A Kibbutz On The Dead Sea








Kibbutz Ein Gedi










Israelis Settlers Often Rent Out Kibbutz Apartments









Two Danish 16 Year-Olds Thought A Kibbutz Would Be An Adventure

It was until three settlers drugged and raped them.








One Of Three Settlers Arrested For Raping The Teenage Tourists







The Other Two Laugh In Court











Where Did The Rape Occur?

It took place at a small, world-famous historic site. The salt baths at the Caves of King David.








The History Of The Area

Ein Gedi was a sacred shrine in Palestine, until the Haganah captured it in 1949, in the so-called War of Independence. The residents were shipped to Jordan, or killed outright.








Jewish Settlers Arrested

Three members of Kibbutz Ein Gedi arrested on suspicion of raping two Danish tourists over a week ago were indicted in the Beersheba Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.






They Took Cell Phone Videos

Part of the evidence included in the indictment is a cellphone video, retrieved by police, that allegedly shows two of the suspects assaulting one of the tourists, a police spokesman said.






Apartment Manager

The Israeli apartment manager insinuated the girls tempted the Jewish men with risqué bathing suits.






Staying At A Dead Sea Kibbutz

The two tourists, ages 17 and 19, who were staying at the kibbutz guest houses for Dead Sea spa treatments, had become acquainted with the three young men after arriving at the kibbutz three weeks prior.







Other Settlers Don't See The Crime

According to the indictment, the two white teenage girls met the suspects - Ron Rodeti, 22, Ben Evar, 21, and Dan Lahav, 22 - at the kibbutz pub. It is alleged the Jewish men laced the drinks with a date rape drug. The two girls went back to Lahav's apartment, where they were given more alcohol.

There, Lahav allegedly tried to kiss one of the girls, and when she refused, the indictment says, he removed her clothes and raped her.








Defense Attorney Says "It Will Be A Hard Case To Prove"

All three suspects are to remain in jail until the case goes to court, and the tourists, who police said they believed had left the country, may or may not return to testify.







Settlers Outside The Jail

They voice their backing of their fellow settlers.





An Elder Of The Kibbutz

Heim Slotsky says many tourists girls come to play, and then whine when things get too frisky.






Back To Civilization

The girls headed back to Denmark, and they have no intention of returning to Israel.



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What Will Happen To These Israelis?


They will be punished
They will be out on bail and never serve any time


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