Let The Assassinations Begin







The Top Reporter On The OKC Bombing Dies At 55






Oklahoma City Was A Keystone Event

You can write articles about a thousand events, but only a few will have the staying power, and interest factor where an article will get repetitively googled. The OKC bombing is an historic event, and has the potential to cause some real damage for Zionists.

I find JD Cash's demise a little too convenient.









J.D. Cash

He is a reporter who spent 12 years researching the Murrah building bomb. He questioned the whole thing, finally connecting Strassmeir, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Elohim City.





Timothy McVeigh

He was a drifter from New Mexico, and was portrayed as the mastermind.






Terry Nichols

Nichols was McVeigh's partner, another drifter with a low IQ.





Michael Fortier

He spent 10 yrs in prison as an accomplice after the fact.






Elohim City

This was a small compound in remote Oklahoma, run by a Kosher Nazi named Millar where the bomb scheme was concocted.





The Southern Poverty Law Center

JD Cash tied Morris Dees, and the SPLC, to Elohim City and the bombing.






Kirk Lyons

An attorney who sacrifices his career to defend Fred Leuchter, Randy Weaver, Strassmeir, Louis Beam, the Montana Freeman, Branch Davidians, etc. He was involved in the Elohim City crowd.

JD Cash says he was a Zio-plant working for the SPLC.






Oklahoma City Is Like Port Arthur

Both sets of investigators (Beattie and Cash) knew something was wrong, and they searched for the why in it all. Sometimes the why is pretty simple, in that the OKC bombing was a Zionist false Flag to get rid of the militias.

With the advent of the internet, eventually JD Cash would start tying together Spiegelman, Brescia, Strassmeir, Elohim City, SPLC, and Israeli Demolition teams. If Cash got something concrete, Israelis wouldn't hesitate to put him to sleep.





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