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USS Kitty Hawk









A Plausible Scenario For War With Iran

No matter how you cut it, Americans are not going to send their kids to die in Iran because of Israel, and AIPAC. The only possible way is a major False Flag, and there only two scenarios there. One is a nuke on a US city, and the second is an attack on an aircraft carrier.

The US city is easy. That could be an Iranian (Mossad) with a nuke from Pakistan. The carrier is harder, but it is a made-for- TV "Battle Royale", and it also portrays Israel as a threatened nation of Holocaust survivors, that is America's finest ally. A televised bloodbath in the Straits of Hormuz. The world watches as the USS Kitty Hawk takes endless barrages from Iranian missiles, and their Air Force jets pound the Fifth Fleet. This is really the top foreign false-flag attack scenario for the Zionists.









Why The Kitty Hawk?

It's a 50 year-old Super Carrier that is headed for the Bone Yard in 2009.







Where Is The Attack Zone

The Straights of Hormuz is a 20-mile-wide channel, and that's where the battle will take place. That position leaves no doubt the attack came from Iran.









The Fifth Fleet Is Bottled Up

The Kitty Hawk is nailed in the Straights and another carrier is under attack at Bahrain. The Kitty Hawk has lost half its crew, and the Eisenhower is battling Iran's F-14 Tomcats.






Bush Is On TV

"My fellow Americans this is our darkest hour, one carrier is lost and another is under attack. I have ordered four carriers to the Persian Gulf, but steaming time is 5 days."







Who Will Save America?

That's when Israel's Prime Minister calls his staff to the 'War Room' and says, "We must stand by George Bush". Within hours, Colonel Heim Gadowsky is leading the Kavutz Putz air wing on the most daring rescue since Entebbe.

TV crews film IDF F-15 pilots scrambling to their jets, leaping into their cockpits, full afterburners going, and it's off to certain death. For three days, the crack Israeli pilots battle the Devil Dogs of Allah.









Iranian Insurgents Attack In Iraq

Yes, oh God, yes! While carriers are savaged, there are attacks on US Military facilities in Iraq. 










The Navy Steams Toward Iran

But, there is the logistics to consider. First the lay-out of Iran means the ships must pass near the eastern mountain ranges. Iran has a submarine force. They literally have thousands of high-tech missiles, and they even manufacture their own jets.

You really can't risk send three more carrier groups, when a $50,000 Exocet missile system can be used to disable them.






Bush Asks God For Guidance

Bush confers with God, and his Neo-Con advisors, who inform him that Iran plans to nuke Israel, because they helped America. Bush realizes this could be a second Holocaust, he screams 'Never again', and orders a nuclear strike on Iran.






A Special State Of The Union Address

Tears flow as two great leaders, George Bush and Ehud Olmert, embrace each other.








The War Is Over

In every classroom in America, the children pledge allegiance, and thank Bush for leading us through our darkest hour.







Every Classroom Will Have Heim's Picture

There will be Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Elie Weisel, and then Colonel Gadowsky's picture in every classroom.








Think Of The Documentaries

At 8:00 P.M., you can watch Schindler's List, then David Letterman, Barbara Walters, a Holocaust documentary, and then the documentary "The Day Israel Rescued America".







The USS  Garbowsky

Next, we can name a carrier after Heim, and Air Wing after them, the 'Kavutz Putz' squadron.







What About The Haifa Pipeline?

What decent American would question the Mid-East oil going through Haifa?










What Are The Odds On A False Flag?

Zionists have bombed the King David, attacked the USS Liberty, orchestrated 9/11, blew up the Madrid Trains, etc., etc. They have bred a lot of fanatics in Gaza, and the Mid-East, so the bodies are there.

This is the culmination of a thousand-years-old plan to rule the world, and they won't hesitate.






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A Likely Attack Scenario

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