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Gnet Power Systems

Power Solutions for On-Grid Rooftop Radio Installations

Not all houses have outlets in the attic or on the roof itself. It is desirable to keep antenna coax runs as short as possible in order to reduce RF cable loses. The obvious solution is to get the access point and transciever as close to the antenna as possible and power becomes an issue. Running DC over the unused pairs of the 8 pair of UTP is a pretty good solution of getting power up and out into an AP along the cable that provides bandwidth.


  • A Power-over-Ethernet solution, archived from NYCWireless.
  • Power Systems for Off-Grid Radio Installations

    There are many times where a system is needed to operate in a remote area, such as a mountain top, and there is no power run to the site. A Solar trickle charging system is an ideal power source for remote repeater locations. It doesn't hurt to have an alternative energy source running your own wireless node in rural or urban settings. You'll find that many PV or small wind systems can be installed almost anywhere. In the event of an emergency, that chances of your site remaining on the network greatly increases when using a self-reliant power system, shrugging off the State sanctioned power grid.

    Almost all of these resources are from, an excellent resource for independent minds and those interested in shrugging off the overbearing shackles of the State.

    We included the section on Hydroelectric systems only for completeness. Not many streams/rivers start at hilltop locations and run downward, however, this is for those that run into such a circumstance.

    PhotoVoltaic (PV) Systems (Solar)

  • A basic trickle-charge PV array for remote repeater operation. This is as basic as you can get.
  • This is what I'm talkin 'bout! A Guerrilla solar movement that can power gnet, f*cking poetic. The system they discuss can be modified to charge a collection of batteries, instead of plugging into the Grid.
  • Selecting a PV cell can be a daunting task. This article can supply you with data collected over years from popular cells.
  • Proper orienting your PV array results in optimal power generation. Yields of up to 40% are possible by following these guidelines.
  • For most remote repeater installations, you will be working with minimal power. This homebrew Solar Charge Controller will control the charging of a battery subsystem. Schematics and theory of operation are included.
  • Sources
  • Silicon Solar, LLC. - you can buy solar panels here at about $3 a watt.

    Wind Generators

  • None at this time.
  • Hydroelectric

  • Overshot Hydro Wheel - Hobbled together in a respectable manor
  • 240VAC Direct Drive Hydro System - Case study of a Direct Drive Hydro System.
  • Fuel Cells

  • Background Article on Fuel Cells: Hope or Hype? - Mostly for residential powering, but has useful technical background.
  • Build your own Hydrogen Fuelcell. Not for the faint of heart.
  • A photovoltaic Hydrogen Generator system. Use this to produce fuel for your fuelcell directly from the sun!
  • General Information

  • Utility Interactive Inverter Safety - techniques, tips, and tactic's for selling power back to utilties with/or without approval. Focus is on utility worker safety