I am amazed at the incredible congeries of ignorant and stupid comments about my essay on Movement People.  Let me begin by noting that I have personally received only a couple of very mild criticisms of the essay, all which I posted as quotes of the day, so maybe if the VNN readers who have such a hard-on about my essay started reading my webpage, they would be a lot better informed, hence would not be so inclined to fly off the handle about sensitive issues. 
Now to respond to some particular complaints raised against my essay  by the VNN posts, I offer the following comments:


Complaint (FeralWhiteMale, truthteller): Rockwell wasn't a Jew.

Response: As I mentioned, Judicial has a posting on this which I find credible, and can be read at rockwell_of_nazi.htm  Maybe someone can poke some holes in it (Judicial is far from perfect), but the complainer didn't bother, so until we see a refutation of Judicial -- and no one has sent me the least contrary evidence since I posted it sometime ago -- then I think we can write this complaint off as hot air.  To this I might add that Hitler was also part Jewish, a matter which has been thoroughly documented by Kardel's Hitler: Founder of Israel, Jim Condit's video (don't know title), Goldberg's The Jewish Connection, Epperson's The Unseen Hand, and at least one other place.  In fact, as Kardel and others have noted, Jews played a prominent place in the Third Reich -- 70 generals were Jewish, for example.  It is time, therefore, that the Airhead Aryans, such as many of those posting in this thread, acknowledge their debt to Movement Jews.

Complaint (pcmike): That I called Pierce a neo-nazi.

Response: That's exactly what he was.  He was a member of Rockwell's organization, whose name was The American NAZI Party.  DUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!

Complaint (FeralWhiteMale): That I said that Duke's nazi and KKK affiliations were impediments.

Response: OF COURSE they are impediments, because when you get these things pinned on you, it looks bad to a lot of people (Remember, we fought the nazis in WW2, and the Klan has been responsible for a lot of very ugly violence, irrespective of whatever good they may have done.)  And when TV producers have to go up against the threat of complaints for giving such people a forum, that makes them think twice about giving Duke or whoever a forum.  This is probably why Taylor has done much better than Duke in terms of getting media air time.

Complaint (FeralWhiteMale): Carto stole millions of dollars from the IHR.

Response: Carto FOUNDED the IHR.  (Can you steal money from yourself?)  The conflict between Carto and the IHR people was about two things -- (1) the editorial direction (Carto wanted to leave behind the Holocaust stuff, it having been worked to death, and do something like he is doing with the Barnes Review), and (2) a bequest made to the IHR by an Edison heir.  Carto was right on (1) -- the Barnes Review flourishes, while the IHR has virtually melted away -- but he was resisted by his entrenched employees and contributors (eg, Faurisson) because their autopilot was set on Holocaust.  As for (2), it was only by virtue of Carto expending a million or so dollars of his own money that the bequest was secured (He had to contest the will in Switzerland against high-price lawyers).  At the time all this was going on, I was reading both the IHR Journal and Carto's Spotlight, and the distinguishing feature of the dispute was that Carto published a number of extensive and detailed reports on the dispute, while the JHR published NOTHING.  To me, that meant that Carto was almost certainly right, because surely the IHR people would have defended themselves if they could have.

Complaint (truthteller): Truthteller repeats what I had to say about Pierce, and then claims this proves (along with the assertion that Rockwell was a Jew) that I am a 'fucking idiot' etc etc etc. 

Response: This is SO TYPICAL of many white racialists -- nothing but insults to those they disagree with, but absolutely no proof that they are right or the other guy is wrong.  (In this particular case, I can't even determine what truthteller's complaint is.)  But the really important point is that, with friends like these, who needs enemies?  There is simply no hope for a 'Movement' with people like this -- ignorant, arrogant, bristling with hate, and couldn't even get along with a dog.

Complaint (MB): (a) I'll believe anything (referring to Judicial on Rockwell) which is 'proved' because I question the Moon landings (again, no argument, just a claim); (b) "Hes way too thin-skinned. The slightest criticism or just difference of opinion with him and he spits fire. He either attacks the persons intelligence or calls em a traitor or a Jew."

Response: We have already discussed Rockwell and Judicial.  As to the Moon landings, the matter is really analogous to the Holocaust: "Everybody knows" that they happened, but a careful examination of the evidence leaves some very strong doubts.  I am not saying they didn't happen, but I am saying, given the doubts, that I am very skeptical.  (Gee, it does seem that people who think the Holocaust is a hoax might have learned to question Establishment opinion a little better that MB has.)  As to the 'thin-skinned' accusation, I am the ONLY PERSON IN CYBERSPACE who allows ALL of my critics to post their criticisms on my site.  (Is that 'thin-skinned'?  I don't think so.)  Yes, I will answer those criticisms -- often with cutting wit and sarcasm, when apt -- but that is the risk that critics take, and has had the effect of making critics a lot more careful about what they say, particularly when it is not true -- which it rarely is, particularly in this space. 

I believe this takes care of most of the major points.  I will refrain from posting further on this, as I do not care to throw pearls before swine.


Natalee Holloway

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