Did Nazis Kill Nuns?






Jewish Holocaust Scholars Say 'Yes'





This Is Just Not Right!

The entire convent was massacred, they died with rosary beads clutched in their hands





Did He Give The Orders?

"Schie▀en Sie alle die Nonnen"

"Shoot all the Nuns"






Did The Nazis Really Execute This Nun?








What Is The Story Here?

It seems the Pope has just beatified a Hungarian nun, who was executed by Nazis. Of all the war atrocities, this one was particularly heinous.

But on a closer examination of the facts we find this may just be more ridiculous Jewish propaganda.







What Happened?

Sister Sara Salkahazi, was a nun who was executed for sheltering Jews in Hungary during World War II. On Dec. 27, 1944, the good sister, and numerous good Jews, were dragged out of the convent, marched to the Danube, then were shot and thrown in the river.








The Pope Beatified Her

Benedict XVI will be beatified in Budapest this fall.








Hungary Was A German Ally

Hungary fought in most of World War II as a German ally, it fell under German military occupation following an unsuccessful attempt to switch sides on October 15,1944.








Budapest In 1945

In January 1945, a provisional government concluded an armistice with the Soviet Union and established the Allied Control.

Hungarian Jews were never touched.








German Front Lines In Dec 1944

The Russians were headed for Berlin, and the Germans were fighting for their lives. Does anyone believe they would be searching for Jews in a convent during this battle?

The Siege of Budapest was in Nov 1944, one month before the nun was shot.

Russians were in Hungary in Sept of 1944, four months before the nun was shot.

Dec 1944









Wow - What A Story

On 7 November 1944, Soviet troops entered the eastern suburbs of Budapest. On 19 December, the Red Army resumed its offensive. On 26 December, a road linking Budapest to Vienna was seized by the Soviet troops, thereby encircling the city. 4

I doubt 12 SS marched a nun out on the frozen Danube and executed her in front of 50,000 Russian troops.








These Stories Get More Absurd Every Day

In Auschwitz you have Mengele sewing 4000 twins together, in Mauthausen they make 100 pound Jews carry 150 lb rocks up two hundred stairs. Belsen has a 19 year old female postal clerk skinning Jews, and at Treblinka they gas 2,000,000 Jews in a gas chamber disguised as a RR station.

As much as I want to believe, I am going to file the 'Nun Genocide' legends under more Jewish fairy tales.










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