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Students Cannot Bring Non-Jewish Girls To The Prom








This Would Be Forbidden











"No Shiksas At The Prom"


Solomon Schechter School

At morning announcements students were told, no non-Jewish students are to be brought to major social events.  Those events were a coffeehouse, the Junior Ball, and the Senior Prom.







Stop Interfaith Dating

Students objected saying it will encourage anti-Semitism, and put them in a 'self-imposed ghetto'.  Principal Bertrand said of the Jewish-only prom policy, it will remain in place today.







Marc Kramer Of Ravsak

Basically believes Jews should marry Jews, to keep the racial breed in tact, but this prom thing is over-reaching and bad publicity.








One Mother Says

“If a 17-year-old is dating someone who isn’t Jewish, I feel it’s the parents’ responsibility." I don't condone my daughter to date inter-racially, but I would allow her to have Goyim as friends.









Rabbi Lehmann

It's ok to bring a goy to watch a school play or a basketball game, but inter-racial dating and marriage is a whole nether issue.









Professor Sarna Of Brandeis University

Inter-marriage could be problematic, an the parents are “reluctant to be taught that intermarriage is wrong.”











Kids Don't Understand This Is A Secretive Society

They don't want some goyim kid at their dinners, or houses, formal functions, or especially parties. This race thinks, and acts, as an unit. The interlocking relations extend to scholarships, college entrance, job placement, business relationships, all the way down to aiding and abetting in criminal matters.

Then you have the superiority complex, the Israeli issue, the Iraq war, and so forth. As they have become more embolden with placement of government officials, the garnering of the professions, especially the judicial area, there will be a rise of anti-Semitism.

A real brewing problem is the internet, where a student can type in Auschwitz and get some fair evidence what a fraud the whole holocaust thing is. But the real issue will be the coming economic contraction, where the gap between Jewish and Goyim income will be glaring.







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