Suddenly There Is A Massive Influx Of Gun Bills








The Gun Control Crowd Is on The Move

State lawmakers across the country are ramping up efforts to pass new restrictions on guns, following nearly a decade in which state legislative efforts have been dominated by gun rights advocates.






Thirty-Eight States Have Legislation\

Some 38 states are considering gun-related bills — focus being on cutting off criminal access to guns and improving methods to trace guns used in crimes.

Underlying many of the proposals, is an effort to re-define the gun debate as a law enforcement issue, rather than a Second Amendment concern.2







Arnold Is For Gun Control

“The key thing is that we want to protect Second Amendment rights,” said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, a Republican who has supported several bills that focus on guns used in crimes but not bills that would curtail ownership rights.






Lobbyists For The Brady Bill

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a prominent antigun group, has identified 52 bills it wants, twice that of two years ago.

“For years, we were chasing the NRA’s tail,” Brian Malte, the group’s state legislation and politics director, said of the National Rifle Association. “But now, we feel they are chasing our priorities.”






N.R.A. Is In For A fight

The N.R.A. is tracking 208 pieces of gun-related legislation in 38 states, both proposed restrictions it opposes, and other bills it supports, the highest number ever.






Zionists Are Riding High

The catalysts for the latest round of legislation are the recent shootings at shopping malls, schools, and universities.






The Supreme Court

The spike in lawmaking activity is being brought on by a case before the Supreme Court that challenges the constitutionality of a ban on the private possession of handguns in the District of Columbia.







Zionist Legislators Want More Gun Control

The relatively new Mayors Against Illegal Guns, championed by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York, has over 300 members which work assertively to limit guns.







The Gun Bills Creep In

Last week in Pennsylvania, lawmakers debated a bill that would have compelled gun owners to immediately report a lost or stolen gun to law enforcement officials. This is that state's first gun bill in 15 years.







One Step Forward And Five Steps Back

Florida passed a bill allowing concealed gun owners to keep a gun in their car, and businesses can't prohibit it. 






A Trojan Horse

The violence on college campuses also prompted a host of legislative proposals for allowing students or faculty to carry weapons.

They might be better off with security, tasers, etc, is what gun control advocates suggest.









The Entire Argument Is Bogus

Guns, or automobiles, aren't the problem, Instead, it is the people behind them. All over the world, in the most gun- controlled states, the criminals have guns. So, if you take away guns in America, only criminals win. If a student wants a bloodbath, he will use a pipe bomb. If a husband flips out, he will use a bat, knife, car, or anything to kill.







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