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UHF/VHF Radio Resources


  • MURS The Multi Use Radio Service offers possible long distance links over VHF frequencies, license free at 2 Watts.
    Radio Shack BTX-127 MURS radio programming information.
  • Used Radio picture lineup.Use this to help track down those used rigs at the ham radio flea markets.
  • 9600 baud capable radios- USEFUL listing of Data ready radios and 9600 modifiable transceivers with pricing, by Dr.Who
  • YAM 9k6 - Yet Another 9k6 Modem, a very nice project to build and get you onto 9600 baud packet.
  • Radio Modifications for radios to operate at 9600bps and higher.
  • TEKK Data Radios (select radio for specs):
    KS-900 - 2 Watt radio which will RX/TX from 430-470 (aka T-NET Micro). Service manual in HTML format, MSWord format.

    KS-960 - 2 Watt radio. Same as KS-900, with added features (aka T-NET Mini).  Service manual in HTML format, MSWord format.

    KS-1000 - 5 Watt radio. RX/TX from 430-470MHz. Service manual in MSWord format (only).

    We purchased our TEKK units from Virtual Communications.

    The TEKK radio's are modifiable to operate at 19.2Kbps, by replacing one of the 455khz IF bandpass filters. Instructions to perform this converstion will appear here once the procedure has been verified by ourselves.

    Here is a Tekk to Soundblaster cable. Once you build this cable you can utilize the Soundblaster Packet modem software developed for linux. See below for more information on the Soundblaster code.

  • Antenna Systems

  • The point-to-point links are using the Cushcraft A43011S 11 element Yagi, and for omnidirectional installations, the Cushcraft ARX450B. Both of these antennas cost less than $100, and were purchased through Ham Radio Outlet.
  • Other antenna systems can be hand built.  CQ Magazine, and again in 73 Amateur Radio Magazine have published plans for inexpensive homebuilt antenna systems.
  • 2-meter J-Pole Antenna System