Ryan Schallenberger Wanted To Blow Up A High School








His Rabbi In The Background








The Kid Appears To Be Jewish

The name Schallenberger is an old German-Jewish name. His hero was the Columbine killer Klebold, and the Trench-Coat Mafia. The TCM was their miniature Haganah, later to become the IDF, which represents their fist against perceived anti Semites.








Chesterfield High School

An 18-year-old accused of planning to bomb his high school will be charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, which carries a possible life sentence.

Ryan Schallenberger also will face two lesser federal charges stemming from what authorities say was a scheme to detonate explosives in a suicide attack on his high school in the small town of Chesterfield. 






He Planned A Big Massacre

He possessed 10 pounds of ammonium nitrate.







Just Mix Fuel Oil And Fertilizer

Schallenberger could have assembled deadly bombs within minutes with the materials they found. Police said they also discovered bombing plans, including a hand-drawn map of the school.








He Was A Columbine Groupie

Police found a hate-filled journal lauding the Columbine killers and an audiotape that authorities say was to have been played after Schallenberger died.








The Real Father Is Not Talking

His mother remarried a man named Norm Sittley, who appears to be a Christian. The step-father is reported to have turned the kid in. The source of the Schallenberger name .









Nothing Makes Sense

The first question is why are many Jewish kids so violently volatile? The best guess is that they have been mass-propagandized by the Talmudists so long that they feel the entire gentile world hates them. Their favorite tool has always been the bomb. Then, you wonder why the parents turned the kid in. A normal parent would take this ammonia nitrate and claimed it was for their garden.

Then there are the prosecutors pushing for a life sentence. There has to be more to this story than a ten pound bag of ammonia nitrate, for prosecutors to want such a stiff sentence for this young man.








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