Here is the seating chart for Flight 11

 Four Arabs, and a Capt in Israel’s counter-terror and assassin team.

Danny Lewin - Captain In Sayeret Matkal





Sayeret Matkal Is Israel's Unit Of 'Counter Terror - Anti Hijacking Commandos'


There Is Nothing Complicated With 9/11

The most overlooked fact about 9/11 is, that Israel had a Sayeret Matkal Captain in the middle of all of it. So you have to believe a top Israeli agent walks into a jet, past these four ‘Camel Jockeys',  in an empty first class, and sees nothing wrong ?

Figure the odds

A top Sayeret Matkal operative, on Fl 11,  with four Arabs, in an empty first class, and getting shot, etc. The odds are a billion to one. The Sayeret Matkal specialty is an "Aircraft takeover" squad. And the stewardess, Betty Ong, initially identified his seat #, as the shooter.

If these really were Arabs on those jets, then lets see the boarding videos. The reason you never saw the boarding videos is because, these were Israelis.




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