A Dungeon Master, White Slaver, and Kidnapper










Schwartz Contends He Is Innocent









Mr. Schwarz Jailed Over Kidnapping Plot

An Austrian court has sentenced Wolfgang Schwarz to eight years jail for attempted kidnapping.








The Kidnapping Plot

The Zionist planned to kidnap the 18-year old daughter of an Andrei Serban, a wealthy Romanian businessman. He planned to ransom the teenager, a student in Vienna, for nearly $4 million.








Convicted Of White Slavery In 2002

Schwarz had previously been convicted for trafficking eastern European women for prostitution in Austria. Schwarz purchased women from eastern Europe to work as prostitutes in Viennese brothels.






Zionist Judge Suspends Sentence

He bought/kidnapped children from Eastern/Communist Europe to work at his Belgium sex clubs. He received an 18-month suspended sentence.













Should A Zionist Judge Preside Over A Jewish Case?

Yes - They will probably be harsher on their own kind
No - Look at what happened with Anna Nicole, Phil Spector, the Friedman Family, and countless others


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