A Multicultural Ad Has Everyone Buzzing





Mexicans Want Their Piece Of The Pie








"Give Us Citizenship, Medicare, Social Security, And Free College"









Michelle Malkin Is Mad

It seems Absolut Vodka has an advertising campaign that tells Mexicans, "Drink Absolut because you are the future rulers of America". Mexicans talk about how the Americans stole their land, so this is their way of reclaiming it. This phenomenon is termed 'Reconquista'

This 'Boom Boom' girl from Luzon is mad about immigrants?






So Who Owns Absolut?

It turns out a French Zionist named Patrick Ricard is the kingpin. But, there again 99% of the liquor business is owned and controlled by the likes of the Bronfmans.






What Is 'Reconquista' And La Raza?

It is the main organization representing the 75 million Hispanics in the USA.






Who Runs La Raza?

It is funded by Citicorp and Wal-Mart, and a Mexican Zionist named Raul Yzaguirre.






Who Are Their Allies?

McCain, Obama, and Hillary are falling all over them.







What Do They Want?

They want immediate citizenship, special education, a guaranteed percentage of government jobs based on their 28% population, and government-funded college education.










If It Wasn't A Disaster, It would Be Funny

When you cut to the chase, you have a Zionist liquor company egging on illegal aliens to demand half of America, and really laying the seeds of a race war. If you peel away another layer, you see that Absolut is a pubicly-traded company, and your 401-Ks are funding it. Then, you ask who funds LaRaza, and you see it's more of a public company using your pension funds.

Whenever you see these 'movements', you want to ask yourself who is doing the funding, who is in control, and what's their goals. This immigration thing is the NWO's divide and conquer/race war/civil war. I can guarantee that white and black America will lose this evil game.








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