX,
Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular.
Is THIS your card?
Image 3 of Clubs playing card

Appallingly unpatriotic items
from malcontents in San Francisco Asheville, North Carolina

The paper edition of
is no more.
The newsletter of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is now online as a marvelous website, which includes the MST merchandise catalog. This is the place for the latest news and views of the MST universe!

This is where one finds the Official MST3000 website,
courtesy of The Sci-Fi Channel. Episode descriptions for the last two seasons, commentary from Best Brains, Inc and the boys & girl on the Satellite of Love.

You know them, you love them, they're an American Tradition!
Victoria's Secret & Frederick's of Hollywood.
Both offer subsets of their mail order catalogs and both offer online shopping.
Oh, yeah. There's pictures, too.

Conspiracies, UFOs, The Paranormal,
Things Which Man Was Not Meant to Know!


The official website of The Banzai Institute.
What with the recent interest shown by the American media in the life of Dr. Banzai, it was decided that certain aspects, hitherto played close to the vest, of the Institute and it's activities would be made available to a curious public.

Squirrel Fishing
Just click on the link, OK? You won't be dissapointed.

Mike Jittlov, AKA The Wizard of Speed and Time,

does things inside a camera that anyone else in Hollywood needs millions of dollars and several tons of Silicon Graphics workstations to duplicate.

Mike's movie, coincidentally titled, "The Wizard of Speed and Time", is the story of this filmmaker, coincidentally named Mike Jittlov, who just wants to make movies that make people happy. Needless to say, he gets frustrated at almost every turn.

When Mike isn't encouraging people to make all the pirated copies of his film they can (it's a long story), he's designing fonts for the Macintosh that incorporate more characters than any 5 languages, looking for the girl of his dreams, and planning a move to Norway (Land Of Giants!)(obscure Monty Python in joke) where he wants to live.

Spend some time at his website, WizWorld! And if you know a tall, blonde Scandinavian woman in a marrying mood, tell Mike, OK?

Grove Enterprises has a website where one can order diverse radio related items and access the Monitoring Times site. MT is one of the two best radio hobbyist magazines published today.

Popular Communications
is the other best radio hobbyist magazine published today.

I get both of these magazines every month. They provide a valuable service to the radio hobbyist community. Frequency schedules, equipment reviews, build it yourself projects, etc. Monitoring Times and Popular Communications are not competitors, they are partners in service to radio fans worldwide.


This is an amazingly cool ezine from Japan. They've got shirts, watches, fonts, books, magazines and a unique esthetic view of PopCulture in Japan. So far, it's monthly. I like it a lot.

(My old buddy, Cheshire, has this on his site. I agree with him. This is one amazing article.)

You can read an article I think is amazing!! ==>

Wired Magazine has this incredible article on undersea telecommunications cables!
I expect that only Phone Phreaks and Telecomm Geeks will really get into it, though. A particularly geeky site visited by The Techno-Tourist was the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum in Cornwall, England. This is where overseas cables come ashore for Great Britain.

If you're going to read the article, don't do it while on-line (it's much too long). Download it first, and save it to your disk. Then read it at your leisure.
If you're using a Macintosh, click and hold on the magazine cover. Select the "Save This Link As" option from the popup menu, then select the destination, then hit save.

If you're using Windows, heed the following procedure:
  1. Click on the magazine cover to bring up the article.
  2. Click on "File" in the menu bar (or hit ALT-F)
  3. Within the File menu, click on "Save As". (or hit the A key - the underlined letters are Clues)
  4. Use the features in the "Save As" window to change directories (folders) and to rename the file what you'd like.

After the article is saved, log off, open it in your browser and read an amazing tale of High Technology Communication that has it's roots in Victorian Britain.


Danger can happen!

For the FINEST in Professional Japanese Monster Wrestling, you must click the Kaiju Big Battel link, lest you be summarily banished to the Land of Wind and Ghosts! Hai!

It was sometime in the early 1980s that a friend of mine introduced me to Joshua Quagmire and his creation, Cpl. Kelly O'Hare, aka Cutey Bunny.

Kelly is what's called a "funny animal", IE: an anthropomorphic animal. "Huh?", I hear you enquire. OK, a "'morph" is a humanoid creature combining both human and animal attributes. Bugs Bunny is a 'morph, OK?

Copyright by Joshua Quagmire! Anyway, Kelly is this really cute little hare. Definately female. And, (unique for the time) was definately black (as in African-American).

Now, even though I'm white, I do prefer ethnic women. Black, Asian & Latino, pretty much in that order.

So here comes Kelly, lovely brown skin, green eyes, a scattering of freckles across her cheeks, well, Joshua had pretty much illustrated the woman of my dreams. The ears and the cottontail were incidental details.

Her comic book lasted for 5 issues. (I've got all 5, safely bagged) There were other appearances in other books, as well as a t-shirt and a calandar. I had the pleasure of meeting Joshua at a convention in Phoenix some years ago.

We corresponded over the years, and then, we both lost track of each other, until I discovered his website the other day!

I am so glad he's still around and drawing, not to mention that he's got a website with some pretty cool illustrations and desktop pictures/calandars featuring Kelly and her friends.

Another 'morph strip I like is Sabrina Online, by Eric Schwartz.

Sabrina is this 20-something female skunk who is an Amiga junkie, and shares a place with Amy (a squirrel) who is married to Thomas Wolf (A Wolf) and their infant son.

Copyright by Eric SchwartzSabrina has been out of art school for a few years and is currently working as a graphic designer/Website guru for a local XXX film company. She is rather uncomfortable with the circumstances, but the pay is good and no one has asked her to work in front of the cameras...yet. She was also carrying on an online romance with someone she'd never met, but shortly after a face to face meeting at a science fiction convention, they became VERY good friends. (nudge-nudge. wink-wink!).

This is a cute strip with a good storyline. I've found myself getting very involved with Sabrina and her life. This is quite rare for a comic strip.

I highly recommend it.

There are people who would throw me in prison for having this link!
Lotsa stuff that Those Who Know Whats Best For You do not want you to see.
More to come!
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