Government Employees Parlay Their Connections?

Now they consult on government contracts and feed at the taxpayers' trough.







Who Are These People?







Today's Corporate Communists







These Companies Are A Little Too Cozy

Today's trend is to have defense related firms, consulting groups, or DOD procurement to be staffed with ex-government officials. Just look at who gets the big Iraqi war contracts, and you see a pack of Dual-Citizens at a unheard of saturation level. This isn't just an old Air Force general with inside contacts. This new group strives to cut policy.








Air Force General Goes Into The Private Sector

General Ron Kadish, a second-generation Polish Zionist, leaves the Air Force.







The General Becomes A Vice-President

Ron Kadish is now a $600k a year Vice President, and partner, with Booz Allen Consulting.







Dov Zakheim

Mr. Zakheim was the Pentagon comptroller.







Today, Dov Works At Booz Allen

Dov Zakheim left his government job and now is a $600k a year partner at Booz Allen.








What Is Booz Allen?

They are a management consulting firm that has a $4 billion a year in annual sales. It has 300 partners and 90% of them are Zionists. 

The general idea is they take "Outstanding Leaders" who examine your business, and tell you how to improve it.







Zakheim And Kadish Are Worried

The Pentagon is destroying competition, and eliminating defense companies. In World War Two, you had twenty aircraft designers and manufactuers, such as Boeing, Grumman, Douglas, Martin, Convair, North American, etc..Today, you have only five, and three sub-contract building to firms in Europe.








A Good Solution

Invest in our "Friends" and their weapons industry. Israel somehow became a leader in electronics and missile systems, so let us turn to them.








Military Suicide

I can just picture a Zionist American in charge of the Phalanx Gun system, on an Aegis destroyer, as a missile is bearing down on the Carrier Kitty Hawk in the Persian Gulf.







Let Israel Help

The argument here is Boeing and Lockheed Martin should "collaborate" on the Air Force's next-generation bomber, but there should be more. A company like Israeli Military Industries could do the electronics, and build some major sub-systems.











We Really Have To Be Nuts Listening To These Idiots

What no one fathoms is the extreme danger of letting such people run our defense establishment. These people's first loyalty is to Israel, not to America.

Booz Allen, and it's 300 gifted partners, are traitors to the USA.




The Missing $2.6 Trillion

Who is Dov Zakheim

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