What Really Happened To Natalee Holloway

An 18 year-old high school student from Alabama, who was killed in Aruba.







Aruba - An Island In The Southern Caribbean

An autonomous island chain that acts as a drug trans-shipment point, and money laundering center.






Satish Kalpoe, Deepak Kalpoe, Joran Van Der Sloot

The main suspects.






Paulas Van Der Sloot

The father, who was also arrested, is an Aruba judge.






Joran Van Der Sloot's House

He killed her in his apartment.










Joran Is A Product Of An Elite Sect Of Islanders

Where The Rich Send Their Kids.







Carlos And Charlie, The Local Bar Where She Was Drugged

A bar where anything goes, and the police leave it alone.






Creatures Who Walk The Earth

Joran Van Der Sloot is a true predator. His family is part of the established elite, with roots in Aruba dating back to the early 1700's slave and sugar trade. His father spent fifteen years as a prosecutor, and now is a judge.

Today, the islands serve as a trans-shipment point for drugs, as well as serves as a center for money laundering, offshore banking, and also has a tourism industry. The fact that the island is run by the 5% white elite, is the reason no one has been prosecuted for Natalee's murder.








Today's Aruba

The Area Has A Rich Jewish History As An Early Trading Center

Dutch Jews settled in Surinam in 1643. They established the trading routes for the sugar cane, coffee, chocolate, and slavery trades. Curacao's white population, and plantation elite, were 50% Jewish.

Today, the islands are a control point for Colombia's cocaine, and South American gun trafficking. The islands ship "White Gold" to Holland, and  they ship Ecstasy Pills to Curacao,  where drug shootouts are a weekly occurrence.


Aruba is far from the Caribbean jewel that it is portrayed as being. In reality it is an autonomous free port, and home to some of the most despicable criminals around. Aruba is a sex destination for New York elite types. The NY mob indirectly owns the island's casinos.









How They Stalked Their Victim

Joran Van Der Sloot had established a circle of friends, who worked at various key positions (croupier, beach rental, bartenders, DJs, etc), so Joran always knew when a fresh group of students arrived at the hotel. He would only target a girl that was with a school group, never one with her parents.

His pattern was to casually bump into his victims at the pool, beach shacks, disco boat, casinos, etc., slowly striking up a friendship. He admitted affairs with at least twenty different girls, and three went to the police.

Van Der Sloot, and his accomplices, stalked Natalee's group from the day they arrived. Joran focused on Natalee by the second day, and all that week he would briefly run into her at different island events.





The Night He Murdered Her

As five of the girls went to the blackjack table, Joran and his croupier accomplice, G Wever, made their move. Under Joran's coaching, Natalee suddenly won $100, the girl was impressed, and the trap was set.







Another Chance Encounter

Natalee, and her friends, now move onto Aruba's hot bar, owned by Al Levy, where students sex dance for free drinks. Her friends were all amazed at her mood change after one drink. Another of Joran's friends is the bartender. At 12:30, Joran appears just as Natalie is primed, and for the next half hour, he is all over her.







A Cab Ride Home

At 12:50 Natalee's friends go to the bus stop waiting for her. At 1:00 Joran offers her a cab ride to the hotel. He took her to his house, where he raped her, and filmed it. Apparently she woke up, threatened him with the police, and he killed her. There was a bloody confrontation, because he had a black eye, and had to throw out his shoes and clothes.







Deepak And Satish Kapoe

Deepak acted the part of a Caribbean cab driver. Joran came from the white socialite sphere of the island, and these two brothers were Surinames living in Aruba. Their only function was to protect, and serve, this vampire as he stalked the night.







Paulas Van Der Sloot - The Aruban Judge

Here is the real animal. A Dutch Jew, who has a checkered past, starting with an thirty year old incident at a Netherlands University. Paulas was a womanizer, and a gambler, who dragged Joran around like a toy. His wife, Anita was a bloated aging Jewess, who was in Holland with the two younger children. Earlier that week, he actually talked with the girls in the casino, .

When Joran killed the girl, he woke the father, and the father set the wheels in motion. Paulas knew the key was the disposing of the body. That night, he hit an ATM machine, and over the next week, he coached the three boys, provided the stories, directed the burial, and final disposal of the body.


