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802.11 Based Linux Software
Here you will find the packages and tools you will need to successfully get basic 802.11 functionality on a Linux box. Pcmcia tools, wireless tools, and card drivers is all you really need.

cqureAP: Floppy Based Access Point

This can be very useful for those that have a low budget and stumble aross some old 486/pentium I laptops with floppy and pcmcia sockets. A dual pcmcia controller is required, one socket for ethernet, the other for wireless card. This package needs work, but is promising. Check for updates here before download what I have mirrored.

cqureap-1_0_4-floppy1.img Disk 1
cqureap-1_0_4-floppy2.img Disk 2

NoCatAuth: Wireless Gateway Manager Package

Check for updates here before download what I have mirrored.

NoCatAuth-0.80.tar.gz NoCatAuth Package


Gnet methodology and package to create an Access Point on Redhat 7.1. This package consists of the linux-wlan-ng-0.1.6 drivers with code and setup document to turn a PrismII (we used SMC2632) STA card into an Access Point.

gnet-AP-setup_linux-redhat71-v1.0.tar.gz - the Package.

Wireless Tools Packages

Here is a list of wireless cards that are supported in the pcmcia-cs-3.1.26 distribution mirrored at Gnet.
Check for updates here before downloading what I have mirrored.

Many of the drivers listed above are written to work with the Wireless tools extensions. Two versions are mirrored here.

wireless_tools.19.tar.gzWorks with Linux Kernels pre-2.2.14
wireless_tools.21.tar.gzLatest version

Prism I/ Prism II Linux Drivers

Some drivers are better than others. Cards using the Harris/Intersil Prism I/II chipset are by far the most interesting to play with. The development boards for the Prism I used the AM79C320 MAC processor which allowed one to easily access all the low-level 802.11 MAC level framing. This is very important if you want to sniff at the 802.11 MAC level.

The Prism II development board is built around Harris/Intersil's own MAC processor 8641/8642 which is remarkably similar to the Lucent Hermes MAC processor. It seems in a prior life that Lucent/Harris were jointly working on an 802.11 MAC solution, but eventually took different roads.

We have Prism I and Prism II drivers mirrored on Gnet in the event that Absolute Value systems goes away some day.

linux-wlan-0.3.4.tar.gzPrism I drivers. Supported Card list here.
linux-wlan-ng-0.1.6.tar.gzPrism II driver that supports Prismdump. Supported Card list here.
linux-wlan-ng-0.1.7.tar.gzUpdated Driver, can't run wlan card in promiscous mode.

As mentioned in the Gnet 802.11 Architecture Document, one may want to examine the surrounding environment for existing wlans, and mitigate accordingly should you find some. Or, if they are public access nodes, use them to supplement the network.

802.11 Surveillence Software

kismet-1.4.2.tar.gz. Kismet is a good, no nonsense, curses based 802.11 network detection utility. The utilities homepage is here.
Mognet-1.13.tar.gzJava based 802.11 network detection and auditing tool. It required libpcap. The utilities homepage is here.
Wellenreiter-v06.tar.gzAn Excellent GTK based 802.11 network detection and auditing suite. The utilities homepage is here.
linux-wlan-0.3.4.tar.gzPrism I driver that includes the wlandump utility. Supported Card list here.
tools-prismdump_20001122.tgzPrismdump 802.11 packet capture software. Requries linux-wlan-ng-0.1.6.tar.gz. Supported Card list here.
ethereal-0.8.18.tar.gzExcellent packet sniffer. Prismdump captures are examined with this.

AX.25/HAM Based linux Software
I would start with a linux kernel 2.0.31, and ax25-module-14f.tar.gz. Apply the patch, configure your kernel. Build it, build your modules. Get the net-tools-1.33.tar.gz and the net-tools-1.33.rose.tjd.diff.gz file and patch it before compiling. Now get the ax25-utils-2.1.42a.tar.gz, compile and install. That's it!

I realize that 2.0.31 is awfully old, but this combination works. I suggest you get all your hardware working with this software configuration, THEN, begin experimenting with the newer software.  For the latest AX25 Software check

The soundmodem and baycom drivers are included in the kernel sources. Technical details on the soundmodem and baycom drivers and how they interface into the linux kernel are available.

Of course you have to configure your interfaces and the various daemons before you are servicing requests on the air. undoubtedly, you will forget to configure a hardware interface properly, either a soundcard or a baycom interface. Eventually, there will be sample configuration files to use as a reference.  For now, consult the AX25-Howto.

Software Package
Package Description
ax25-doc-1.0.tar.gz Documentation: AX.25, Extended AX.25, KISS, MKISS, 6PACK, Yapp, Hexipus (diode matrix)
ax25-module-14f.tar.gz Modularizing patch for Linux 2.0.33
ax25-module-14h.tar.gz Modularizing patch for Linux 2.0.34
ax25-utils-2.0.12c.tar.gz AX.25 Utilities for Linux 2.0.12 - 2.0.30
ax25-utils-2.0.12c.axp.diff.gz Patch for the above to compile on Alpha AXP systems
ax25-utils-2.1.42a.tar.gz AX.25 utilities for Linux 2.1.42 and up
ax25-utils-2.1.42a.lsm Linux Software Map entry for above
axdigi-0.02.tar.gz AX.25 digipeater software for Linux
microsat-0.91.tar.gz The Microsat Suite for Linux kernel AX.25
monax25-1.11.tar.gz AX.25 traffic analyzer for Linux
net-890421.1.tar.gz Linux Net-tools needed for AX.25 work
x25-utils-2.1.20.tar.gz X.25 utilities for Linux 2.1.20 and up
axssh-0.2.tar.gz Linemode wrapper for SSH via Amateur Packet Radio links
ax25ip.dpkiss.tar.gz AX25/IP encapsulation daemon
mkiss-1.0.tgz Dual port TNC support for linux  AX.25 utils
axw3-0.2.tar.gz Http proxy and IP/AX25 gateway
ipip.tar.gz IP/IP encapsulation daemon
rspfd-0.08.tgz Routing daemon that runs RSPF v2.2 (Raido Shortest Path First)

MobileIP will allow you to roam a mobile network with the same IP address by ecapsulation techniques.
Software Package
Package Description
README Linux-MobileIP README for v1.00
User's Guide and Manual Linux-MobileIP User's Guide and Manual for v1.00
Linux-MobileIPv100.tar.gz LATEST Version 1.0
Linux-MobileIPv095.tar.gz Version .095
Linux-MobileIPv090.tar.gz Version .090

Other useful linux programs.
Software Package
Package Description
xcircuit-2.0.tar.gz Linux Schematic Capture software v2.0. Works well as a general purpose drawing program too.