General Mark Clark

Eisenhower's Fair Haired Boy and a Jewish Clown





An Egotistical and Vain Perfumed Prince

He Was Famous For Posing With His Colt 45, Which He Kept Empty






Clarke Lost 180,000 Men In Four Months








An Egomaniac Seeking Glory







Animated Presentation Of The Italian Campaign








Field Marshal Albert Kesselring Was His German Adversary







A Clown That Cost Untold American Lives

Clark was a totally inept soldier, who took a meteoric rise from Lt Col to Major General. He owed this to his fellow Jew, Eisenhower, and his cousin George Marshal.  It was Eisenhower who put Clark in charge of the Italian campaign.




The Salerno Landings -September 9, 1943

Clarke sent in 55,000 US and British troops to Salerno without pre-invasion naval or aerial bombardment, in order to secure surprise. The Germans had the 10th Army Corp waiting, and slaughtered the first wave of Americans.

The Germans had established artillery,  machine-gun posts, and scattered tanks through the landing zones. American progress was difficult, but the beach areas were finally taken. The allies controlled 35-45 miles of coast line to a depth of six or seven miles. On the second day a Panzer division counter attacked, and caused heavy casualties.

Over the 12th-14th September

The Germans counterattack with six divisions, and almost annihilated the Americans. The German came close to pushing the Allies into the sea.

Clark stayed aboard the naval ships, blaming the English for the bungled landing. He was so inept that 600 men of the British 10th Corps, started a mutiny and refused to serve under Clark.  There were 2,000 US, and 6,847 British dead, and another 11,000 casualties.

Fifth Army Was Almost Annihilated

Rommel persuaded Hitler to hold the Tenth Army's reserves to defend Germany. If  Kesselring had unleashed his reserves, he would have pushed U.S. 5th and British 8th Armies into the sea. There would have been 20,000 dead, and 35,000 captured.


Rapido River - January 1944  

Clark was pinned down at Anzio so he ordered the 36th Division on a suicide mission from Casino to bail him out. They were to go around Casino, cross the Rapido River at Saint Angelo, penetrate the German Gustav Line, and head north to Anzio.

Major General Fred Walker, the division's commander,  told General Clark, that an attempt to cross the river at that point would be suicide, but Clark ordered the attack, and drove the 36th at the river for three days. 




German Fortifications

Clark sent two divisions into muddy fields layered with land mines, and facing German artillery on the other bank. They were to forge the 12' deep Rapido River without boats, engineers, etc.

It was such a fiasco that it became the subject of a Congressional inquiry. In three days the 36th lost more than 2,100


Clark Froze At Anzio - February 2, 1944

In Operation Shingle, Clark lands 50,000 British and American troops at Anzio, they were unopposed as the Germans were south at Casino. Instead of pushing inland and cutting the Germans supply lines to Garigliano, Clark dug-in to consolidate his beach-head.

This gave the Germans time to bring in reserves, and the Anzio beach head was in a state of siege for five months. 

The conduct of the landing seriously impeded the Allied advance. It was a lost opportunity to inflict serious damage to the German rear.


Anzio's Objective

Clark was to land, advance inward behind the Germans, and cut off their supply lines.

During the five months of the Anzio Campaign the Allied VI Corps suffered over 68,000 casualties


Six Month Battle of Monte Cassino ... Jan 15 - May 25  1944

Monte Casino sat on the Gustav line, and there were four battles at there . The main road ran through the town of Monte Casino. Clark made three attacks to cross this line, but failed. In a fit of anger he blamed his failures on a monastery, which he claimed was an artillery position, and acted as a observation post. On Feb 15th Clark called in hundreds of bombers, and reduced it to ruble.

The Germans, who never occupied it because Hitler said it was a historical treasure, then poured in paratroopers and artillery, in the rubble. Clark gave the Germans a perfect encampment, and prolonged the battle by months.

Repeated attempts over the next six months to break or outflank it failed.



The German Army Retreats on By May 25,

Kesselring now orders the German Tenth Army, and all it's reserves, to retreat. The American 5th Army at Anzio was to drive east to Velmonten and cut them off. The Germans would be trapped between two armies, and air power could have annihilated them. Astonishingly, General Mark Clark ordered Gen Truscott to change his line of attack from Valmontone, and ordered an advance on Rome.

As a result of Clark's actions, the Gothic line was not broken for another year, and the provisional governments and safe areas which the Allies had encouraged the Italian Partisans to set up were smashed by the German Army, at great loss of men.


The U.S. 5th Army lost 107,144 men between January 15 and June 4. The British XIII Corps lost 4,056 and the Polish 2nd Corps lost 3,779, for a grand total of 118,979 dead, wounded, or missing.



Kesselring Retreats

The German 10th army retreats from Casino, and fortifies the Gothic Line, north of Rome.



Liberation Of Rome - June 4, 1944

On June 2nd Kesselring orders Rome to be abandoned, declaring it an open city. Clark's Fifth Army units reached the outskirts of the city, encountering imaginary German resistance.  Clark, and his sycophants, were in such a rush for photo ops that units collided, and accidentally attacked each other. A Gen Kendall's unit attacked a Gen Fredrick's unit, and accidentally killed the General Fredicks.

As Clark triumphantly entered Rome he was greeted by thousands of young Italian Jews,  who had been hiding from  German conscription gangs.





George Marshall Relationship To Clark

The reason this vain, egotistical, incompetent, Jewish coward, was appointed is because he was George Marshall's cousin.

Any other general would have been sacked at Salerno, Anzio, Rapido, Vermonte and Casino. Eisenhower defended Clark.




History Isn't What It Seems

Clark admits to being Jewish, and it's probable that Marshal also has Jewish blood. Then you have Eisenhower, whose father was Jewish. Next you have Roosevelt, and his wife are Jewish. A little research shows that Churchill's mother was a Jewess.

550,000 US soldiers died so Stalin could spread his Jewish/Bolshevik/Communist throughout  Europe.







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