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The Engineer's Bench

Here you will find proceedures and reference materials to help design, implement, document, and troubleshoot electronic projects and wireless networks.

Databook Bookshelf  (electronics/RF)

Hardware Construction Techniques and Tips

[PDF] RF Prototyping Techniques and Procedures
[PDF] Tips on winding your own inductors.

Online Wireless Network Design Tools/Calculators

2.4GHz Wireless Network Link Analysis
Parabolic Reflector Analysis
Fresnel Zone Boundary Calculator
Antenna Tilt calculator
Terrestrial Distance and Bearing Calculator
Omnidirectional Antenna Beamwidth Analysis
Return Loss Calculator
Knife Edge Diffraction Loss Calculator
Decibel Conversion Calculator

RF Reference Data

2.4Ghz Free Space Path Attenuation over 30 miles
2.4Ghz Free Space Path Attenuation over 5000ft
2.4Ghz Fresnel Zone Clearance from 1 to 30 Miles
Losses and power ratings of popular coaxial cables
Antenna separation for full-duplex communication
Antenna separation for full-duplex communication (30MHz to 2GHz)
Voltage/Power to dB - dB loss -> % loss graph
Duplex Operational Curves
VSWR Monograph and Conversion Chart
1/2 wavelength element length graph
1/4 wavelength element length graph

Guide to Transmitter Range 

Online RF Engineering calculators

Vertical Isolation of Omni Antennas
Horizontal Isolation between Omni Antennas 
Base to Mobile Path Loss
Free Space Path Loss
Convert dBs - Watts/volts
VSWR (Standing-Wave)
1/4 wave xformer