The Real Roots Of Wal-Mart







Here Is The Initial Source For Sam Walton's Funding








The Real Fortune Came From The Robson-Kemper Trusts







Sam Walton's Wife Was A Robson Kemper







The Remnants Of Their Savannah Plantation








The Legend Of Sam Walton Is Just A Legend

He wasn't merely the owner of small store in rural Arkansas. Sam was a slick hustler, who married into a wealthy family, and dodged World War Two.







Here Was The Financier

Walton's backing came from his wife Helen Robson's father, and his family were decedents of the Robels (Robelsky?).






Their Origin Is A Mystery

The facial features of the Robelskys have a distinct Tatric Slav feature. In Walton's wife, you have the severe cranial slope and the distinct oriental eyelid features. These features are eastern European Yiddish (Ashkenazim).






The Robsons Were Slave Traders

The Robson family's real surname was Robelsky they were English slave traders that settled in Savannah. This area was for the super-rich of the time. They were slave traders, rum-runners, tobacco traders, gun-runners, etc.








Wealthy Beyond Anyone's Dreams

The remaining Waltons are not sitting behind the counter of the local Wal-Mart. These people are receiving $2 billion a year just in interest on their fortunes.







Wal-Mart Was Built On 'Made In America'

The original concept was everything they sold was made in America, but that's long-gone.







This Is No Different Than The Robel/Robson Plantation

Two hundred years ago, Ephraim Robelsky sent his slave traders to Africa, brought back black slaves, and sold them like cattle. Today, Harold Johnson has no health insurance, gets no overtime, and if he merely mentions a union, then he is out of a job.









The Black's Best Friend?

When Wal-Mart hires a new employee, the last one on the list will be a black.

The situation really doesn't differ from Nike where the Zionist Phil Knight closed plants in Mississippi and Missouri, throwing countless blacks on welfare. You still paid $85.00 for the sneakers, but now they are made in Vietnam for $3.00, and Phil Knight is the only winner.







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