Who Is Really Behind This Texas Raid?






Police Taking 418 Children From Mormons






The First Front Is A Group Called The Child-Protection Project






Behind Them Is Another Layer Called Grass Roots Charity








These Organizations Just Don't Pop Up

When you see 20,000 clowns bused into Jena, Louisiana, you can bet there is an organization behind it. Anything, whether its the Young Democrats, 1960's SDS, Obama, or some Neo-Nazi rally, always has  someone paying and organizing. And this organization leads to a Jewish political consulting group.

This Mormon escapade stinks of Zionists. You can trace the OKC bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc. back to the Zionist's false flags to have the government kill off the militia. Have no doubt this present Texas Travesty is a Zionist slap to any independent movements.





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