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I was doing research, and came across a blast from the past, specifically the Summer 2006 Issue (Volume 8, #2) of Blacklisted 411 Magazine. That particular issue contains my old (and now long out of date) New England source list for Techies. There were a couple interesting articles in there, but what stood out 16 years later was a location for the monthly meetings of the magazine's readers. One of them was Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Back in Autumn of 2014, I went to work for a start-up in Rock Springs. I was only in the city a couple months, but the city had a rather nice Hastings bookstore, so I'm guessing it carried Blacklisted 411 as they carried 2600 and other interesting books and magazines when I frequented it. I just find it funny that I was at a former nodal point for this underdog hacker magazine eight years later, and wonder what about Rock Springs, a rather dumpy place actually, was so special that it was graced with said status, even if only briefly. Maybe it was the young gentleman who graced the William Gibson discussion board with his idea about sprinkling Part 15 FM transmitters along I-80 near Green River to counter all the religious pundits on the airwaves out that way? I'll never know, and it really doesn't matter at this time unless said person is doing something interesting elsewhere in the country. I hope so, because otherwise they're working at Wal-Mart or in the field for an extractives industry and neither are very interesting even if they are the only two career choices for someone living in Southwest Wyoming. If you went to or were involved with the Blacklisted 411 Meeting in Rock Springs, Wyoming please send me an email to ticom.new.england@gmail.com as I would be interested in hearing your story.