Abe Pellicano

Another Zionist thug, parading around as a private detective. He served time on charges of possessing explosive materials. Now he is up for wiretapping and blackmail.







Pellicano Threatened Three Reporters

Vanity Fair contributing editor John Connolly has been informed by the U.S. Attorney's office that Anthony Pellicano has "threatened his safety."  Nikki Finke counts this as the third journo Pellicano has threatened, and the first NYC-based of the bunch. 







Ties To Israelis

Anthony Pellicano, the man at center of the Hollywood wiretapping scandal, may have some ties to the Israeli mafia. He was caught with military grade C-4.






Age Old Zionist Tactic

Before his arrest and guilty plea on the explosives charge, Pellicano was known in the mass media as the "PI to the stars" because of his work for many prominent Hollywood celebrities. According to former associate Paul Barresi, Pellicano would purchase tabloid reporters' celebrity gossip before it became public. He then would offer to do damage control for $25,000 or more. "He says these people pursue him to hire him, when in fact, he pursues them," said Barresi.[9]






Reporter Threatened Over Steven Segal Article

Mr. Proctor or Steven Seagal, the movie actor Ms. Busch was researching an article about when she was threatened in 2002. 

Mr. Gruel argued that the F.B.I. had used the "alleged Proctor-Pellicano-Seagal relationship" to get a warrant to search Mr. Pellicano's office.







Wiretapped A Billionaire's Wife

Kirk Kerkorian was in a paternity suit with Lisa Bonder Kerkorian, and Pellicano wiretapped her phones.






How Do They Get Away With It?

Zionists have direct lines into police departments, because of the ADL.








FBI Considers Israel A Friend

Mark T. Rossini, a  agent  was charged Monday with criminally accessing FBI computers on five occasions from January through July of last year, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. 5







Natalee Holloway

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