Albu Mohammed Is A Small Village 90 Miles North Of Baghdad






Two Sunni Leaders Were Ambushed The Day Before









The Next Day There Is A Funeral In The Remote Village







A Bomb Is Planted In A Sunni's Funeral Tent









A Remote Village Of Mud Huts And Dirt Roads









A Funeral Tent Is A Common Ceremony






  Fifty Five Innocent Funeral Attendees Dead









More Mysterious Bombs

What Happened

A massive bomb was planted at the funeral of two anti-al-Qaida Sunni tribesmen in the village of Albu Mohammed, 90 miles north of Baghdad. The funeral was being held for two brothers who belonged to the local Awakening Council. The brothers were slain a day earlier, on a remote road. "I first heard a thunderous explosion and when I turned my eyes to the tent I saw fire and smoke coming out," Sheik al-Azawi, 51, said.

How It Was Set-Up

This isn't hard to figure out. There is a small village with Sunni and Shiites, and Israel wants a civil war that eliminates all leaders and cohesion. So, a death squad from Baghdad sets up a trap for the two leaders, there is a GPS tracker put on the brothers car, as they drive to a meeting or whatever, they are ambushed on a lonely road. Naturally there is a funeral, and undercover agents plant a bomb, or have a car pull up.

These funeral bombs, wedding massacres, market car bombs, hidden Mosque bombs, etc, are standard Zionist tactics. Study the history of the Zionist terror spree in Palestine between 1946 - 1951.







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