Paulas realized the only full-proof solution was to cremate the body, and later that week it was dug up and brought to a Yolanda Wever's cremation facility by Joran's accomplice, Guido Wever. The Holloway family relentlessly hounded this jackal for the first week, which meant there were others involved. Commissioner Van Stratten put a Detective Dennis Jacobs in charge, who blocked the FBI from coming in, and bought time.










Beth Twitty Is What PaulusVan Der Sloot Didn't Count On

Beth Holloway Twitty, Natalee's' mother, was on a chartered jet, and cornered Joran and his father the second day. Natalie's friends told the mother exactly who to look for, which meant Joran intermixed with the group all week.

Twitty received papers stating that Joran admitted having sex with Natalee at his home, and described how she fell in and out of consciousness as he raped her. The father panicked when she showed at the house and questioned Joran, Paulas told Joran "You do not have to say anything"






The Mysterious Julia Renfro

She was the editor of the local paper, Aruba Today. She met Beth Twitty the second day. She acted as a spy for weeks until Beth husband told her off.






Niomi Munzenhofer

She befriends Beth the along with Renfro until she called Natalee a drunken slut.









Joran Implicates Security Guards - 6th day

Paulas needs time to formulate his story and dispose of the body. Joran's first story gets hotel security guards arrested, and gives him the time.









Joran Arrested - 10th day

Joran, and the Kalpoe brothers, are arrested and Joran is sent to this prison.








Kalpoe Brothers Arrested

Satish and Deepak Kalpoe are arrested.






Another Accomplice Arrested - 14th day

Steve Croes, a DJ/Bartender, who had access to these girls






Father Arrested - 23rd day

The first police statement said that the father was involved. The second statement says he just advised his son after the fact.







Freddy Arambatzis - 87th day

Another Friend of Joran. Arrested in April, 2006





Another Joran's Friend Arrested April 2006

Geoffrey Van Cromviort, a wealthy friend of Joran, who worked at beach huts, is another suspect. He has relatives who work in law enforcement.






Guido Wever Arrested May, 2006

He was the croupier at the Holiday Inn













First Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner Jan Van Der Straten, who is Jewish, and a close friend of Paulus Van Der Sloot, appoints Dennis Jacobs to questioned Judge Paul Van Der Sloot. Van Der Stratten gave Paulus all the police, and FBI files. He now resides is in the Netherlands.








Gerald Dompig, The Aruba Police Chief

He has led a jumbled investigation, and now wants to go to Alabama and interview Natalee's friends. His position is, Natalie died of an overdose, and the only crime is illegally disposing of the body. His son hawked girls.






Adolpho Richardson Takes Charge

Adolpho Richardson, who is also Jewish is now the lead investigator, and reports to
Steve Cohen.





Dennis Jacobs

Lead detective, another Jewish clown, who fought the FBIs entrance into the case.







Benjamin King

Now with Aruba's Attorney-General office, was the administrator of Joran's prison, and was with Paulus during searches.












It's An Intricate Scheme Designed By The Father

These two are borderline illiterates, who the father would sell out in a heartbeat. Joran was Natalee's killer. The father got the Kapoe brothers a lawyer, and the two received money, and a 100% guarantee they would never be caught. The Kalpoe brothers just happened to clean their car out with bleach. Obviously a investigator, maybe Dennis Jacobs, clued the father in on what needed to be done.

A truck brought new furniture to Joran's house a week after the murder.










Joran's Different Versions

  • Took Natalee to the beach, and then back to the Holiday Inn
  • Joran left Natalee at the beach, and Deepak picked him up
  • Joran left beach and walked home
  • Joran left Natalee at the beach, and Satish picked him up










Guido Wever Fights Extradition

Wever was a tennis partner, and close friend/accomplice to Joran. He was a croupier (dealer) at the Holiday Inn, who scouted girls for Joran. Their routine was for Joran to help girls win, thereby befriending them. Joran and Guido were into ecstasy, and were thought to engage in homosexual activities. The day after the murder, they played tennis, and were together till 2:00 in the morning.  Wever is a low paid hotel worker and an accomplice, who moves to Holland.




The Setup

He is suspected to have had the body cremated at a relative's mortuary. When Beth Holloway Twitty supercharged the investigation, Guido fled to the Netherlands.

On the right you have Guido, with Joran, playing their con on Holloway, and her friends.










The Prosecutor

Karin Janssen, an opportunistic lawyer, who will eventually blame Deepak.










