Who really kidnapped the Lindbergh baby ?


The real question is -

Why was the baby killed ?





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Anne Lindbergh Charles Lindbergh





History of the Lindbergh family



Lindbergh's father was controversial

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Charles Lindbergh Sr. (1860-1924)
Congressman from Minnesota (1907-1917) who led the fight against enactment of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. He ran for governor of Minnesota and lost. He was vehemently opposed by The New York Times, and other Jewish papers.

Federal agents burned his books, including " Why Is Your Country At War?" and the papers and contents of his home office in Little Falls, Minnesota.


Lindbergh Sr opposes Federal Reserve Act of 1913

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Lindbergh Sr accused Wilson of being in cahoots with Jacob Shift, and Paul Warburg, who created the Fed Res. This act gave the NY bankers control of American's credit policies. Lindbergh Sr. said it could be used to "scientifically created depressions".


He was proven right when certain groups used the 1929 depression to buy up America for pennies.

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Lusitania  1915

wpe125.jpg (2460 bytes) Lindbergh Sr demanded an investigation of the Lusitania sinking. Many suspected Churchill, and world Jewry, were involved because of the bomb used.

Lindbergh SR's book

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Lindbergh's book said -- " WW-1 was over in 1917 but European Jewry wanted Germany crushed , so Wilson did their bidding and put the USA into the war "

Woodrow Wilson ordered government agents to seize, and destroy, the printing plates for his book.


Henry Ford

Lindbergh, and Ford, both opposed helping Stalin, and his Jews.
Ford was going to back Lindbergh in a campaign run against Roosevelt.


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Lindbergh Sr exposed the Communist leadership of Trotskyite Vincent Dunne, and Jewish corruption in the teamsters.
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The kidnapping
March 1, 1932
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Tuesday evening: - Betty Gow, and Anne Lindbergh, put twenty-month-old Charles Jr.,  to bed at eight PM.

He was looked in on at nine, and found to be sleeping peacefully.

Fifty minutes later, when the nurse made her final check, the baby was gone. The Lindberghs were sitting in the living room

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Lindbergh told to use the underworld

On day 2 , Congresswoman Ruth Pratt calls Lindbergh and recommends Morris Rosner, a gangster. Rosner appoints two Jewish gangsters, Irving Bitz and S. Spitale, to act as liaisons to the underworld.

Lindbergh felt it was organized crime, who kidnapped the baby.

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The Mysterious Negotiator

A good Samaritan named Dr. John Condon places ads in a Bronx newspaper seeking contact with the kidnappers. Not long afterwards, Condon was sent the pajamas the Lindbergh baby was wearing when he was kidnapped, along with ransom notes.

Condon meets with the kidnapper twice during the ransom negotiations: first to ascertain the welfare of the child; and later to deliver the ransom money. Both meetings took place in cemeteries

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$ 50,000 was paid to a mysterious man at this cemetery

Baby found dead
wpe10B.jpg (3182 bytes) On May 12, 1932, the body of the kidnapped baby was accidentally found, partly buried, and badly decomposed, about four and a half miles southeast of the Lindbergh home, 45 feet from the highway, near Mount Rose, New Jersey, in Mercer County.

There was a bullet hole in the skull



The investigation

wpe129.jpg (2649 bytes) Col. Schwarzkopf of NJ police took a backseat in the investigation till the body was found, and then he pursued Hauptmann. He was cashiered out of the NJ police - rejoined the army, and was rewarded with the post of a two star general.

This flunky did nothing.


The trial

wpe11A.jpg (2117 bytes) Hauptman's lawyer hired by NY Jewish newspapers

Ed Reilly, Hauptmann's defense attorney, had his fee paid for New York Evening Journal .He was literally bought, and paid for, by a Hearst newspaper.

Reilly spent no more than 40 minutes with his client over the course of the entire trial. He was an over the hill glad handing drunk. 

Another flunky.

wpe118.jpg (2991 bytes) Prosecuting Attorney David Wilentz , and Harold Fischer, called Bruno Hauptmann "Public Enemy Number 1 of the World", and a baby killer. Wilentz, a Jewish attorney, was well rewarded with a successful law practice in Perth Amboy and became a power in state Democratic politics.

This flunky railroaded Hauptmann.


The suspects

wpe11B.jpg (2556 bytes) Bruna Hauptman ... A gullible German immigrant carpenter

He was found with ransom money given to him by Fisch. The negotiator said it was Hauptmann he met in the cemetery.

wpe112.jpg (3624 bytes) Isadore Fisch  ... A slick German Jewish swindler who befriends Hauptman

In early 1932, Fisch met Hauptmann and the two became both friends and business partners, agreeing to split the profits and losses of Fisch’s fur business and Hauptmann’s stock investments equally.

