Roman Polanski Wins Libel Suit

Jewish director accused of molesting a woman on the way to wife's funeral





From The Ghettos Of Poland To Hollywood

A young Polanski with Sharon Tate







A Look Into Hollywood

People are amazed at how a Phil Specter, Woody Allen or a Roman Polanski can commit despicable crimes and escape justice.










Polanski's Youth

Polanski, born Raimund Liebling, has a very confusing history.

Polanski was birthed in Paris, in 1933. His father was a Jew and the mother, Bula Polanska, was a gentile Roman Catholic. Unbelievably he says, 'My family left Paris and moved to  Poland', where Nazis are killing millions of Jews. Polanski says his Catholic mother perished at Auschwitz, while his father survived the concentration camp at Mathausen







A Six Yr Old On His Own

Polanski says that at 6 year old he escapes the Cracow Ghetto, and spent the war wandering the countryside of Europe.








Polanski's Past

He took a 13 yr old, Samantha Geimermodel, to Jack Nicholson's palatial estate. He told her it would be modeling shoot. During the 'supposed shoot', Polanski put qualuades in the teenager's drink. As she succumbed to the drug, he plied her with champagne, then he started the rape..

Polanski had her undress, climb into a hot tub, then Polanski suddenly stripped, and climbed in. He allegedly raped and sodomized her.








The Police Arrested Polanski And Angelica Huston

The girl's mother called the police, who went to Jack Nicholson's house, and arrested Angelica Huston and Polanski.

It went to the grand jury, he was indicted, and he fled America.








On the Way To Wife's Funeral

Polanski has lunch at a New York restaurant with a model, Ms Telle. During lunch he promised the "Swedish beauty" that "I will make another Sharon Tate out of you."

"He began to praise her beauty and speak to her, romance her," Mr. Lapham recounted, speaking of Mr. Polanski and Ms. Telle, strangers until that moment. "At one point he had his hand on her leg and he said to her: 'I can put you in the movies. I can make you the next Sharon Tate.' "








Seeks Solace From Teens

Mr. Polanski also contends that the article damaged his reputation by saying that the supposed encounter occurred while he was en route to the funeral of his wife Sharon Tate, who had just been murdered in California along with the couple's unborn child, and by saying that he used Tate's name as a seduction ploy.

Polanski admitted having sex with a woman four weeks after Tate's murder and seeking solace in sex with teenaged girls from a finishing school in Gstaad, Switzerland, later in 1969.








Polanski tells court of exploits

Polanski told the court that he took solace in sex and seduced numerous teenagers from a school in Gstaad, Switzerland, as well as an airhostess and “Mamas and Papas” singer Michelle Phillips who was married at that time.

Michelle Phillips




Polanski's Redemption

Hoping to redeem himself, Polanski produces a film about a 'Gifted Jewish pianist' who is hounded by Nazi's in Poland. The film portrays the Nazis dragging young Jews, out of the comfortable lives in Warsaw, to work in German factories.








Polish Veteran's Resentment

Polanski carefully skirted around the Polish issue of Jews being exempt from the Polish army, and how they thought they could sit out the war out in their Shetls. He portrays the Nazis as brutal monsters as they drag young able bodied Jews off to factories.








Are These People Special?

It's bad enough that a deviate like Polanski can invent a Holocaust childhood for jury sympathy, but rewriting history is worse. How many will see his ridiculous movie and believe more Anti-Germanic nonsense.

Should we allow the Phil Specters, Robert Blakes, and Roman Polanski to get away with murder and rape?






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