A Smug Young Psychopath Wants Revenge

Joran and his family feel they are totally free, and as revenge, he wants to destroy Natalee and her mother. Beth Twitty's lawsuit has the Van Der Sloot family livid. Now we see favorable interviews with the clammy Greta Van Susteren, where she is becoming convinced of Joran's innocence.

Joran says Natalee laid on the bar as he licked liquor off of her stomach. He says she was drunk and praising Hitler, which he says he found personally offensive. Joran said she called Alabama Blacks 'Nigger Slaves'. At the beach, he says she begged for sex, but that he refused, saying he had no condoms. He said he couldn't resist her pawing, and finally gave in, letting her perform oral sex on him.


He said that Natalee begged him to stay, but that he had had enough, so he then called Deepak Kalpoe, who picked him up. When Deepak showed up, Joran told him what a pathetic thing the girl is, and Deepak says 'Lets go, fuck that bitch'.





Current Cover-Up

Steve Cohen, Arlene Ellis-Shipper, and Ruben Trappenberg, are now calling Natalee's mother a nutcase. Their new focus is sending investigators to Alabama.






Ruben Trappenberg




Minister Rudy Croes

The island has 5,000 whites, and like most involved, Croes is related to a suspect. This is the real problem with the investigation. He closed his eyes to drug executions, and the Mansurs, who are Aruba's drug barons.






Chicago Mob Boss

Michael Posner (nee Irv Goldstein) is the owner of the Excelsior, Holiday Inn and Grand Holiday Casinos, and is a convicted felon.

He gave the Van Der Sloots a large line of credit.












All Their Plots And Plans

If Natalee simply overdosed, they would have thrown her body in the water, saying she was drunk, and simply drowned. Something else happened. There was a struggle and a fight, and Joran, or the father, beat Natalee bloody. That's why he had to get rid of his clothes, shoes, bleach his apartment, and cremate her body.

Something Horrendous Happened

A simple drowning would have been a third page story, that would have vanished in two days, but instead it became a 14 month international incident because they hide the body. Joran had been to the police at least three other times, so he wouldn't have killed her over a rape charge. His father was a judge and that dealt with this before.

It then points to the father being involved. A Jewish judge stalking casinos, date rape drugs, an island used to transship cocaine, ecstasy, South American gun-running, mob connections, etc, could explode into a real event.

A Likely Scenario

Joran has her in his room. The father comes in, he rapes her, she recovers and tries to escape. Joran tries to stop her. Natalee hits Joran, a arrogant psycho, who explodes into a rage, and beats her mercilessly with a baseball bat, golf club, or something similar.


The two key points are:

  • It was very bloody confrontation, and that is why the shoes, and clothes were missing, and bleach was used.
  • They had to destroy the body because even her skeleton would reflect the beating.


Here Is Why No Body

She was bludgeoned.










The Cover-up

Paulus, Joran's father, was the one orchestrating everything. If the Kalpoe brothers had killed Natalee, then he would have hung them out to dry in a micro-second, so that leaves him and Joran as the perpetrators.

You have to wonder as to which group would have the power to control Aruba, the Netherlands, and defy the world? These animals were protected because no one wanted another Leo Frank on their hands.

Only one group kills like this. People like Robert Durst, Ira Einhorn, Leo Frank, Phil Spector, etc. There were other girls that overdosed, and were 'accidentally drowned'.










Deepak Kalpoe

"Commited Suicide"

There Must Be A Final Outcome

The official police report will eventually say: -  Natalee was drunk, and Joran left her at the beach. After Deepak drove Joran home, he returned to rape her, then killed her. He then got a boat, dumped her body in the ocean, and the currents and sharks did the rest.

All the clues (he had a car, beach, squad car recordings, bleaching the trunk, burying the body, etc)  have indirectly focused on this illiterate Surinamese flunkie.

ARUBA HEADLINES: - 'Deepak Kapoe found hung'. There will be a sad story on how he couldn't live with the guilt any longer, and finally hung himself.









Putting It All Together

This was a intelligent predator, who had a routine and accomplices. He didn't take his victims to a crowded beach, loaded with sand gnats, mosquitoes, and tourists. Joran took them to his house, where he raped, and filmed them.

Paulus, Joran's father, is a Judge, and if Natalee simply overdosed, they wouldn't have panicked over the body. Something happened, and Joran killed her, which explained Joran's black eye, the missing bloody shoes, and the need to bleach the house and the Acura's trunk.

The real key here is, the fact they had to destroy the body.





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