In December 6, 1933 Fisch leaves for Germany paying with the ransom money. One witness testified he had seen Sharpe and Fisch together. Hauptmann testified that Fisch gave him a package to hold, the Lindbergh ransom money.

On March 29, 1934, Fisch supposedly died in Liepzig, Germany.



wpe129.jpg (3673 bytes) State brings Fisch family from Germany as character witnesses

The prosecutors brought Fisch family where they stayed in expensive hotels, entertained in expensive restaurants, theater tickets, etc - all provided by the State.





A partial list of unanswered questions

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Hauptmann was just a stubborn, and gullible Kraut, with no connection to Lindbergh- he didn't have the brains or a motive. Historians consider his trial a total fraud.

He was offered $75,000 to confess, but refused.

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The ladder weighted close to 100 lbs - Could one person lift it?

They found footprints in the wet ground below the window, but neglected either to measure them or to make plaster casts of them.

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What about car tracks?
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The negotiator met with two people at the cemetery.
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Handwriting experts appear to concur that the first ransom note was written by a different person than those that followed.




The real perpetrators

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Isador Fisch

Fisch's part was to set up Hauptmann, and get the house schematics.



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Violet Sharpe

The Lindbergh maid that provided Fisch with schematics and inside information.

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Jacob Novitsky

Novitsky deposited $ 2900 of Lindbergh money in a NY bank .

Jacob Novitsky a Jewish bookkeeper/forger/embezzler who worked for the Purple Gang, and wrote the ransom notes.

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The kidnappers

Jack Stein, and Sam Davis, were the most likely suspects according to Detroit police. They were 'Second story men' ( burglars ).



The planning, and financing, was handled by Detroit's purple gang.

The gang dealt in narcotics, bootlegged liquor, gambling ,high jacking but it's specialty was kidnapping.

The gang was started by Raymond Bernstein, and Harry Keywell, in a Detroit ghetto for newly arrived Russian Jews. Harry Fleisher became the leader after Bernstein, and Keywell , received life sentences for gangland slayings in 1931.

Members were the brothers Louis, Sam, and  Harry Fleisher , Harry Keywell , Ray Bernstein , Solly Levine, Abe Axler and Eddie Fletcher Milberg, Ray Bernstein and the four Bernstein brothers – Abe, Joe, Raymond and Izzy.


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At it's peak the Purples had 51 members but became a legendary as the US most vicious gangs. 
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All  Russian immigrant Jews

The gang distinguished itself being more than willing to use extreme levels of violence in the course of extorting, collecting debts or protecting a shipment.  Purples reputation as one of the toughest of the prohibition gangs when several members were sought out and arrested in connection with the St. Valentines day massacre in Chicago.

The gang was so well known for their involvement in the booming  kidnapping for ransom trade that they became the prime suspects in the disappearance of the Lindbergh baby. 




The motive


Lindbergh was considering politics

Lindbergh saw his father's predictions come true.

The Fed Res tightened credit in 1929, causing a devastating depression, and giving the NY moneyed interests an opportunity to buy America companies and real estate for pennies.

Lindbergh felt Roosevelt was a Communist, and would do anything to get America into war. He saw Stalin, and Communism, as the enemy. In the early 1930s Japan was entangled in a war with Communist China and Roosevelt stood with China. Lindbergh was vocal in his opposition.

He pulled no punches on how Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill guaranteed Poland protection from Hitler when Polish Jews killed 58,000 Germans in the Danzig corridor. He was a representative of 'America First', an organization that exposed the 1938 Jewish neo-cons, who were behind pushing America into WW2. His famous 1940 Des Moines Speech.


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New York newspapers went on a rampage

Lindbergh was portrayed as a Nazi, and a womanizer.

Roosevelt stripped Lindberg of his air force commission and refused to let him re-enlist. He put the FBI on Lindbergh.




Jewish groups held Anti-Lindbergh rallies

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Woody Guthrie, a communist sympathizer wrote this


Guthrie, and his New York liberal Communist crowd, hated Lindbergh.

Moses Asch - Guthrie's mentor






1998 book plot visualizes Lindbergh winning the 1940 election. As President he meets with the Nazis, agrees to a non aggression pact, and devising plans to round up American Jews.

Roth asks, " Would America have been like had the isolationist and anti-Semitic Lindbergh defeated F.D.R., reached a cordial “understanding” with Adolf Hitler, and kept the United States out of the Second World War? "




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