Tel Aviv Convention Center

On Friday the center is set to host largest fetish party ever held in Israel. Organizers expect some 1,000 leather-wearing partygoers to attend event, but fear some who are not members of the community will attempt to crash party out of curiosity


Industry Big Wigs

There will be some Euro/Russian/Israeli impresarios there.


Every Oiled Up Betty

The hall will be filled with young Gays waiting for a chance at the silver screen.


Miss Manners

The international dominatrix hit 'Missie Manners' will be there, and there isn't a lesbian in Tel Aviv that wouldn't love to be spanked by her.


Only  In Israel

Bennie will be signing his book on how to meet other guys. They come to pet the dog and I leave with a phone number.


The Organizers

The party's organizer, estimates that the event will be the biggest of its kind ever to be held in the Middle East.


All Bathrooms Will Be Unisex

Three days, thousands of people, and no doors on the stalls.











Tel Aviv - The Jewel Of The Mideast

The West Bank Arabs are kneeling at their mosques praying, and thirty miles to the west, the Tel Aviv Jews on their knees at a sex convention.






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