France's Notorious Virgin Killers

Monique Olivier And Michel Fourniret








The Sautou Castle Of Blood






The Local Police Guarded The Place








Located In A Remote Area Of France








Michel Fourniret Was Arrested As A 25 Year Old

His Zionist Masters Got Him Out








His Masters Want Him Assassinated








He Is Kept Under The Tightest Security







He Killed Two Dozen Young Girls








 His French Nickname Is The "Ogre of the Ardennes".








France's Most Heinous Serial Killers

Michel Fourniret, and Monica Olivier, ran an organized torture and murder business for international wealthy clients. The visitors would come to his gated Chateau where they indulged their twisted maniacal fantasies. He admits to twenty victims, but most experts believe it runs into the hundreds.








Michel Fourniret And Monica Olivier

Michel Fourniret, born on April 4, 1942, is a suspected French serial killer who confessed in July of 2004, to kidnapping, raping, and murdering twenty girls in a span of 14 years during the 1980s and the 1990s. Earliest records show Fourniret started in the mid-1960s.








They Married In 1983

Monica Olivier is an accomplice to10 additional murders, nine in France and one in Belgium. 






Where It Begins

Ranucci was an early accomplice, via 1976, and Zionists had him executed by guillotine before he could talk.








Emile Louis

Another suspected accomplice. He was a French bus driver, with access to children.








Fourniret Meets Hellogouche

While Fourniret was serving time in a French prison, he met fellow inmate Pierre Hellegouache. who was involved in the "far-left militant group Action Directe. A Zionist drug and kidnapping ring, posing as Communist revolutionaries. 







Action Direct Was A Communist Gang

Like most Zionist fronts, they hid under the cover of a 'Cause', but the truth was they were just kidnappers, and extortionists.







In 1986, Monica had A Child

The wife, Monica Olivier, birthed a son.







The Son Denies He Was Involved

France has been sickened by the case, particularly Olivierís suggestions that the coupleís 20-year-old son Sťlim witnessed rapes and murders when he was young. He will testify during the trial, as will Fourniretís first two wives.








The Castle Of Death

Called by locals 'The Gentile's Palace Of Death'. Jewish groups want the entire place leveled as they did with the Ipatiev House, where the Romanovs were slaughtered.








Who Protected The Property?

There were people coming and going for these sacrifices.







The Town's Local Police

This was a small remote town. Wealthy Zionists were arriving for their weekend of depravity, and no one noticed anything?








Where Did It Happen?

About 70 miles from Paris.






She Killed Her Au Pair

They imported an Au Pair, and the wife slowly dissected the girl alive.







Michel's Wife Injected This 20 Year-Old With Drugs

Joanna Parrish, a British student teacher whose mutilated body was found in a river in 1990.







The Wife Accidentally Killed Her And He Raped The Corpse

Isabelle Laville was a 17 year-old mentally challenged girl who was provided by a psychiatrist in the ring. The wife picked her up, and fed her a drink laced with sleeping pills. The child overdosed before they got her to the castle, so Fourniret had Olivier lay next to the corpse, and he alternated between them.

He dismembered the body for the movie, and then threw the parts in a nearby well.







Fabienne Leroy, a student

In 1988,  Olivier picked up the girl,. they took her behind the chateau, where the wife examined the girl for virginity. Next Michel raped her, and then they executed her on camera.   Several more murders followed the same pattern.







He Beheaded A girl On Camera

On July 28, 1976 Fourniret beheaded Dolores Rambla in Marseille. He was spotted by an elderly couple carrying a big package, which was the girl's head.







His Wife Strangled Girls On Videos

His wife admitted to strangling this girl to silence her screams.







There Were "Visitors"

One girl that escaped described how numerous visitors came to the Chateau to rape, torture , and murdered these young girls.






He Killed His Son's Babysitters

 Michel admits to killing three of his sonís babysitters







A Local Sanatorium Provided Victims

At least seven pupils from the Medical-Educational Institute, a special needs school for handicapped young women in Auxerre. The girls, 16 to 22 years old, were murdered between 1977 and 1979.






Constable Jambert Says It's An Organized Ring

Officer Jambert found a girl wandering the streets of Auxerre that told of a house with a torture chamber, but local police wouldn't cooperate.  He claimed it was an organized ring, and girls were tortured by invited guests. The guests were politicians, industrialists and magistrates, but no one will name them."






Torture Chambers Are An Erotic Fantasy

At least fifty French 'notables' who paid to torture and abuse" captive girls was discovered by police and handed over to the Auxerre Courthouse. However, the list mysteriously disappeared from a courtroom and has never been found.

It was not the only document that went missing. In fact, there were more than 100 murder and missing person case files from between 1958 and 1982 that vanished from the courthouse. Moreover, the court ledger documenting the investigations also vanished. It became increasingly clear that someone was either trying to cover up the crimes or the Auxerre Courthouse had a serious management problem.







The Constable Is Murdered

Jambert was found dead in the basement of his Auxerre home. An autopsy revealed that he died from a single gunshot wound to the head. Medical investigators claimed that Jambert had a history of depression. 








Fourniret Was Capture When This Girl Escaped

She escaped in 2000, and Fourniret was finally arrested 2003.






Fourniret Is Arrested

Fourniret has been charged with the abduction of minors and sexual misconduct, and has been in detention since June 2003 for the attempted kidnapping of a 14-year-old girl in 2000.






Where Are All The Bodies?

Most of the murders, and rapes, were filmed at the Chateau. The first thing you look for in an operation of this size is an incinerator, or a local Zionist-run crematorium.








The Two Ghouls Are On Trial

There are some very wealthy Zionists that are petrified of those videos surfacing. I wouldn't be surprised if the husband suicides himself, and the wife goes mental in a sanatorium.








This Goes A Lot Deeper

Right now, the Zionist media writes this up as a local carpenter, who admits to nine victims. But, who paid for the castle, who could control the local police, who killed the investigator? What would happen if the videos surfaced of what happened there?

I have to imagine that Michel Fourniret is awfully worried about a sniper round as he walks to the courthouse. This story surpasses any Hannibal Lechter, but oddly there are hardly any articles on it.







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